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[Music] hi I’m going to show you how I take care of my lashes you’re going to be doing this right before you go to bed so make sure you have no makeup on grab your Vaseline which is also known as petroleum jelly mine smells yummy pick some up with your fingers and just warm it up rub it with your fingers to get it nice and warm now gently start rubbing it onto your lid and lash line be careful not to get it in your eye Vaseline helps keep your lashes strong and moisturize and they’re less likely to fall out if this trick doesn’t work for you to grow them it’ll definitely keep them strong don’t forget the outer corners of your eyes I like to take my finger and apply it like mascara onto my lashes Vaseline is an amazing moisturizer it helps keep the skin around your eyes stay supple supple and juicy skin means less wrinkles take whatever is left over on your finger and apply it to your lower lashline and on your lower lid a lot of eyelash growth serum have a lot of nutrients which help increase moisture and vaseline does the exact same thing but it’s cheaper [Music] when your lashes are moisturize they’re less likely to fall out and even if they do fall out naturally it helps them to grow in thicker and stronger yay for shiny healthy and strong lashes if you feel like you’ve already rouse and your brows don’t grow in s thick take the mescaline apply it to your brow bone as well just like with our lashes it’s gonna help her eyebrows grow as well so just rub that bad boy on I like to take a little extra Vaseline and apply it on the outer corners of my eyes like I said before Vaseline is really moisturizing I also like to take some right under my eyes as well and on my forehead and [Music] around my mouth I know it looks a little greasy but it’s really moisturizing so you’re gonna wake up with amazing soft skin and your lashes will look great remember results depend on the person so you can wake up with longer thicker lashes or you won’t wake up with longer thicker lashes either way they’ll be really moisturized and healthy bye guys I missed you [Music]

100 thoughts on “How to Grow Long, Thick, Healthy Lashes

  1. Wow I was expecting her to say about one hundred products that I don’t have…..

    Don’t worry I do own some Vaseline

  2. For long beautiful lashes use moisturizer!!! NOT VASELINE! Women use makeup that dries your lashes out and they end up falling out. Just like your hair on your head, you let it dry out it falls out and and is dry as shit. Use a good moisturizer with your mascara and after you take your makeup off. Whatever you do don't let your lashes dry up (that's it). Baby lotion is the best moisturizer!!!!

  3. I thought her voice would sound more mature and deeper cuz that's how her face looks but I mean hey, that's her voice

  4. Idk what's more mad
    The fact that Donald trump is the president of America or the fact that she called vaseline bad boy😶😶

  5. I been trying this out and I think it works (it my experience , not saying it’ll work for everyone.) it mostly curled my left lash than the right which is kinda annoying but it did curled them and it did grow my bottom lashes but with the top I can’t really tell, soo yeah. I recommend it and if it doesn’t work at all you can just use it as just chapstick

  6. Im doomed I've been using castor oil, vaseline, and NO MAKEUP 4 months. My lashes fall out everytime I touch then which I don't touch it a lot I just rub my eyes sometimes. I used curl my lashes and put mascara on like every person does but my lashes can't handle that and I am only in highschool it sucks😭 her lashes r so perfect.

  7. No hate… But am I the only one who feels like her voice does not really match or suit her face or her overall personality

  8. That's her voice?!?!?!???! I only ever watched her on insta with the sound all the way down, she has a pretty voice.

  9. This worked sooo well, for me it took like 2 months but thats only bc I used to not take care of them by putting on tons of mascara and then not taking it off at night for like a year, but It really did work!!!

  10. Vaseline does really work I recommend brushing through your lashes with a spooley or something they doing vasaline and going to bed I have tried this for the last couple of days and had worked I am currently growing long lashes which are really thick and mosturised

  11. I was so confused what to give my wife on her bday. Then somone suggested me to gift her eye lashes growth serum. I ordered lumigan from I have hit the jackpot coz it was so cheap and now i know what women wants.

  12. I am in love with lumigan specifically . I tried careprost from but the serum takes longer to do its work. Cheapest so far. 25 usd for careprost. Unbelievable. … is there any serum to give it a back color also ?

  13. Who here got them thick long curly lashes but just want it to be EXTREMLEEEYYY long just bcI just wanna get extremely LONG LOOONNNNGG eyelashes cuz it looks cool

  14. Alright, I m trying it. After one week I will tell the results 👍
    Day 1) I see the increase in my lashes, its hard to tell but they seem thicker.
    Tip: eat protein, they also promote hair growth and longetivity.
    Day 2) done

  15. Me: passing the Vaseline in the supermarket
    (2minites later )
    watching this video at home
    Me: rushing back to the supermarket

  16. My eyes hurt really bad when I use Vaseline. And I use Vaseline for like I half year now and the just long not THICK that I want. Please help me?

  17. Me watching this video at 2:35 am can't wait anymore when it'll become day time shop will be open so that i'll go and buy the vaseline 🤣🤣🤣

  18. From what I know this trick does not work, Vaseline only moisturizers lashes but does not help them grow. On the other hand bio oil helps eyelash growth, hair growth removes the appearance of scars and stretch marks

  19. My oily skin could never like honestly I can’t have shit on my face for to long because it be messing up my vision and sometimes I be forgetting it’s even on n just touching it 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

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