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Hey dad’s. Are you trying to figure out how to get rid of toilet stains? I have some on this toilet here and yesterday my toilet was leaking water and so I decided to address the stain issues why I had to replace the rubber ring That was underneath there and I figured it out and I want to share it with you guys today First of all hi. Hi to all the new dads out there. This is dad reviews This is where I give you my unedited Hopefully more authentic look at the products that I like use and have and that work on my toilet So if you’re interested in that you might want to consider clicking that subscribe button So we have hard water. We’re down here in Louisiana and in our toilets They always get this buildup right here of this this like calcium stuff and it doesn’t come off I’ve tried everything to get this stuff off. I’ve tried the vinegar. I’ve tried the lemon stuff. I’ve tried a pumice stone I’ve tried filing it down. I’ve tried everything to get rid of this stuff and I finally discovered how to get rid of it and the trick is This stuff right here. It only costs like less than ten bucks I’ll link it up down in the description below but it’s muriatic acid. Now, you have to be careful with this stuff It’s it’s a hydrochloric acid so it’s it’s gonna eat away at things and so you want to make sure that you have all the safety precautions that You can so we have safety goggles here. We have the mask here I even have some rubber gloves here as well or if you prefer you can get something a little bit more heavy-duty like that and What we’re going to do to make this happen is first we have to turn off our main water supply to the toilet So I’m gonna go ahead and do that right down here. We’re gonna take this on down and We’re going to turn our valve right here. So you can’t turn it any more now What you want to do from here is you want to simulate a flush in the toilet. So that way we get rid of all of the water that’s in the toilet so that we can get The acid down into there and for it to have enough room to do its work So what we want to do is simulate a flush by taking the bucket. I’ve got this bucket right here Looks like a Halloween bucket that we had and I fill it with a bunch of water and I’m just gonna really fast Pour the water into the toilet and then the toilet is gonna flush all on its own because of that jet power Going down into there. It creates enough pressure to be able to to get the water down. So here we go Boom and so now the tank doesn’t have to refill so Because none of the water the water is still in there and we turned off the valve so now that we have that we want to mix up our Hydrochloric acid. So what we’re gonna do we’re gonna do two things by the way with the hydrochloric acid There’s two places that you need to put it to be able to get a good clean flush another reason why You want to take care of this buildup is because where the… down here Where that hole is that’s where water shoots out of and that’s what makes the toilet flush So if your toilets not flushing, it’s just kind of swirling but it never goes down It’s because that hole right there is clogged up and it doesn’t have enough Jet power to be able to shoot water back to there to be able to let the toilet flush and this this buildup can can cause that to happen so What we want to do is clean all that out. Also all up underneath here, too We want to clean out all this as well. I’m gonna show you all how to do that today so What we want to do is first of all, let’s put on all of our safety stuff You also want to ventilate the room if you can so let’s go ahead and turn on a vent This is not gonna be good for the video, but we’re gonna do it because I don’t want to die Don’t anything bad to happen to dad, right? Put this on first Let me know down in the comments below what things have you guys tried to to get rid of hard water stains I’ve told you all the things that I’ve tried they just haven’t worked in the past and so I looked and looked for the best solution that I could find and This yesterday worked on the other toilet. Maybe at the end of this video. I can go and show you guys What exactly I did there. If the mask would stay on good. There we go All right, so I got gloved up. I got my bucket. I’m gonna reuse the bucket And what you want to do is you want to put five parts of water to one part muriatic acid so I’m gonna fill this thing pretty high with water and then I’m just gonna fill the top with with the acid now you want to put your acid in last That way the acid won’t splash back on you if you’re adding if you put your acid in first And then you start dumping water in there. You might have some splash back and you don’t want that acid splashing everywhere So I’m just going over here to the tub and I’m gonna fill this thing up All right Once I have that filled up Hey, look, I’ll move y’all see I can see this a little bit better There we go. Once y’all have that filled up. We’re gonna take our acid. I want to do this all in the tub So that make sure it doesn’t get on the floor anything else in here