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Before we start this is what we need to get first we need a bottle of organic castor oil like this and a small bottle of a tea tree organic tea tree oil and one more we need a nasal inhaler an empty one we need to put 5 drops of organic castor oil into the nasal spray so 5 drops and then one drop of tea tree oil to the spray so you shake it once you done it you shake it and then you leave it start by loosening the nose put 2 fingers like this and press on top of your nose and push it down 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 so ok so the same thing, put 2 fingers and push it into the nose, like that as I come closer I can show you push it in and release 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 your right finger onto your right nose and just breath out through your left nose so breath out we can do it 10 times ready? breath out only 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 so now we gonna reverse it place your left finger onto your left nose and breath out through your right nose ready? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 close your nose and push it together and release when you breath out and we gonna do 10 times ready? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 well done breath out through your nose 10 times ready? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 well done we gonna use our nasal spray which I’ve been prepared all we gonna just put it in twice like that 1 2 and this side 1 2 we do the nose exercise first then we use the spray do this for 2 weeks and you should start to feel better

100 thoughts on “How to get rid your Polyps and Sinuses the natural method

  1. I sure appreciate this video! And it did help me to a point, but my nose was so clogged that I couldn't begin to do the nose clearing exercises! I couldn't move a bit of air through my nostrils. I was very miserable, and after reading the comments on this video I made a promise that I would log back on here and tell my story if I found something that would help. I was set for sinus surgery, but decided not to go through with it. It' very expensive and its only a temporary solution. Besides, the doc told me there is a risk of blindness, double vision and death. No Thanks! I started searching the internet and found "Nasonex". It will be over the counter here in the United States in the coming months. I had my primary doctor give me a prescription. It cost $128 bucks and I used it as directed for nasal polyps. It lasted two weeks, but it took care of my problem. Along with me getting very honest with myself about changing my lifestyle. Drinking Whiskey as I did, and too much alcohol in general had been a big factor in my nose being clogged. I stopped drinking whiskey totally, and have been doing my best to watch my alcohol intake. My nose is now totally clear, and I am beginning to be able to smell and taste again. Plus, I think my Asthma is getting better. Me getting honest with myself about possible lifestyle factors, and using Nasonex solved my problem. Although I do think that in time, stopping the Whiskey and watching the alcohol alone probably would have done the trick. The best of Luck to you friends! That clogged nose business really Bites!!! Take Care and Thank You Mr. Goh.

  2. Mr. Austin: can I put more than 5 drops / 1 drop in the nasal spray, keeping the same proportion? Or should I put just 5/1 every day to use? Thank you very much for your help.

  3. Thank you sharing it, i Will try it and share the results with you. I hv sinus infection from last eight years and polyps as well , since two months i hv pain in my one nostril .

    Can i also take steam while doing this treatment .

  4. So when I put 5 drops caster oil and one drop of tea tree oil into container nothing comes out. Tell me what to do please

  5. Putting oil in your nose is known to cause lipid pneumonia, but I think the risk is reduced if you make sure you don't breath in when you spray the oil. But, I don't know for sure. I'm actually surprised nobody has talked about this in the comments…. I just feel torn, because not being able to breath through my nose sucks, but lipid pneumonia is permanent, so….

  6. Mr goh, i am a teenager that is afraid to tell my parents that i have nasal polyp, and i am keeping this secret for almost 5 years what will be the bad sides of it in medical terms. I would really appriciate if you can answer me. Thanks

