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The right foot is pretty similar to the left
actually. We’ll start with all the same squeezing at the heel, working upwards, and then stretching.
The main difference between the right foot and the left foot and the reason we work on
the right foot second is that the liver is this center of the solar foot. Working from
the body, you work at the stomach first and then down. The same motions apply after you’ve
worked the lungs and the diaphragm. We’ll work the inner part outward. Again, our 2-3
second holds in about 6 different spots across the foot in 3 horizontal lines across. Because
the liver is a big, big center of circulation, this is where you can also use the counterclockwise
circles. Just small circles instead of just straight inward pressure and that can really
help stimulate the circulation and digestion of the toxins that are in your body.

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