goes down the drain. And we’re just gonna pour some of this stuff right on into here So we’re making a dilution here of the of the acid Like I said, you want to do a one part acid to five part water That’s probably about enough Now once you have that done the first thing that we want to do is just take that and dump it into the toilet and That’s gonna let that acid start to eat away at some of that some of that lime deposit to help clear it all out So I’m just gonna know you want to do this slowly You don’t want to pour it in fast, like we did one You don’t want it to splash back on you because of hydrochloric acid and two you don’t want to create another flush You don’t want the toilet to flush Like we did with the beginning just the plain bucket of water because if you do it too fast It’s gonna flush and then your hydrochloric acid will be down the pipe and that’s not what you want so we’re just gonna take our bucket and Slowly, but surely We’re just gonna pour this right on in Again I’m keeping my distance. I still have all my safety Features on and I’m pouring it slowly I’m trying to stand back pretty far. So I don’t give any splash back on me and I have my gloves on There we go. I’m just gonna put that right there Now noticing that I probably need just a tad bit more of the solution here because it didn’t quite make it all the way up to the lime deposits I want it to go as high as I can but not too high because then it’ll just be it’ll be too much and you don’t need all that so I’m just gonna Add a little bit more. I just added water to the bucket Go ahead and put that in as well Just to make it a little bit higher There we go now What you want to do is you need to let that sit in there For a good like two hours or so You’re gonna want to close your door Put a sign on it close the seat If you have pets that way your pets don’t come in here and start drinking muriatic acid because that’ll kill them You want to make sure nobody comes in and uses the bathroom? You just want to leave it alone. You want to let that acid work. Now, I Mentioned that you also want to get up underneath here where those little holes are all the way around the toilet The way we’re gonna do that is in the top of the tank, here, we are going to pour some acid Down this pipe right here This is the water filled pipe and what that’ll do is that’s the water that’s gonna go Down the chutes here and instead of water we’re gonna since we’re putting the acid the acid is gonna go down there and it’ll help Clean out all the stuff that’s in there. So now I see I don’t know if I can get a good angle on this Let me see. I’ll close the lid there Oh Look I want to use that. I’m just going to try and hold this. Okay. Let me put my gloves on first We’ll hold this like this Okay, so we’re gonna take our acid And we just want to slowly Pour it right. You might want to get a funnel for this too if you’re not as good of an aim But you just want to get it right into that tube right there You want to put it good good bit in there I don’t really have an exact measurement for it Whoa Harder than you think to get it in there. Once you get going you can get it pretty good There you go If I want to check out any of this safety stuff that I’m wearing to the gloves the mask or the safety goggles Those are all linked up down in the description below Y’all can go and check out some of that and like I said if you don’t want to get some of this muriatic acid You can get it on Amazon. I’ll link it up down in the description below as well so That’s gonna sit there in that pipe there it’s gonna go down through the toilet through all of these little weeping holes right here and Throughout the time that you’re letting it sit the two hours or so You might want to consider taking your toilet scrub brush and coming by like every 30 minutes or so and just give it kind of a good scrubbing around make sure the some let the acids actually touching the The lime deposits so that it can start breaking it down But if you guys want to check out the muriatic acid I’ll link it up down in the description below and you guys can go and Check out there’s plenty of other uses for it. Like I say you just have to be careful with it and In the video that comes out tomorrow I’m going to show you guys the what happens after two hours with what the muriatic acid in there will kind of go through the whole flushing sequence and what you Need to do to neutralize the acid if you guys want to watch a video about the best mold killer on the market I’m gonna link it up right there We had some issues with mold in our bathroom and I found this stuff and it works fantastic So make sure to go and check out some of that Otherwise if you’re liking what we’re doing here on Dad Reviews, make sure to click that subscribe button I’m gonna put some more videos right there on the screen. I’d love it if you guys watched more of our videos Thank you guys for watching our videos that thumbs up is always appreciated. Let me know down in the comments below What are some other great uses of muriatic acid? thank you guys for watching and Dad out

