Taking Charge of Your Health

Autism is a childhood epidemic of the
21st century No other pediatric condition’s exploding
with this rate of speed One out of six children have some level of developmental disability. Let that number sink in. 1 out of 6 1 out of 42 boys have a diagnosis of autism
that’s over two percent of our young boys this is affecting our nation in so
many ways stress for families stress for school systems as well as costing
upwards of 60 billion dollars per year luckily there is hope there are things a
family can do to help their child reach their full potential and in some cases
recovered autism while a delay in childhood development affect so many
parts of the body number one imbalances in brain function include cerebral
swelling from inflammation lack of neuroplasticity and imbalance of neural
chemistry these can be tested and treated to help a child learn number two
the immune system is altered creating an autoimmune condition with antibodies
attacking the brain number three hormone abnormalities often include cortisol
imbalances and in some cases thyroid problems these can be tested and treated
to improve a child’s behavior and temperament number four often ignored
our problems in the mitochondria while these are often assumed to cause a
fatigue or a lack of energy mild mitochondrial dysfunction can cause
symptoms of headaches constipation abdominal pain anxiety dizziness and
bedwetting these normally occur due to genetic mutations and thorough genetic
analysis should be performed to identify the correct treatment number five other
parts of the body are often imbalanced because of these core problems with the
immune system in the mitochondria these include elevated toxin levels as well as
intestinal infections of Candida parasites and other bacteria along with
leaky gut from global information in addition to autism being our generations
childhood epidemic autism has also brought a hot topic of controversy which
is that vaccines are related as a cause of autism it is important for every
family to have open discussions with their pediatrician about the importance
of preventing disease of vaccines their vaccines when their child is
healthy and watch natural partners video on fever phobia to learn about
alternative fever treatments around vaccinations to wrap up autism is
growing in numbers and it is treatable if you have a child with autism or know
someone who does stay hopeful and do everything you can for your child find
an autism specialist get thorough testing and thorough treatment

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