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how to get rid of hemorrhoids pour yourself a big glass of water stir in a large teaspoonfull of metamucil drink it! do this once/day apply ointment before pooping use a step stool to simulate a squatting position don’t use toilet paper! use medicated wipes if you don’t have time for a sitz bath, apply more ointment if possible, take a sitz bath immediately after pooping you can throw away the bag that comes with the sitz bath fill up the sitz bath with warm water add epsom salt to the sitz bath soak your hemorrhoid in the sitz bath for 15 minutes then apply more ointment to the hemorrhoid empty the water from the sitz bath into the toilet, then clean the sitz bath for later you can use “totables” wipes to take with you to work or school thumbs up! subscribe below! post any questions below and feel better soon!!!

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  1. You do know the purpose of these diy at homes videos are to save money, you literally bought all the proper products to properly cure your situation which then defeats the purpose of the video your kinda just explaining to use how to use them simultaneously.

  2. I kid you not, use Dr. Butler's ointment instead of preparation H. It is 1000X better than any of the preparation H products. I don't know why it works so well. It actually cures them.

  3. Can someone please tell me how does drinking Metamucil get rid of hemorrhoids?
    because they hurt and itch like crazy!
    And also do you get hemorrhoids from sitting to long on your behind?

  4. Super helpful, and a very clever and tasteful way of teaching by showing. Thanks a ton. I've been suffering for days and can't find a doctor nearby.

  5. For the people saying they’re painful? You’re talking about external ones correct? I have internal which there is never pain I’ve had it for like 6-7 years. There’s just bleeding during my bowel movement. At times I feel it come out but I just push back in. Either way I plan on doing these things.

  6. Been dealing with this since a kid I’m 31 know it’s been the most annoying thing of my life do much pain and misery

  7. Thank you because I’m going crazy with a little itching and blood on the toilet paper and now I’m certain and safe thank you!!

  8. First time having it at least that I know of and wholly hell it is painful. Sometimes the pain comes in short waves that literally takes my breath away. Getting out of my car is a task I never ever thought would be one. The ointment helps sometimes but also burns at times so I’m not sure which is worse. I will try the Sitz bath and pray for relief!!!! At the most I hope it goes away sooner than later! It’s been 3 days already!!

  9. I think I have hemmorhoids because I have so minuscule amounts of blood once every 6 times I poop (smaller than a 5p slit in half ) but since I’ve used witch hazel , wipes and cream it hasn’t bled for 3 days , does this really work? And for tears too?

  10. God this was such helpful video and cleared up all three of my external and internal hemorrhoids, Now heres the thing mine started happening about 3 weeks ago after I went mudding with a couple of my friends at the end of the day noticed I had a leech on my rectum this thing took forever to get off but thats another story anyways after I managed to take the leech off of my anus I really had to go poopy in the potty so after I went I started to feel a slight pain on my anal cavity and thats how I got rid of them

  11. I'm not sure how bad anyone's hemorrhoids are but I got rid of mine just by eating healthier (alkaline diet), drinking water and drinking black seed oil 👍🏾

  12. Thank you, I ran out and got some soft wet baby wipes, epsom salts and a sitz tub. Feeling a little bit better now. Thanks for the real help!
    I gave you a thumbs up.

  13. For spotty blood hemorrhoids repeat sitz bath 3 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes, avoid any hemorrhoids cream if you know that your hemorrhoids are bleeding, any hemorrhoids cream will tell you that in their indication warnings, for heavier blood stains see your surgeon. Have happy sitz baths for the rest of your life.

  14. Hi there, just came across your channel on youtube, and really glad to see how you are helping out people who have hemorrhoids. The first onset of hemorrhoids started happening to me about 5-6 years ago, and then it got pretty worse when I used to bleed quite a bit. However, I wasn't drinking a lot of water at that time, which I think was one of the primary reasons why I was bleeding. Anyways, I did some research online, and found out that if you drink 1-1.5 liters of water immediately after waking up, it would dilute your poop, making it come out in a diluted form, thereby not putting a lot of stress on the hemorrhoids. I applied this, and to my surprise, I felt that the hemorrhoids that I had, had shrunk slightly, but not completely. After I started the habit of drinking water immediately after waking up, I don't bleed from the hemorrhoids as frequently as I used to do before. The bleeding happens, maybe once in 4-5 months. However, most recently, I had a wisdom teeth dental surgical procedure about a month back due to which I was on semi liquid diet for about 4 days. For some reason, it started bleeding again during the recovery period, and it kept on bleeding for 3 days consecutively. However, it stopped after that, and I haven't bled anymore since then. I would also note that I do apply hemorrhoid ointment in the anus area after nature's call on a daily basis. I generally don't have any pain from the hemorrhoids whatsoever. I want to get rid of the hemorrhoids naturally, surgery or any kind of invasive treatment should be the last resort for me. Any guidance what I should do?

  15. for most people with hemorrhoids,, they just have to stop straining when defecating and reduce the amount of time that they are sitting on a toilet. Those are the most important parts. The hemorrhoid is from increased pressure in that region leading to outpouching of some tissue of the rectum.