92 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Toilet Stains | How to Use Muriatic Acid to Clean Toilet Bowl

  1. Hey Daddyo, if you have kids, why are you putting acid down the toilet that potentially damages the environment, depending upon what sewage system you are on.

    Take care, my friend! This stuff isn't really a safe product for home use. It is meant to be used by trained professionals like myself. Despite what you read on the bottle, the description has been twisted over time. What 'Home-Use' really means is that professional, trained, industrial cleaners can use it to clean a household toilet, drain, etc. It is not mean to be used by the average Joe.

    For the future of the planet and for your children's future, please don't ever use caustic chemicals to clean your toilet. Use natural chemicals like white vinegar – (you can actually buy cleaning vinegar which is a bit stronger than your average consumable vinegar). For more stubborn stains use white vinegar with baking soda and put in some elbow grease.

    Your mask type (a dust mask) will not protect you against caustic fumes! This is exactly the kind of mistake a novice untrained person makes that lands them or their children in the hospital or worse.

    In addition, you should consider if people watching this might unwittingly use this method whilst they have bleach already in the toilet or a bleach block in the cistern that dissolves over time, this could cause a dangerous chlorine vapor that is poisonous and highly dangerous to health.

    Google it- if you like: Copied and pasted this for you.
    Muriatic acid is a highly reactive liquid acid, and one of the MOST DANGEROUS CHEMICALS you can buy for home use. It is an industrial-strength solution of hydrogen chloride gas dissolved in water, also known as hydrochloric acid.

    Let's hope your kids never find it if playing in the garage or shed, or where ever you keep it!

    When bleach is mixed with an acid like hydrochloric acid, it releases highly toxic chlorine gas. Most toilet bowl cleaners contain sodium hydrogen sulfate, an acid which will quickly liberate chlorine from bleach. The acrid fumes of chlorine can destroy lung tissue, cause the lungs to fill with water and in a sense cause death by drowning.

  2. The mask you're using is not the right mask for chemicals. You need a mask respirator with the matching chemical air filter. The mask you used stops dust, not toxic fumes.

  3. I just use the acid only, the water counter acts the acid. I leave it in for 24 hours, come back in holding my breath and opening any near by windows. Then flush it out.

  4. Cleaning your toilet or sink with a 50/50 mix of oil free acne wash and any kind of vinegar makes it as clean and fresh as a saints toilet in the Vatican. God bless a clean bathroom.

  5. No no no. In the tank itself there is a tube from bottom to top of tank and a little rubber hose that feeds water into that. LEAVE the water in the bowl after just one flush. Now, pour about 1 cup or a bit more of muriatic acid into the tube in the tank. Remove the rubber hose for safety while pouring. Then replace it after you have poured. Muriatic acid will drip into the bowl from the little holes under the rim of the bowl which can get very clogged in those toilets that conserve water and only use 1.6 gals to flush it. You can also pour a bit more into the bowl itself. It should be a bit higher than the water line because there was already water in the bowl. LEAVE it in there a few hours or overnight. Next, just use regular toilet brush to swirl it around and flush. That cleans it ALL out. Do this once a month. Plumber advice.

  6. Any pool supply store sells muriatic acid. Lowes and Home depot sell it in their pool supply section as well.
    You can also clean your driveway with the same ratio mix. Use a sprinkler watering can to apply it. There will be a lot of smoke or fog as it works. Let it set for a minute or two and rinse it thoroughly with a hose. If you don't it will continue eating away the concrete. It's pretty nasty stuff.
    And for fun pour some acid in a bucket outside, not indoors, then carefully drop in a piece of aluminum. Stand back. Clouds of black smoke will coming rolling out of the bucket and in a short time the aluminum will be gone.

  7. That mask is a particle mask, not for solvent, so my friend, that mask is not doing you a bit of good. Check it out on the package.

  8. What a horrible idea if you have septic tanks. No harsh chemicals. You need something that won't put chemicals in them that disrupt the digestion process of your septic system. Biodegradable.

  9. Please ~ Please ~ PLEASE ~ be VERY CAREFUL! I had a miscarriage and almost lost my life from muriatic poisoning.

  10. Forget this video and get "THE WORKS" at 99 cent or (DOLLAR) store. Its da best terlit (or any other surface cleaner) you will ever find. Want to avoid cleaning terlits all together? Have a "whole house water filter" installed and use those chlorine tabs in your terlit tanks.

  11. Even better, just pour the neat acid very slowly round the bowl, wait 5 minutes and flush. All gone. I've been doing it for years. Never seen such a long winded way of doing something simple. And you Americans have REALLY weird toilets and flushing systems..

  12. Only thing wing with this video, is needing to say hi to moms. Not just men do everything aground the house. I'm happily married for 18 years, but my hubby is a truck driver. Moms do a lot too!

  13. Thanks for the video wonderfull
    What i usually is dumpt a quart of a gallonbog of clorox in de morning before i live to work andbi alse spray some underneed whend i come back just flush it and i do it to three times a week and it's looks clean as the first day

  14. A bottle of SnoBol would be SO much easier. It's a corrosive, thick, liquid toilet bowl cleaner. No mask required and not nearly as dangerous. My mother actually used it once to clean the lime scale from a car radiator. Very hard to find in stores now but I bought a case from Ace Hardware online. I recently cleaned the lime scale from a very old cast iron bathtub. Had to soak it a couple times ,due to the thickness of the scale, but looked brand new when I finished.

  15. I thought that you made a good video. I think you should continue to make videos. There were a couple of glitches that you can fix. I do not make videos. I watch a lot of videos and feel that I can say that you are doing a great job. Perhaps a funnel for pouring into the retainer tank. You glossed over the steps after all the pouring. How about having someone "film" you as you work. Keep on trying to polish your product and GOOD LUCK.