  7. Thank you so much for posting this, Austin! I have been suffering for years from sinus issues, have tried using saline solution and on a limited basis, decongestants. I really do not like taking OTC or prescription drugs at all. I have suffered so long that I think I just got used to feeling bad. Some days are worse than others. The other day my head was pounding with pain so bad that I was just about to call an ENT doctor a friend had recommended. But I like to try natural remedies first before I go to the doctor so I started doing some research and found your video. I did the breathing technique and immediately started feeling better! I ran to the store and got the castor oil and tea tree oil and started using it with a cotton swab until the nasal spray bottles I ordered online arrived. It feels miraculous how much better I feel! I am sleeping better and I no longer wake up with a headache in the morning. This truly has been life-changing for me. Interesting side effect is that it seems like my eye sight is a bit better, too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  8. It is my understanding that you are not supposed to ingest essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil, however, by spraying this mixture that contains Tea Tree Oil up the nose, it is virtually impossible not to ingest some of it since the nasal passages, sinuses and throat are all connected, especially since havging nasyl poyps means that I most certainly have post nasal drip. I am correct in my I thinking? I only ask because my stomach has been upset throughout the day and seeing as I started this remedy last night, it’s too coincidental that the Tea Tree Oil is not the cause of my upset stomach.

  9. I just want to let you guys know that I tried this to avoid going to the doctor since I had a really bad sinus infection and a rotten outdoor coming out of my nose, and after getting tea tree oil a few times it made it so much worse!

    my nasal cavity got so inflamed after using the Teatree oil remedy that they had to give me steroid pills to bring down the inflammation because the doctor couldn't even look inside my nose this might work for something minor but if you have a sinus infection please go to the doctor, don't put this up your nose it will worsen it, I was given Flonase steroid pills and a steroid shot at the doctor and thankfully by the next day the inflammation had gone down a lot.

    And a few days later I feel great! And the odor in my nose is gone! I love using remedies but this time this one did not work so just be mindful if you feel worse after using it, time to go to the doc like I did.

  10. Hello austin.I have been using your remedy since two days.As soon as i put drops into my nose it starts stinging or burning.My left nostril remains congested and runny all the time.
    Moreover,its becoming difficult for me to sleep since i am using the mixture.
    What should i do plz reply me quickly.Thanks

  11. Hi Austin. I'm desperate! I am 50 years old and I lost my sense of smell almost 3 years ago. I was told by my dr that I had a chronic sinusitis infection and had a CT scan showing near complete opacification on my left side. She prescribed me the antibiotic Cipro which did nothing. Its been 5 mths and I am now experiencing periods of smelling like something is burning and bad odors. I'm not congested and breath completely fine. Do you think this can help me, I'm anxious to try this. Do you have any advice for me!? Thank you so much!!

  12. first of all thank you .. bless you for helping others for free, it is so rare i kept waiting for the catch. secondly… is there anything you can use in place of castor, in case of an allergy..?
    again.. thank you, blessings to you and yours xo

  13. Hi Austin, I suffer from Chronic Sinusitis with loss of smell. I added 5 drop of castor oil + 1 drop of Tea Tree oil to empty nasal spray but the quantity is so less that it wont spray. Do i add distilled water ?

  14. I have been using this method for 6 days and feel very positive about the results. It makes sense and is so preferable to steroids and surgeries that may or may not work. I used more oil and a little water to get the nasal sprayer to actually spray. I’m doing the exercises and nasal spray twice a day. So grateful to have found this video to deal with this stressful condition. Highly recommend. Thank you Austin!

  15. I've suffered from chronic Post Nasal drip and polyps for 12 years. Is there hope for me? I had septoplasty, it did nothing. I have tried everything and only antibiotics work. My polyps are in my maxillary sinus but being a singer it's very important that I get rid of them.

  16. I tried this. I blended together about 1/2 oz of this castor, tea tree blend with some water and put in a clean empty sinus sprayer. It got rid of the sinus issues that were forcing me to lie down every day and the bad smell that I was detecting from inside my nose/sinuses. Thank you!!

