Taking Charge of Your Health

Acne Pimples These are one of the leading problems for
today’s youngsters. The most important thing is to know the real causes behind pimples. Is it an infection or is there any other cause behind it ? The main cause of acne in youngsters is hormonal change which leads to increase in Pit (body heat). Second most common cause of acne is the consumption of junk food specially fried food items because
of which in the form of increased Pit pimples start appearing in your body.
To manage this Pit it is important to have a clean digestive system. Some of the most excellent remedies for that are Trifla , Harar and Isabgol. The more you detoxify the system the more it’ll clear your skin. Try to minimize the intake of junk food and avoid fried food items. Avoid eating fried, sour and fried food. This will lead to normalize the Pit (heat
in the body) and will help you get rid of pimples naturally.
Third most important thing is to go for a morning walk the energy that you get from that naturally combats the pimples. Try to follow this routine regularly and if you still are not able to get rid of acne
then start eating 3-4 neem leaves daily. Thank you.

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