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– I bet that you want excellent egg quality, am I right? See what I did there? Egg-cellent? (upbeat music) Hello lovelies, and welcome
to another one of my videos in which I’ll be talking to you about how to improve your egg quality ’cause whether you’ve just come home from the fertility specialist and they told you your egg
quality isn’t that great, or you’re nearing 40 or you’re past 40 and you’re concerned
about your egg quality, this is the information you want, right? How can I improve my
egg quality naturally? Well first of all, the good news is that you totally can. If you’re new to my channel, then I want to welcome you here. It’s so lovely to have you around. And if you’re interested in topics like fertility, natural fertility, natural health, homeopathy and anything about hormones
and hormone imbalance, then you’ve come to the right spot because my name is Ingefleur and I’m a fertility homeopath and I help couples to
conceive naturally every day. So if you’re interested
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time I upload new content. We’re back to that question about how you can
improve your egg quality. We will be covering five main steps. So the first one is that you
need to know when you ovulate. Huh, how does that matter? Well, the thing is, if
you ovulate too early or too late, that says
something about your egg quality and it means you need to
change something about that. The textbook day of
ovulating is around day 14 of your cycle and day one is the first
day of your period. So if you’re looking around day 14 and you’re ovulating then, then that’s perfect. If you’re however ovulating a lot later, say, day 18, 19, 20 or even further, then that means that it takes a long time for your hormones to get high enough for that egg to mature properly and then to be released. In other words, it takes a long time for that egg to mature and that egg doesn’t like
to be on the shelf that long and then get fertilized. If however you’re ovulating much earlier, say day eight, nine, 10, 11, then that means that
your hormones are surging much too early and not
giving your egg enough time to really ripen, to really
become nice and mature before it’s released. So it’s kinda released prematurely and it’s like, Huh, what? What am I supposed to do? I’m supposed to be fertilized? And chances are that that’s
not gonna go down very well. If you’re not sure when you’re ovulating, then all you need to
do is chart your cycle. And if you’ve been around here for any number of days,
weeks, years, whatever, you will know that I say that charting is the number one thing
you should be doing if you’re trying to conceive because that will help you
identify your fertile window so when you will ovulate. And if you chart, this is
also how you want to know when you ovulate and
whether it’s too early or too late. So I will make sure to link down below how you can learn how to chart. You can sign up to my
free charting course. At the moment, it’s still an email course, but I’m in the progress of
making it into a workbook so depending on when you’re watching this, you will either get the email course or you will get the workbook. Now let’s get into those
more practical things that you can do to improve
your egg quality, shall we? The second thing that you need to be doing is make sure your body has
the right building blocks. To make sure that egg has matured properly and can be released, it
needs building blocks. That means that you need
to make sure that your diet is of good quality. Make sure that you eat whole foods, right? So you’re looking at whole grains. You’re looking at unprocessed foods. You’re looking at great,
green, leafy vegetables, lots of fruit, any type
of vegetables, really. Apart from that diet, you need to make sure that
you’re hydrated, right? So make sure that you
get enough water intake. If that is not really your
thing, look at nice herbal teas for example, or spice up your water with a wedge of lemon or
some cucumber in there, some raspberries. My all-time favorite is
adding some strawberry. And on top of hydrating and making sure you have
a good quality diet, you can add in some supplements. The first supplement
that I would recommend to any woman trying to conceive and their partners is to make sure that you have a good quality multivitamin. Now there are lots of
multivitamins on the market and they can be prenatal or not. The cheaper versions of multivitamins will actually only have
maybe a 20% uptake, so that’s not very useful. What is happening to
the rest of the stuff? Is it just filler or what’s going on? So make sure that you research for a good quality brand that has a high uptake, such as 80%. Those are also supplements
that I recommend to my patients and that I prescribe and send to them when
they’re on my fertility plan. So we have that multivitamin covered. Make sure that you also
add in fatty acids. Omega fatty acids make
sure that your cells are nice and squishy. If your cells are not nice and squishy, but they’re rigid, then
