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So for Ayurvedic abdominal massage, there’s
many ways that you can do it, the most important thing is that you do it, because in Ayurvedic
massage we’re using lots of oil, and the oil is going into the body, and what’s it doing
is to help toxins come out of the body through the digestive system. So I had an Ayurvedic doctor say to me once,
“If you don’t do abdominal massage, what is the point of massage?” And I’ll always
remember that, it’s very important. In this presentation, I have some Picture essential
oil blend from a jar in my hand, and I’m going to simply place it on four crucial points
next to the belly button here, and I’m going to hold these points and invite him to take
a few deep breaths. And I’m going to pour this oil into the bellybutton,
spiraling slightly around. And it’s said that oil in the bellybutton is really good for
if you have dry lips. Oil in the bellybutton, it’s very healthy. And so I’m going to continue
with clockwise circles, and then spread the oil, and do strokes up the chest. This support the flow of corona in the body,
and this is good for what we call uponavaiyu, the upper flowing, as well as aponovaiyu,
and prana, and samana, and viana, so these strokes are actually really effective for
all the pranic directions in the body. And that is how you do a basic Ayurvedic abdominal

39 thoughts on “How to Give an Abdominal Massage | Ayurvedic Massage

  1. what??? lady, if you put oil on the belly nothing will come out from the digestive tract, yes oil will get absorbed into the connective tissues but there is no connection btw belly massage's oil and getting rid of toxins via digestive tract–simple anatomy and physiology

  2. you dont need oil to get all the tox out of the body either way from any way from diffrent massge your still gonna shit or fart you can do russian sport / reguler sport swedish massge trigger point massage or what ever massage we learn all of the in my massage school

  3. No I just prefer men with out hair? Hair equals trapped sweat, and sweat equals bacteria, and bacteria equals gross smells, its simple biology.

  4. You're right. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.

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  5. The man received a bit of kneading for the abdominal muscles which might help relieve muscular issues and breathing. Don't tell me that your oils are going to be absorbed into the system and that will have some therapeutic effect.

  6. Men should apply oil in the bellybutton and perfume in the bellybutton to get rid of the smell as well.

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