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Welcome to Shymala Ayureveda Health Spa; London’s
best and exclusive spa. I am here on behalf of to bring you to the journey
of ancient healing science of devote; that is ayureveda. We spread the oil and then we
hope to do the massage in rotation. Because we have to cover the whole digestive system,
this is the best technique to do the massage on the stomach area. When people are suffering
from the low digestion, this soft massage definitely helps them. This is part of the
body where we come to too much pressure because it starts to feel nausea and pain inside of
your stomach. So it is better to do the soft massage rotation. Just behind your right feet,
there is a liver, so we can do this stroke to cleanse the liver. You can feel the gall
bladder as well so it is better to do the massage for the liver as well. So when you are suffering from anorexia, this
is a wonderful massage to give to your whole liver.

30 thoughts on “How to Give Ayurvedic Massage : Techniques for Massaging the Stomach in Ayurvedic Massage

  1. He Said clearly that it's a good massage for people with Anorexia. I believe the guy worked hard to explain the ancient methods of Ayurveda to clean the intestines, which certainly helps in improving the circulation, movement and formation of juices in the liver. So take the video positiviely…Ignore if there is any mistake, I don't see any – Dr. Vik – MD (Ayurveda), India

  2. Where did you get this idea from? It may not happen aswell and if it happens, sex is energy and energy build up is good. The way you deal with your animal drives is the problem otherwise one couldn't get out of bed because 'temptation is everywhere.."

  3. Hes talking about anorexia not anorexia nervosa. Anorexia means 'loss of appetite'. Anorexia nervosa is the eating disorder. 🙂

  4. Hallo, I was practicing ayurveda since 1992, and was abroad for more than 8 years in Oman, Bahrain etc… this is not the matter of jealousy. A qualified Ayurvedic practitioner can't say the massage is effecting liver directly or for anorexia, better not to mention like this blunders. Like this demonstrations will create a ugly picture about ayurvedic science. There are too much other complaints we can do this therapies, different kind of neurological and muscular complaints.

  5. I meant Quack not quake it was a spelling mistake dear….while typing..usually my fingers slip while typing fast.

  6. The liver massage work is good; I assume you need to have a fairly lean stomach for it to be effective though?

  7. @mongolieful Actually, anorexia, or "loss of appetite", or even "decreased sense of appetite", is not a disorder. It's a symptom of a wide variety of ailments, such as Depression, AIDS, and Anorexia Nervosa. The major misconception about it probably comes from the fact that in non-scientific publications anorexia and Anorexia Nervosa are used interchangeably.

  8. @roeder2135 Aren't we talking about Ayurveda and anorexia? Bhavaprakasasa said: Anorixia is a disease of not reconizing the taste of food we are eating. Maybe more understandable: There are 3 causes of anorexia or 3 kinds of symptoms. To restore the balance is to find back your appetite and maintain the fire of your digestion, that's why i'm talking about an eating disorder or better an appetite disfunction. The man who is giving this ayurvedic massage is an expert.

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