it’s very difficult for nutrients to go into the cells and toxins to go out of the cells. So you may be on the most beautiful, good quality, organic diet and none of the nutrients are actually getting into the cells. So make sure that you have plenty of that in your diet and in your supplements. Then there are two more supplements that I often prescribe to my patients and those are CoQ10 and Vitamin C. Both of these are antioxidants and what antioxidants do is make sure that you actually are capable of removing toxins from your cells, from your body and out the exit. Egg-xit. How many more times are we
gonna be doing this, huh? So if you’re going to be
topping off on supplements, make sure to go for the
CoQ10 and the Vitamin C. And that leads us right into point three, which is all about toxins, because you want to make
sure that you can detox as efficiently as possible. Now it’s not true that you only detox when you’re on a detox diet or on a detox program. That’s not true. You’re detoxing on a continuous basis. Every day you’re picking up on nutrients and making sure that waste
is removed efficiently. So to have good quality eggs, you need to make sure that you
are super efficient at that. And the CoQ10 and the
Vitamin C help you with that. But what about when you just start to put less toxins in your body, huh? You know not to be smoking, right? So you’ve quit that. I hope. If not, quit, quit, seriously. You need to quit right now. Put that cigarette out. Other things you want to eliminate or completely remove from
your household and diet are caffeine, alcohol and sugar. These are all difficult
for your body to process, puts pressure on your liver, there’s more toxins in your body, so you might as well not
even go there, right? Another thing you can
do is remove plastics from your kitchen. So don’t put any plastic
containers in your dishwasher, don’t eat out of them, don’t heat anything up
in them in the microwave. And I don’t recommend to buy foods that are in plastic either. But since you’re going
whole food anyway, right, you’re not gonna buy as many processed foods probably anyway. Plastics that are leaked into the food are recognized by the
body often as estrogens so they mimic a hormone that is part of your
hormonal system anyway, and since we’re always talking
about hormone imbalance, that means you can actually
have too much of one thing even if it’s a great thing. We love estrogen. Estrogen makes our skin
nice and glowy and soft, but we definitely don’t
want too much of it in our system because if you
do have too much of that, that can actually cause
you to ovulate too early. Or for your progesterone levels to be too low in relation
to your estrogen levels. Now another thing I want to mention and this is something that you can’t necessarily address at home but that is metal toxicity. This can really affect
the quality of your eggs and it can also affect
the sperm of your partner. So metal toxicity is something
that I have to address a lot with my patients these days and metal toxicity can come
from smoking in the past or smoking currently,
which we just talked about, you’re not doing anymore,
right right right? (clicks tongue) But it can also come from
silver dental fillings. Now they’re not supposed to leak but they can often leak into the system and any metal that is in your body such as mercury, which
is in those fillings, is very difficult for
your body to get rid of if your body is capable
of doing it at all. So detoxing metals is
something that can be done very efficiently and
gently with homeopathy. There are a lot of supplement
protocols and diets out there that you can also do to get rid of metals, but they are quite rough on the body and they can take a long time. So if you think this is an issue for you, then definitely look into homeopathy. I will make sure to link something in about metal toxicity in one of my blogs on my website so you can read up on it. It’s definitely one of the big things that I need to address with couples, especially if there’s
recurring miscarriages. So onto point number four
and the cool thing is that also moves very nicely
from point number three because we’re talking about
oxygenation of your uterus and your ovaries. What you want to make sure is that the whole blood circulation in the area of your ovaries is A-OK because blood supply
means that the nutrients are brought to the ovaries
and that the toxins that are removed from
the ovaries and the eggs is actually being removed. So you want to make sure
that the blood circulation is as optimized as possible. The way that you can accomplish
that is through exercise. It is so easy for us to just sit down and if you sit, things don’t move. And especially in that area. So go for a walk and do some
stretching, for example, if that’s not something
you’re doing already. In the Netherlands, it’s very common to cycle around, so if that is something that you can do where you are, do that. Especially since you’re moving your legs, the blood circulation
in your abdominal area will improve as well. One way to know if maybe
you are a bit congested in your abdominal area is if
