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Four handed massage is the traditional Ayurvdeic
warm oil massage that’s done in panchakarma treatments. Panchakarma is talked about in
another video, but for the purpose of this video, we’re going to do a demonstration to
show how four handed massage is done on the body. So, I have my assistant Amora, and we
will both being using sesame oil warmth. First we’ll apply the oil, same time. Hand me the
bottle I need to go for extra. And then, Amora will follow through, keeping contact with
the body on both sides. Then, in front of the mirror, we’ll do the same strokes. So,
when doing four handed, there’s one person who leads, and there’s one person who’s following
the leader. In that way, there is a consistency felt and experienced by the client. Polarity
is a traditional treatment that is used in modern day massage. It’s used in spas. It’s
used in many environments. Traditionally polarities are Ayurvedic and it’s based on balancing
the masculine and feminine energy in the body, the positive and the negative pulls in the
body. So when we do four handed, we have a great opportunity to balance and support that
for the client by using two people and four hands. So when we do the hands on, along the
center, we do a holding, it’s a basic polarity.

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