  16. I use it too. I tried Barkeeper's Friend, Whink, The Works, Bon Ami, baking soda, and Comet. Muriatic acid also removes iron stains.

  17. Dude, the acid will also get rid of your cast iron sewer drains.
    If you do it enough.
    Draino will also eat the cast and galvanized.
    But not a bad idea, that buildup is tuffstuff.
    Plug the trap, then remove your product.
    No worries.

  18. Clinging bleach gels remove the stains easily without scrubbing. Apply all around inside the bowl, let it set a couple of hours. It will take several days, depending on how bad the stains are, but eventually all the stains will come loose. I use 5x and 10x Clorox and Lysol cleaning gels. Use them once or twice weekly to keep stains from reappearing.

  19. I would soak some toilet paper with FULL STRENGTH acid… and place the paper MACHE under the rim for it to work…
    Can be done on the TOILET "RING" — it will stay-put for a long time…

  20. I have seen people us this on drive way's you can not use this in the HOUSE !!! Call 911 when you do this in the house maybe you can get saved..

  21. I used an Amway toilet cleaner decades ago. It had blue sulfuric pellets. It worked on a bowl that was USED months before. I came back next day to a brand new bowl. Amway does not sell it anymore for safety or nonprofitable reasons.

  22. The more I watch the more you look like Jessie Pinkman .. Also he put acid in the tub to dismember a body lol. # Breaking bad. nice video !!

  23. Be careful using the muriatic acid on the tank's plastic plumbing parts. I once used muriatic acid to dissolve lime from the top of the flush valve, an a couple of days later I discovered that the flush valve was leaking and spraying against the underside of the tank lid. I discovered it in time to prevent a major flood, but apparently the acid caused a chemical heat reaction and cracked the cold plastic part.

  24. First pitch that little metal strip at the top of your mask so it fits on your nose tightly and your bass boat move I was in surgery nurse for a lot of years so I've worn many masks. For safety you should have seen the lid back on that muriatic acid

  25. This could have been condensed into a 2 minute presentation. He should have used the correct kind of mask, not a dust mask, and he should have put a funnel into the overflow tube. Done! This "video" seems more of an ego-assuager more than an informative tool.

  26. This acid is commonly used by masons to remove efflorescence ( white milky staining ) from mortar joints on brick. I’m sure it woul likely do as well on fireplace staining….

  27. Just one caution you may not have thought of…. What does this do to the eco-system of your septic system or cesspool if you have one???? It will kill it. Like some may have said, if it gets to that point, for under $200 you can pick up a new toilet and ring and be done in an hour…. Then clean it regularly.

  28. You diluted the muriatic acid for the toilet bowl, but not when you poured it down the tube in the top. Why was that not diluted too? I have to wonder if all that that spilled in the tank harmed the working parts and fittings.

  29. can tell ya what NOT TO USE IS> A SOS PAD, marks up the stool > Bleach works on mild stains but not on heavy stains

  30. What percentage of hydrochloric acid is in that stuff? I've got the same problem with my toilets (Also in Louisiana) and I tried lysol toilet cleaner with 9.5% hydrochloric acid and it barely put a dent in the stains. Also tried bleach and vinegar and those did absolutely nothing.

  31. Eww. I couldn't handle watching you touch the ring in the toilet w/ your bare finger w/o gloves! Yikes! All the germs you just touched really freaked me out. PLEASE use gloves.

  32. What might be the real solution (not for the old toilets, it's obviously too late for them) is to NOT USE abrasive sponges or powders but, rather, to avoid them … thus avoiding the cause of pitting. Bon Ami and other not abrasive cleansers have saved my sinks and surfaces over the years.

  33. if you use acid make sure you use baking soda when done to neutralize the acid or it will keep eating at pipes . ALSO NEVER pour water on to acid it will make a deadly gas.only add acid to water.

  34. Wha?!!! 5am and I have just what seems like an half hour video about getting rid of toilet bowl stains yet no results shown. The ads that accompany this video was far more interesting. SMH

  35. Using that mask will NOT protect a thing! You need a respirator-ESPECIALLY with Muriatic-pronounced MYOUR-ATIK…and I wouldn't DARE use that in the municipal water supply!! Go back to coaching baseball, "Dad"!

  36. How will the Acid affect your septic system? He should have some baking soda handy in case of splashback to neutralize the acid, Must not have a funnel

  37. I hope you washed/disinfected your hands, the goggles, and camera after touching the inside of the moldy toilet. By touching the items above without washing your hands between scenes, you have crossed contaminated them.

    You should’ve donned you gloves from the beginning of your recording.

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