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Many people have some freckles on their body. While some embrace their freckles, there are
many other people who are made uncomfortable by their appearance. Today, we will discuss freckles, how they
appear on your skin and how to treat them. Freckles are caused by an excessive amount
of melanin, which then causes spots to appear on the skin. These freckles are not cancerous tumors. However, it is important to understand that
sometimes skin cancer can mimic a common freckle. If you see anything abnormal on your skin
or notice that a freckle has changed, consult your doctor. You can reduce the chances of getting freckles
on your skin by limiting sun exposure on a regular basis. Now that we know what causes freckles, you
may be wondering how to get rid of them. The good news is that you can utilize an all-natural
method to rid your body of freckles. One method is using lemon juice, honey and
sea salt. Take one tablespoon of freshly lemon juice,
one tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt. Combine all ingredients. Once thoroughly combined, place the mixture
on the troublesome freckles and leave on for twenty minutes. Lemon juice and honey both work to keep our
bodies hydrated and healthy. It will do the same for your skin. Lemon juice will also gently lighten the freckles,
which reduces their appearance. Another method is to use one product found
in grocery stores: sour cream. The sour cream contains lactic acid which
helps to ward off disease, remove the appearance of freckles and lighten the skin. When the skin is lightened, so are the freckles. So, let us know in our comment section, do
you struggle with the appearance of freckles? Have you tried any of these natural methods

100 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Freckles Naturally

  1. I have a lot of freckles and people say I'm ugly if I just didn't have freckles I would look amazing everyone says I'm ugly and have too much freckles

  2. Why would you get rid of freckles? I would do almost anything to have beautifully freckled skin, you guys are so lucky.

  3. someone help lol :when doing the sour cream method how long do i put it on and for how long… with what do i take it off with? thanks

  4. If you lighten your skin and your freckles with the sour cream will you be able to get your skin tan again without having freckles. (I got them from sunburn)

  5. I wouldn’t mind my freckles if there was a lot but there is just like 6 dark ones and I have skin more on the fair side so they stand out a lot

  6. I hate mine. I have red hair too so with a combination of freckles on my face and red hair. I always look childish. people say I should embrace it but I just really don't like them 🙁 also I have pale-ish skin and my freckles are really dark

  7. At my school we are not allowed to wear makeup all the girls in my class have clear faces and are beautiful but me on the over hand OMG.!!

  8. i just get bullied bc i have freckles its sad bc there were makeup and i roast them to hard so uh ye….

  9. ptdr mais moi je veux en avoir mais vous vous voulez vous en débarrasser des tâches de rousseur ? mais vous êtes srx? J'EN VEUT MOI DES TÂCHES DE ROUSSEUR! AIDER MOI SVP ! J'EN VEUT SANS MAQUILLAGE ! SI C'EST POSSIBLE ! Après c votre choix si vous en voulez pas de vos tâches de rousseur 🙂 je ne vous juge pas ^^'

  10. Ughhh I hate my freckles! Whenever I try to put makeup on without anyone noticing it never works because my freckles are a bit more pale I wish I could wear makeup and not be able to see them

  11. It's so difficult when It comes to makeup I don't like to put a full face of base on when I only put a bit of concealer it looks like I am so Cakey, help

  12. I have freckles all over my face but there is one right on the tip of my nose and I just hate it 'cause it looks weird.If this works I will be so happy!


  14. My face is covered in freckles and I have always hated them. They make me feel like my face is dirty. I wish I could scrub them off. I started wearing makeup when I was 11 because I am so self-conscious of them. I'm 34 now and still refuse the leave the house without makeup. I'll be trying these methods!

  15. Omg this video has scared the shit outta me saying that u can get cancer?!?! I’m so scared now 😂😂

  16. I'm a freckle fart from Kmart. Does anyone know if the lemon juice and honey trick works or even the sour cream trick? I'm pretty hesitant to part ways with my fresh sour cream if there's a chance it won't work.

  17. I hate my freckles, well most of them is okay but I got like two big ones under my eye and they’re just really ugly. I wish I didn’t have any freckles at all. I don’t get people who are painting on freckles, I mean like whaat? They don’t even look natural they are way too perfect and here I am with ugly ass freckles…

  18. I have freckles on my ass. I would like to remove them. I like to look at my ass while in the shower.

  19. I like my freckles the thing is that the more exposed I’m to the sun the darker they get so I’m not looking for removing them I am looking for something to get them lighter. Freckles are amazing! They make me feel unique and they should make fleckled people also feel unique 😀

  20. I struggle on the appearance of my freckles because it makes me look less attractive? In my country the clearer your skin the more attractive you are.

  21. I have a lot of freckles, I have red ish hair but it’s going a bit brown which I’m so happy about. I just wish my freckles would go tbh.

  22. I have freckles on my nose and im so fucking insecure about it i see other people's noses and they're nice and clean and mine is so fucking ugly i want it to end

  23. Last year I got sun stroke and now my body is covered in freckles, I will try this method and see what happens

  24. freckles r cute when u have lots but I have TWO right next to each other on the same side of my face and I look so asymmetrical

  25. my entire body is covered in freckles… honestly, neither of those suggestions are of any use to me. Not like I can just take a constant bath in mayo or a lemon juice mixture..

  26. But… why would you want to do that

    They are so cute, and five you something interesting about yourself, also it's fun to see what some of your freckles make If you connect them, (4 of mine make a cool triangle thing) and also finding new ones, or joking about them because you know in early spring they will explode on your face😂

    I've had freckles my whole life and always loved them

  27. Wait… I have always loved my freckles and would never get rid of them

    But even if I hated them if it lightened your skin that's a dealbreaker because I'm already pale af

    Though I would never do this I take pride in my freckles

  28. Freckles are usually cute but not a massive amount. I don’t usually mind my freckles on my face it’s just my shoulders and arms. I have prom soon and I’m sooooo insecure let’s just pray this works.

  29. I have freckles all over my face and even worse my crush doesn't like me because how many freckles I have so if I get rid of some of them he might actually like me!!

  30. i have freckles on my four head and i’m in 7th grade so i get bullied for having them because they look like pimples

  31. i did this, and ihave lots of darkish freckles on my face. i did the lemon juice ,honey, and sea salt method, it made my skin dry and disgusting. i don’t recommend it at all.

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