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How to get rid of gonorrhea naturally gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease STD that can affect the reproductive zone in men and women gonorrhea can occur in the uterus cervix and fallopian tubes in women and in the urethra in both genders gonorrhea can also affect the throat eyes mouth and anus We will use home remedies then solve in this video We are talking about best five home remedies to get rid of dull skin So please like share and subscribe our channel for more videos Number one zinc one of the most effective ways to help you boost the immune system and maintain a strong body is zinc according to a study about the effects of zinc on human health This essential mineral can help increase the number of white blood cells and antibodies while also dealing with the Canarias bacterial infection number two oregano oil it contains some antifungal antiseptic anti-parasitic and antiviral properties This oil is well known for its ability to kill off bacteria actually Oregon Oh oil even destroys super bug bacteria help prevent further infections in the future number three alkalizing foods This is because according to a research bacteria are not able to survive in alkaline environments. It is not tricky to do this Start consuming alkaline rich foods such as whole grains beans seeds and nuts Fresh veggies and fruits are packed with minerals vitamins as well as other essential nutrients number four Yogurt yogurt is good for the digestion system skin health and overall health And it is also good for your gonorrhea a lot of people use yogurt to drop weight Heal the constipation and improve skin health this is because yogurt has a high content of protein calcium probiotics potassium iodine and vitamins number five colloidal silver it works in a similar way to olive leaf extract Also, it surrounds and destroys all viral and bacterial infections including, gonorrhea Actually colloidal silver has been known as the strongest antibiotic for years with good reason, so it is better for gonorrhea

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  1. WARNING!!! CLICK BAIT!!! SHAME ON YOU EASY HEALTH FOR POSTING THIS!!!!!!! This is the most dangerous thing anyone could do. Do not listen to this advice. It’s UNSAFE. You’ll end up infertile and possibly with such an advanced disease that you’ll need to receive IV antibiotics. These days a lot of STD’s have become resistant making them complicated to treat. Whoever has this channel is NOT a medical professional and they are blowing smoke up their viewers a$$. If they’ve tried this then I guarantee they still have gonorrhea and if they are some type of business or clinic you can SUE the crap out of them for promoting this treatment. I’ve been an RN for 25 years now and have seen many babies born with active infections because their mom did not receive treatment. Very sick babies at that with the infection attacking their lungs and potentially causing death due to respiratory failure.

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