  17. Austin,
    Thank you very much. This helped me a lot, I have not used the medicine but with the exercise a thick substance came out from my nose.
    Doctor previously advised the nasal polyps surgery but I think it is no more required. I think the antibiotics has filled my nose with thick mucus which was not getting out. My nasal congestion is getting better.
    I advise all who has nasal polyps problem to do this exercise twice a day and you will see the results in 3 days.
    Thank you

  18. Hi Austin,was an asthmatic patient about 7 years ago ,when I stopped having attacks and using the inhaler ,I started having these blocked noses that is 5 years ago,at first thought it was just flue ,later on realised it was not going ,my Doctor then did an allergy test and results came out all negative .He prescribed antihistamines and allergy tablets have been using them since then but just made a decision that I no longer want to take that medication last year ,so two days ago ,I came through your vedio and have bought the tea tree and castor oil ,have started and I am starting to feel a change hopefully it will permanently solve my problem.I checked my noses and saw them ,but as others say it changes ,one time its the left nostril and the next its the right one .

  19. Hii sir.
    I have nasal polyps and running nose nd sneezing vry much plz help me 😣😪😭😭 what I do ??

  20. I don’t know if I have nasal polyps, I just have stuffy nose for almos 3 months and post nasal drip that doesn’t go away, should I try this? Did anyone have these symptoms ? I appreciate your help.

  21. Sir. I already had polyps surgery one year before… but now I have polyps in that same nostril. I can't breath properly… due to that my right nosil also blocked and always I have running nose… please help me to breathing easy…

  22. Hello Mr Goh! I have a polyp at the back of my sinus and found you on google and immediately ordered the organic castor oil and the tea tree oil. I received it yesterday and the bottle of the castor oil says do not ingest. They say you can use it on your skin and hair. Is it safe to spray it in your nose? If someone knows please let me know asap. Thank you!

  23. Thanks for sharing. I just started yesterday. I think I have polyps on one side but sprayed oil in both nostrils. Is this ok?

  24. Do I prepare this oil every day? Can I make the formula for two weeks using 70 drops of Caster oil and 14 drops of tea tree oil for two weeks dosage? please reply

  25. Hi, Thank you. I just finished the tutorial without the oils as you mentioned in the video. But my nose feels dry. I believe that this is a good sign for me. Thanks again from Indonesia

  26. I have nasal congestion for many years and believe I have nasal polyps. I want to try your method but I currently use a steroid spray twice a day. Is it safe to use both?
    I pray this will help with the pressure/pain in my face

  27. Mr Goh…..when you say 5 drops of castor and 5 drops of tea tree oil, do you mean fill the dropper 5 times or just 5 drips???

  28. This method can be used if somebody has chronic sinusitis and small nasal polyps only on the left side. It should be done once daily at night? Appreciate your help and swift reply.

  29. Hello Austin, many thanks for sharing this awesome video. I kindly want to know if it is normal to see traces of blood from your nostrils when doing the exercise and please instead of the spray gun, can you use a nasal drop container?

  30. Thank you, going on week 1, I can breath better after a few days but since my nose was totally blocked
    90% on the left nostril and about 70% on the right one. I knew something was up because I lost my sense
    of smell about 18 months ago and my allergies was getting worse and not better regardless of diet or

    Will update you on week two, I do it twice a day with the castor oil and tea tree .
    I still get congested out of nowhere in 30 seconds my nostrils close up but it doesn't last
    as long as before specially if it's warm.

  31. Hello, I find your videos helpful. Is there some kind of exercise for fixing crooked nose, i.e. tilted more to one side?

  32. I tried this for 5 days and a polyp worked it's way out when I blew my nose. Still not 100 % with sense of smell. I would like to post the picture,but I do not see a option to do so.

  33. what is the purpose of castor oil and can I use a bottle like they use for ocean spray I can find a bottom like you are showing.

  34. Hi I’m 19 and I’ve had my polyp all my life and it’s in my left nose sometimes I feel like it switches sides and I can’t smell anything I feel like Patrick star from sponge bob without a nose ‘ the only way I can taste food is if I put chile in it and that’s not even the worse part // I’m a mouth breather and that itself is no good it’s affected my weight my sense of smell everything !! I found your video today and I’m READYY !! To try your method if works I can proudly say thank you and YOU changed my life (“: let’s hope . Thank you for this !! Trying it as soon as I get home .