  16. I fixed internal and external hemorrhoids my self. .. It take me one and a half year… so long because of local suppositories was expensive shite. .. I hope it could help others … I got 10pcs Cikatidrina suppositories; fresh Aloe Vera ; calendula vs propolis cream; vasilin. Nearly every day you have to do nasty thinks around hemorrhoids in and out but result is Bonus.

  17. I was sad to find that you don’t have an Instagram account posting this funny and informative information </3 Do you have an email?

  18. This is the best solution if u have a itchy painful bowel movement. Ive only been using dis remedy for 5 days and pain has nearly gone. Drink a lot of water and eat enough fibre (weetabix portidge oats etc) & fruits and u will be kool.

  19. The best way to prevent piles (hemorrhoids) is to eat a high fibre diet and drink plenty of water. Its not just treating them, but preventing them. Success comes in a prevention/cure sycle..

  20. This shit came out of nowhere and it's a pain in my ass. I have a really bad habit of drinking Russian prince vodka. Maybe the cause? Using coconut oil keep it moist but I will take up your advice on not using paper towels and using medicine wipe. Thanks

  21. Soooo embarrassed to say I have a hemorrhoid! 🙄🙄 so apparently I probably had it for over a year. Occasionally I would go to the bathroom and I would have really sharp pain afterwards. And I would wipe and wipe but the first wipe would look like the last! 🙄 Thought it was because I spread when I go number two. But this time I went to go wipe and it felt like a knot hanging out of my booty!! Ima try these methods because the rubber band method seems pretty painful!!

  22. Okay so maybe you could help me. So I have an external one, today it burst I guess and black jelly stuff came out (I guess the blood clot stuff) went down in size but still there. What do I do? I took another bath but it’s still kind of bleeding. I have Prep H cream and Witch Hazel water. I just want it gone cause I gotta work and pay the bills!

  23. I csme across your video. Ty .i have slight swelling whivh has reduced alot due to the sitz bath with epsom salt. I dont have prob walking or standing or sitting just feel a bit sore while pooping. Trying to avoid constipation. Cut out caffine and dairy.

    Will the swelling go away ?

  24. If a have a hemorrhoid can I eat Fruits like banana strawberry apple pear salads etc or what can I eat If I have a hemorrhoid Help please

  25. I never had this issue before, but since I recently gave birth to my baby girl. I've been having issues and it is sooo painful! I can't even sleep. So I'm definitely trying this thank you for the video!!!

  26. I had to undergo hemorroidectomy for my prolapsed thrombosed piles 6 yrs back !!
    Now another one has prolapsed ? Is it safe to undergo this surgery multiple times ??

  27. Seriously….this method completely works. I've been doing it for years, almost exactly like this…. the only thing I recommend is also using the suppositories right before you go to sleep, wear something old, and try to sleep on your stomach as much as possible. I promise you'll be better in no time!

  28. Or you can use himalaya sea salt and potassium chloride ( No Salt substitute) and start a water fast. Hemorrhoids gone in 2 days. Don't eat anything! Just put 1 teaspoon of each in 1 liter of water and sip all day. Refer to Cole Robinson on snake juice diet. Worked very fast for alot of us and you don't have to buy a bunch of BS

  29. As a plumber, please don't flush them wipes down the drain. They're a major cause of disruptions in sewer systems.

  30. Sorry but that method is definitely Not “naturally “. Using all that pharmacy poison? Naturally is herbal, essential oils, healthy eating and living treatments.

  31. I'm so scared, i just had rubber band ligation and it did not work. It just made more pressure and thus my hemorrhoids larger. I have 2 questions for you. Do you apply Prep H creme internally? Have you ever heard any positive feedback on using CBD oil.? I really want to avoid surgery and desperate to get rid of this naturally and permanently.

  32. I found out that prep H doesnt work for me. I had external roids, and the only ointment that helped me was Hemotreat. I guess it depends from person to person. My 2 cents would be that if something doesnt work for you keep trying until you find something that does. For me it was an alkaline diet + Hemotreat.

  33. Ive recently been keeping a babywipe in my butt to contain the bleeding, is this okay? I havent read anything about it.

  34. funny cause I used anusol and it burns like fuck.. I'm gonna use your method the stupid pharmacist told me use anusol but the ointment burns like hell

  35. This is a great video. I followed this nearly to the tee. The only 2 changes I made were that I got a prescription for hydrocortisone cream from my doctor and used a hemorrhoid ice pack. Instead of 3 sitz baths a day I only did 2 and added a 10 min ice pack session. I bought the hemorrhoid ice pack off Amazon. I will put the link at the end. The ice really shrunk the hemorrhoid. The last big key here is to stay patient. It took like 4 weeks to go away. I got really frustrated at one point, but kept with the entire process. It was tough and tiresome to keep it all up, but if you stick it out it will go away.

    Hemorrwedge Hemorrhoid Treatment…

  36. This is a great video. I have had a bad flare up for a few months. They are recurring. I tried everything in this video except taking fibre supplement and using salt. I am completely recovered now. But I use preparation h suppositories 2 times daily, pour 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar in a sitz bath and cook my eggs with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and dip my breads in a tablespoon of olive oil. It helps my stool pass put without efforts. I also do some squat exercise to strengthen the bottom.

  37. I use these methods…I have external hemmoroids that dont itch or burn, but they also dont go away…what do I do??

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