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In this clip we’re going to apply the salt
glow treatment and remember we are using dead sea salt, so you always want to do a verbal
consultation with your client first. I’ve already performed my verbal consultation with
Lizzy, but I’ll say it again, for you guys. ” Are you allergic to any shell fish or iodine?
(no). It’s very important because dead sea salt and anything having sea minerals can
contain iodine, which can upset some of the shellfish allergy and put them into shock.”
So, you’re always going to want to double check with your client. What I’m going to
do is take a small scoop in my hands, warm it up, so I don’t shock her. And, then I’m
going to start applying on the arm, I’m going to move in circular motions making sure not
to go too hard because we don’t want to scratch her or cause discomfort. We want to make sure
this is a very comfortable treatment for their guest. And, we’re going to focus on those

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