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Welcome to Shymala Ayureveda Health Spa. London’s
best and exclusive spa. I am here on behalf of to bring you to the journey
of ancient healing science of devote; that is ayureveda. So normalmassage. Let me tell
you about this first. There are 107 pressure points to enhance internal circulation. So
now I am starting the massage. I told her we need a lot of oil in this massage and that
is our rhythm. So first we do take like a fan. So we spread the oil on the back. This is good to open your pours. Because this
is energizing massage, we have to do a little bit faster and stronger which helps your internal

11 thoughts on “How to Give Ayurvedic Massage : How to Give a Back Massage Using Ayurvedic Techniques

  1. I wish I could understand him better. Between the bad video and his accent, I can't comprehend what he's saying

  2. Can you not comprehend or are you just not trying? I can understand him fully completely. (despite the mediocre audio quality)

  3. i think he has like, a speech or auto cue or something, and like, he's trying to remember or something…o.O

  4. He stops mid sentance… then continues. He reminds of the Space Man guy on the radio that's always talking about conspiracies xD

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