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A mild form of gum disease, also known as
gingivitis, can affect people without them even realizing it. Most who suffer from it think that their gums
are simply irritated, puffy, or swollen. When plaque forms on the teeth from not brushing
and flossing, people develop gingivitis. Untreated, it can go from a mild form of gum
disease to periodontitis—a more serious infection. Even worse, it can lead to tooth decay. To avoid gingivitis, make sure to practice
good oral hygiene and adopt these home remedies into your routine. 1. Onion Onions contain antiseptic and antimicrobial
compounds that help treat oral infections that irritate your gums. Its sulfur compounds provide relief from the
pain and symptoms caused by germ proliferation in the buccal cavity. Cut a piece of raw onion and chew it for a
few minutes to relieve pain. You can also make a little onion juice and
apply it with a piece of cotton. Repeat this procedure until the inflammation
goes away. 2. Lemon Fresh lemon juice is an economic and effective
way to soothe sore, inflamed gums. It’s antibacterial compounds calm infections
and create a protective barrier agains the bacteria that cause halitosis. Mix some fresh lemon juice in warm water and
use it as a mouthwash. Repeat this procedure three times a day, every
day. 3. Clove oil Clove oil contains active compounds that have
powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for treating this kind of problem. It’s antibacterial agents lower the number
of infection causing bacteria and, consequently, help beat bad breath. Moisten a wad of cotton with clove oil and
hold it on the affected area for two or three minutes. Repeat this procedure twice a day. 4. Blueberry juice Natural blueberry juice contains powerful
antioxidants and active anti-inflammatory properties that help improve oral health. It’s nutrients regulate our saliva’s pH
and help slow down fungal and bacterial growth. 5. Peroxide A mouthwash made with peroxide could help
control gingivitis and other infections that affect our gum’s health. This liquid is a powerful antimicrobial that
helps fight infections. Ingredients – 2 tablespoons of peroxide (20 milliliters)
-1/2 cup of water Instructions
Mix the peroxide in the water and rinse with it for about two minutes after brushing your
teeth. Repeat this procedure two or three times per
day. If the symptoms do not disappear after a few
days, check with your dentist to find out where they are coming from.

77 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Gingivitis at Home (Gum Disease)

  1. Well I am doing one of these daily, the proxide. ?
    I always add it to my mouthwash so ? for me, but it is Great to have this knowledge, Thank U. ?

  2. I was always curious as to why my grandmother always used warm water and lemon juice freshly squeezed. Sometimes she would use baking soda.

  3. Omg congratulations on the 1M I been watching you since before 400k your videos are so amazing and I have try many of the thing a you recommend and they have worked great thanks for your videos!

  4. Be very very careful with peroxide because of its detrimental effects on the tooth enamel and it will literally destroy the root of your teeth…and also with the lemon juice…make sure both are very diluted. The acid from the Lemon can also damage the enamel, so always rinse with water afterwards.

  5. just go to the fking dentist for a scaling, and drink 3-4 coups of sage tea everyday, i used to have this too. I know what you are all dealing with, oh, and floss before going to bed, rly important, to break the bacteria compounds. And learn to brush properly, dont rub lef and right. Please listen to my advice

  6. My case is really weird. My gums are fine except the top left part. The brackets and wires are too high so its hard to brush.

  7. my bleeding gums, bleed no more (5 years and running)! Get a water pick and 3 times a week use it with a 50% mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. It will blast out the bacteria (no need for flossing). I still brush to stimulate the gums.

  8. All of this would be great if you did not have gun disease. But once the deadly bactera (GUM DISEASE) moves on down inside of you body all of these things can't reach the bacteria!! And so the bacteria just keeps eating you from the inside out and sooner or later you are going to die a horrible death!!

  9. Go to YouTube and type in (cure your gum disease, periodontal disease before it kills you)

    Then type in to see the next video (is your dentist ripping you off.)

    Next video is (Dr. Modovan on the Doctors Show Treating Periodontal Disease) This guy brushes his teeth three times a day, flosses two times a day, goes to the dentist three times a year to have his teeth cleaned and STILL has major damage to his bone around his teeth (GUM DISEASE) and his dentist did not tell him that he had gum disease and his dentist KNEW for years that he had GUM DISEASE and did not tell him.  The dentist just sat back and let the damage HAPPEN!!  So he (THE DENTIST) could make a lot of MONEY filling all of the THOSE CAVITYS etc. that you can see when he opens his mouth!!

    This will save your life!  And end the doctors and dentists scams of not CURING YOU OF GUM DISEASE AND NOT telling you about gum disease and how deadly it is.

    If you have gum disease and don't get CURED you are FOR SURE, FOR SURE going to to die Early and die a miserable death!!

  10. Teeth are pretty healthy but my gums are getting little red. Like there are little blood veins under teeth and dentist said I am building plaque and I should floss and brush everyday. Problem is I am so lazy lmao. I think I am developing gingivitis but it isn't that bad where I will have it forever. I can prevent it now since I just turned 21 and it's not as bad but anyone got any other tips.

  11. I have gingivitis. I am currently using warm water and salt. I need this to go away asap! It's very irritable.

  12. Um I only have gingivitis on my bottom teeth is the paste not brushing my bottom well I guess I’ll get lemon juice

  13. Believe it or not I solved my inflamed and bleeding gums by drinking 2 cups of hot lemonade everyday. Solved it in 2 months. Plus it tasted good. Note: Use fresh lemon juice, water, tea kettle

  14. I'm from very poor family and never got to see a dentist all my life and still can't afford it. My teeth have been hurting so I checked them out and I'm pretty sure I have this I'm dead serious anyone have any tips.

