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37 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Scalp & Back of Neck Acne Naturally! | 3 Most Effective Home Remedies

  1. Scalp acne! Hairline acne! Acne on the back of the neck! Those of you stressing over these things, this video is for you!
    Let us know what topics you want us to cover in our next episode of Wishtrend TV vs ACNE <3

  2. HIIII so I have a problem I am very white and I have red cheeks but I also have red bumps on my checks and sometimes my cheeks bleed and I can’t lay on my pillow because it hurts my skin is very dry so I put on moisturizers but my skin is very sensitive and makes my face very red and look like I put acid on my face I have done almost everything but I can’t find anything that will help my skin I always wanted to know do u have any recommendations as of sunscreen for sensitive skin because I get burned from the sun easily:) thank uuuuuu for ur time

  3. I want to lose weight but i am a student and i have a very tough .I eat healthy.please suggest a less time workout to lose weight

  4. Ive never had scalp or neck acne until this winter and my hair which is usually dry has turned into an oil spill so this video is a god send.

  5. Please do skin care routine before and after the gym.. Should I wash my face before and after and then wash it again in the night? What products should I use since the skin is very absorbing in work out?…

  6. Ah yes finally ! I’ve been waiting for this video for ages. Sometimes a few blemishes appear on my hairline and my dad has a lot of scalp acne. I really have to share this video with him. Thanks a lot !

  7. Thank you for your amazing videos 😊Could you make a video about keratosis pilaris please ? It's bothering me a lot ㅠㅠ & I'm sure many people have the same problem

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