you suffer with constipation or you suffer with hemorrhoids, or maybe you have varicose
veins on your upper leg. Another telltale sign is
very heavy, painful periods especially if the blood is dark and possibly even black or very sticky and it doesn’t come out very easily. Maybe you’re spotting for a very long time after your period. A good quality period will be quick. It will be red, it will flow, it’s called the flow for a reason. And if that’s not the case, then there may be some
congestion going on. However, apart from exercise, there are two other cool
things that you can do, and the first is fertility massage. You can have this done by a professional, which I can highly recommend. But this not something
that you may be doing on a weekly basis. So fertility massages at
home is a very good option and the thing is, with fertility massages, is that you can only do
that after your period and until you have ovulated, because should you have ovulated and you’re trying to conceive, then there may be a tiny,
little pregnancy going on and you don’t want to
be pushing and shoving around in that area, right? If you’re interested
in these do it yourself fertility massages and you would like me to do a video on that, then I would love to do so. But there’s a little catch. You have to ask me for it. Write it in the comments, like the video and tell me, I want to see a DIY fertility massage for at home. And another great thing that you can do to improve the oxygenation of your ovaries and your uterus and to improve the blood circulation are some really neat exercises to open up the pelvic area. I will put in a link to a video of my good friend, Rosie Dhoopun. She is an alignment
and movement specialist and she is absolutely brilliant. And in this video, she’s shown you how you can do these
exercises that are so nice and so gentle and that help open up the pelvis and improve the blood supply and oxygenation of that area. And the great thing about this is you can do this all cycle around, so not like the fertility massages that you need to check
where you are in your cycle. You can do it from your
period until your next period, during ovulation and
even if you fall pregnant to make sure that that little embryo gets the best quality nutrients
and oxygen that it needs. Onto point number five
and that is improving your overall hormone balance. So with all the things
that we’ve just discussed, the building blocks, the detoxing and the oxygenation, you will already be improving
your hormone balance. But there’s another thing that you need to be looking out for and that is reducing stress
and improving your rest because your adrenal glands, which are the ones that
either produce stress hormones or sex hormones need to be in a calm spot to be producing the right sex hormones to mature that egg. So if you have the right building blocks, then that will reduce stress because if your body doesn’t
have the right building blocks it will feel like it’s stressed because that’s a form of starvation. So with having the right building blocks, you’re reducing stress. By removing toxins, you’re
also reducing stress because toxins is the
stress form for your body. A good example is sugar because sugar promotes inflammation and inflammation is stress. Removing sugar will
improve your stress levels as in bring them down. If you don’t enough rest,
you don’t have enough sleep, then that is also stress for your body. So making sure that you incorporate that will definitely improve
your hormone balance. If you’re however struggling with hormone balance in general, maybe because you’ve used
synthetic hormones in the past, like fertility drugs
or you’ve used the pill or you’ve had the contraceptive injection, or you’ve had steroids for example, then maybe you need a homeopathic detox to remove that layer so that your body can
restore its hormone balance. So there you have it, lovelies. Five steps that you can start doing today to improve your egg
quality for the next month. And the great news is that the cycle of an egg
is actually three months, so if you start doing this today, you’re not just working on the egg quality of the egg that is about to be released but you’re also working on the eggs that are being prepared for next month and the month after. So if this is not your month,
which I sure hope it is, then you know that
you’re already investing in the next two months and
the months following that. We really hope that
you found this helpful. Let me know in the comments. Like the video if you do so I know to make more
videos like this one. And if you feel that you
would love to explore homeopathic treatment, then
I would love to speak to you. You can always book in a
discovery call or get in touch and you can become a member of Becoming Vital and Fertile. There are lots of women around like you that are charting and are looking for ways to improve their fertility naturally, so you’re really welcome to
join the conversation there. And in the meantime, see
you in the next video. Bye. (upbeat music)

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