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Welcome to Shymala Ayureveda Health Spa; London’s
best and exclusive spa. I am here on behalf of to bring you to the journey
of ancient healing science of devote; that is ayureveda. Having a nervous system it controls
the whole body. On the middle of the head there is a point which is good for the energy and vitality.
Just behind the head there is a point which is good for mind. Here is the spot which is
good for the eyes
and sight. So basically when people are suffering from constipation, it definitely helps that.
This is good for
the liver. This is good for the pancreas. This is good for stress and anxiety.

9 thoughts on “How to Give Ayurvedic Massage : Pressure Points in the Head in Ayurvedic Massage

  1. "H4: for Large Intestines. Basically for people with constipation"
    lol I'd be embarrassed if I was that girl, even though it doesn't ever say that SHE is, but still 😛

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