    – like you don’t even know how excited I am

  35. What if the nose is clogged and can’t push the air out ? In that case , the ear would hurt bad …

  36. Can or should you remove nasal polyps at home ? I tried this for 2 months and I haven't seen any results and I dont have insurance to even think of the surgery and its affecting my daily routines with post nasal drip, can't sleep at all, loss of smell and taste and im getting ready to just pull it out because the polyp is right there but I want to know if there are any big consequences

  37. I have nasal polyp on my noise and my doctor gave me high dose cortisone to use all my life. I gave it up to use it! Now I'm using that treatment together with the exercise before using it. I would like to say that I'm really feeling much better than before. Even Its my 4. day. Thank you!

  38. I have polyps and after a recent x ray found out that I have sinus problems but without any pain or discomfort and I have been given 1 months supply of montek 10 and loratidine 10 and 2 weeks supply of Zithromax am I being given the correct medication in your opinion thankyou

  39. Austin, I was told I have a (benign but obstructing) ETHMOIDAL polyp in my right sinus. Can the sinus bottle you're recommending here in this video REACH the ethmoidal area with the solution contents?

  40. Austin, can you recommend the company for the organic tea tree and castor oils you're holding in this video? Perhaps a link to the company for purchasing?

  41. Austin, I have just signed up for your Newsletter and I would like to arrange a personal consultation with you. Please contact me. Today is June 27, 2019. Thanks,Joy.

  42. I just had surgery 3 months ago removing nasal polyps. One side of my nose do run a lil bit. The other side don't. Is this a sign of early nasal polyps? My nose is not runny when I sleep. I am doing the nose spray twice a day and the saline rinse 3 times a day just like my ent doctor instructed me. That was my 1st time ever having my polyps remove. I do not have the money or patience to get another surgery. Please help

  43. Hello Austin . Just wanted to check my son is 7 years old and is having terrible nose blocked that he can't sleep at night . Can I use these oils for a child as well
    Please reply ..many many thanks for such wonderful videos to help people in need . Appreciate

  44. Hi There , my polyp is only in left nostril, do i still need to add the drops to both nostrils or just left and lastly for how long thanks

  45. I"m doing the exercises twice a day but when I go to work in the air conditioning I start to get mucus build up what should I do?

  46. Legend! Helped me so much in reducing these annoying polyps. I keep blowing my nose after because it makes me sneeze is this ok?

  47. Idk how to thank you. I was scheduled for nasal polyp removal surgery 3 weeks from now. Have had completely blocked nasal passages for over 3 months. Was losing my mind. I changed my diet (mostly just fish, fruits and vegetables). Took a large allotment of vitamins like C, A, D & Zinc, Selenium, Prebiotics & Probiotics. Also ginger and garlic. And I also use the mix of tea tree oil and castor oil in steam/diffusers and the nasal spray once a day with those exercises and today the polyp bursted!! It was an obscene amount of nasal fluid that came out. I owe you my sanity!!! Thank you!!!

  48. Hello, i am so happy to see your video. for i have had this polyp 10 years. i will try out this way, i am from penang, malaysia

  49. Can I use an empty dropper bottle for the tea tree/castor oil until I can find nasal sprayer? Thanks for your help?

  50. Hello Austin.

    I've been doing your method for 3 months. The first time I saw a decrease in polyps, my nose was broken, my breathing became better and I could sleep better. But I notice that the polyp remains and does not diminish anymore. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks for your valuable help.

  51. WTF, I can't get these oils to spray out of the nasal sprayer. What is the trick?? It is like the oils are too thick for the nasal sprayer, they do not come out as a spray, they just clog up or sometimes squirt out.

  52. Sir I watch all you videos in India.. pl make a video on cholesterol deposition at the corners of the eyes..thanks

  53. My nose is so stuffy because of nasal polyps that I am not even able to do breathe out exercise. Pls suggest as I am very tired of blocked nose.

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