  15. I’m TRYNNA GeT braces but like I know they gonna say “wAiT a YeaR bEcaUse yOur gUms nOt HeaLtY” so will this help meh not wait a year?!? Cause like I know people don’t like braces and shit but I really need them cause I look like a idiot with my teeth 🙁

  16. Thank you! Very informative and interesting. There are different solutions of peroxide. what kind of concentration of peroxide is mentioned in this video?

  17. You mention H2O2, but not iodine diluted with water? Use a waterpik with a little bit of Povidone Iodine in it. Do this at least once a day, though really twice is better. Personally, I do this after every meal that involves bread, pasta, sugar, beans etc.

  18. My teeth and gums hurt so fucking bad right now. I quit flossing and brushing for months (brushing every other second day or so but yeah..) due to severe depression when my aunt died. I just stopped giving a shit and now my guns are so painful. The amount of blood that comes out when I brush really worries me. It's not just pink it's pure red. Don't mean to gross anyone out I'm just looking for advice.. I have flossed a few times in the last month to try and get back into it but the pain is almost unbearable. Is it just something I will have to endure for a few weeks to heal my gums? I've quit smoking and drinking for two weeks now. This is on my mind all through the day how shitty my teeth have become. I'm 26 and seem to just be going downhill (my teeth)

  19. Just take care of your teeth. Brush and floss. I just started brushing my teeth daily because i discovered i have this. (Im 11)

  20. I had my gums improved in a few ways after struggling with periodontal disease for over 10 years. Had 7-9mm pockets for most of my teeth. I have NO cavities though…

    1. Went to the dentist for deep cleaning. It was necessary for me despite people mentioning it adds bacteria to your blood stream. This really cleans teeth and under the gums as I had deep pockets under the gums filled with plaque and tartar.

    2. Went to the doctor and got 2 antibiotics. Zmax and Rocephine. Accidentally discovered this 2 anti biotics helped with my gums when I was very sick with fever cough and flu. My gums which used to bleed at the slightest touch, totally stopped bleeding after a few days. I WAS SUPER SHOCKED. Helps to kill some bacteria i supposed? I was surprised these antibiotics which was for my fever and flu helped with my gum disease where dentists have failed to helped me with amoxicillin and such.

    3. Did organic powder wheatgrass swishing twice a day. 1/4 teaspoon wheatgrass to enough water to swish in your mouth for about 2-5 mins. Once in morning and night. Brand I use is Amazing Grass. Chlorophyll helps with recovery.

    4. Made by own mouthwash. 1 heaping Table spoon Himalayan pink salt, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 10 drops clove oil, 15 drops peppermint oil. Add and mix to 1 litre of distilled or filtered water. Use whenever you feel your mouth is getting dirty. It’s so cheap to do as well. The key to gums recovery is your mouth need to be clean for more than 12 hours daily. ALWAYS gargle like crazy after food or drink. I use this once every 2-3 hours if I am at home.

    5. Bought an oral irrigator. Go to Aliexpress and search for YAS Faucet Oral Irrigator jet toothbrush. About 20 USD. Used after brushing. Free flow water. Use as much as I want. Connected mine in shower area as using this on the sink area could be quite messy.

    6. I use Auromere, Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste, Foam-Free, Cardamom-Fennel Flavor, 4.16 oz (117 g). Bought on Iherb. NO SLS, 100% natural. Use code FEZ635 for discounts. Most natural toothpaste I ever used.

    7. Do not eat any food that's above 70 degrees Celsius or 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t cook your gums. As a guide, if your skin can’t handle the temperature, probably your gums can’t. Eat warm/hot food. But not piping hot and near boiling temperatures.

    8. Eat 1 orange a day to ensure you have your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C. 2 oranges to speed things up a little. If you are lazy to eat oranges, this is a wonderful alternative NutriBiotic, Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Crystaline Powder. Bought on iHerb again. It isn’t sour like Ascorbic Acid. You could also megadose on Vitamin C with this supplement but make sure your stomach can handle it as it is known to cause diarrhoea. Read up on mega dosing on Vitamin C before trying. Vitamin C supposedly heals your body tremendously and helps with your gums.

    I hope these tips will help those in need. It has helped me with my long long history of periodontal disease. God bless you all. Happy trying.

  21. This is absolutely ridiculous. Using lemon juice as a mouth wash is possibly one of the worst things you can do for your teeth. Not only will it not help gingivitis or periodontal disease it will also cause decay as you bathe your teeth in acid 3 times a day. I can’t believe that they have recommended people do this. As for the onion one, don’t even get me started. All of these “tips” are ridiculous and will not benefit your teeth or gums in any way.
    Nothing will improve gingivitis except regular hygienist visits and proper home care.

  22. I only have 2 of them on my front teeth (thank god!) and now I will see if this will help me 🙂 according to everyone else, I hope its ok

  23. I'm 25 and my gums bleed, I think it's effecting my mental health which I feel crazy at times, feel lost, confused, I never felt like this a couple years ago

  24. I have a little black spot on top right of my frot teeth looks like its getting to my other teeth… i havent been to the dentist since high school and i dont have health care i moght as well go and pay for the dentist

  25. I used peroxide and it worked almost over night. Mind you i only had the gingivitis on the front 4 teeth (top) and a tinnnyyy bit on the bottom. I think i got it from not washing my retainer very often. The morning i woke up with gingivitis i brushed my teeth and retainer, rinsed supper through with peroxide three times a day and did two salt rinses, and then did it again the next day. Worked really well!!

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