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Hello friends Welcome to my channel. I am doctor Ritu Jain.I am a homeopathic consultant. The topic that I am going to discuss about is ‘How to increase weight fast’. If you want to increase your weight gain your weight in very less time so today I am going discuss about that topic. Along with that I am going to tell you the homeopathic treatments and homeopathic medicines to gain your weight. So first if you are very thin , and your body does not grow properly according to your weight and your height , your fatigue is less,BMI is less then they are considered as ‘under-weight’, and they need to gain weight. So first we will see what are the causes for this because homeopathy depends on the cause . It is not good to give proteins or asteroids so that you gain weight because along with those things there are a lot of side-effects that you have to face. Generally . in allopathic treatment , to gain weight there are injections , which when injected in the body helps you gain weight very soon but , all those rapid medicines that rapidly help you gain weight , have losses too. Like the injections that we believe help you gain weight , those are steroids injection which increase your weight rapidly but also show side-effects that are very bad. Steroids side-effects are very harmful. I will not talk more about steroids. I will suggest you to to search about steroids and it’s side-effects on the internet. First let us see the causes. In homeopathic it is important to know the causes first , what is the reason that your weight is not increasing. So let us first look into the causes. First comes the illness because of which you are not able to gain weight. Was there any disease because of which you are not able to gain weight. There are lot of such diseases. Like there is fever which lasts for long time because of which you lose your weight and there are a lot of illnesses because of which you become weak and lose your body weight.So these kind illnesses according to these illnesses treatment is given. Then there is gastric problem.If your digestion is weak whatever you eat is not digested properly then that is also a reason for your weight lose. For that you have different medicines. specially to improve your digestion system. By taking this kind of medicines your digestion improves and along with the medicines whatever food you take it helps you gain weight. There are diseases such as hypothyroidism in which you gain weight and hyperthyroidism is where you lose weight. So if you suffer from hyperthyroidism , jaundice or any other problems because of which you lost your weight and is not increasing , then according to that treatment is given. according to your cause. Then there is weakness of liver. there a lot of people whose liver is weak since their childhood or after some disease like hepatitis disease hepatitis-b , hepatitis-c or cirrhosis of liver , fatty liver In all these diseases , your fat is not absorbed or dissolved in the body and because of that there is weight lose or you do not gain anymore weight. So even weakness of liver is also a reason for your weight lose.So the medicines that i will tell you are according to the cause but along with that there are other important things because only medicines cannot help you , along with that most important thing is your diet. It is necessary to follow the diet chat. If you do not follow your diet chat then only medicine will not help you let that be any kind of disease , because treatment depends on 100% conditions , like your medicines contribute 25% and 25% is followed by your diet chat , 25% depends on your routine and exercise and last 25% depends on your mentality , i.e your mental level. Any disease that cures 100% is divided in these four parts. 25% of your medicine , 25% on your diet , and 25% on your regime and exercise and along with that 25% on your mental level. If you have strong will power then it will definitely cure. And 25% depends on the doctors where we will give our 100% and the remaining 75% depends on you. If you take proper diet and all these things are important. So for 25% of your diet , there are a lot diet plans like protein diet and carbohydrate diet vitamin , minerals which help in proper digestion and to dissolve fat to absorb.So all these things are important to include in the diet chart. So all these things are important to consume and along with that i will tell you the medicines There are a lot of medicines. And proper water intake is also very important. If you do not drink water that also effects your digestion. Your digestion is effected because you don’t drink enough water , and the food does not digest properly , and if there is no proper digestion it will lead to less absorption. So water is very important. Now let us talk about homeopathic medicines. In homeopathic medicines ALPHA-ALPHA tonic is the best medicine to gain weight , as i said it depend on your cause If you are suffering from hyperthyroidism then thyroid treatment is given and i have already uploaded the videos about it and if you watch those videos you will come to know about it’s homeopathic treatment. Along with that if you are suffering from liver problem and weakness of liver is the main cause of weight lose. So for weight gain , if you have liver problem , or serosis and are weak then there is CHELIDONIUM Medicine that increases the functioning of your liver along with that there is JONDILA medicine that increases your appetite. because when liver is only weak liver produces the digestive juices and if it is weak then it cannot produce proper juices for digestion then you do not feel hungry and because of that you will not take proper diet which results in weight lose. so JONDILA medicine is a syrup which is very good in homeopathic treatment and for your appetite. It works as appetiser and liver toner. Along with that if you have any other problems like gastric problems then LYCOPODIUM medicine will work. If your stomach swells and you are weak then CHINA medicine will work If you have EMACEATIONS which means a particular part of your body becomes thin then for that there is NATRUM MUR medicine And many times your stomach is too big but your shoulders are very thin and weak . along with hands and legs also. So for that also and also if your absorption is not proper for that SILICEA medicine is the best medicine , for such kind of patients. So these are the medicines that work very good and along with it is important to follow diet chart. and all this information that I gave you today if you do not understand anything or if you have any questions then write down in the comment box and let me know. Then I will definitely tell you the solution. Along with that subscribe to my channel through which i can give you more information.I will keep you updated. Don’t forget to like my video if you liked it. And also like my facebook page because my live clinical schedules are updated there. 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