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Ty Bollinger: Now what do you think about
the IPT, the IPTLD, the targeted low dose? Dr. Murray Susser: I think IPT is a good option.
Ty Bollinger: Okay. Dr. Susser: I’ve seen people who had exhausted
everything in conventional medicine and conventional chemotherapy, conventional everything. And
they always give that little phrase, “go home and get your things
in order.” Ty Bollinger: Sure.
Dr. Susser: You know, that’s a real doctor-y thing.
Ty Bollinger: Yeah. Dr. Susser: And with the IPT, a lot of these
people instead of getting their things in order took IPT and got a lot of good results
and a good quality of life. IPT is insulin-potentiation therapy. Now they’re calling it low dose
chemotherapy. Ty Bollinger: IPTLD, sure. Can you kind of
describe what is IPTLD, what is the low dose IPT?
Dr. Susser: Well, the low dose IPT, the low dose therapy, has to do with getting the cancer
cells, fooling the cancer cells. Cancer cells eat sugar at about
19 times the speed of healthy cells. And cancer cells are voracious for sugar, which you should
say that’s one of the good management aspects of treating cancer patients is take them off
every drop of sugar, not a speck. But with IPT what you do is you give insulin and insulin
lowers the blood sugar. And you just get the right amount of insulin and you give it, and
you lower the blood sugar below it’s normal range of about 90 or 100-mg percent. And when it gets down to 40 range, you get
really sick. I mean you get—you feel sick. It’s not dangerous but it feels terrible.
It gets dangerous when you get down to around 20 or 10 or zero. But at 40, it’s not dangerous
but it’s quite unpleasant. And what’s happening is it’s unpleasant for the cancer cells. It’s
more because they’re starving. And cancer cells are really good at selecting out chemotherapy.
They won’t take chemotherapy, but they will take sugar. And when you take away all the
sugar then the cancer cells will take anything. That’s kind of like someone dying of thirst
on the ocean in an ocean raft and they drink salt water. They know it’s not good for them
and it kills them. But the cancer cells then will take the chemotherapy instead because
they can’t get sugar. Ty Bollinger: Okay.
Dr. Susser: And that gives a tremendous benefit therapeutically. And the numbers are really
fantastic on that because the IPT gives you 200 percent, 200
or 300 percent therapy with 10 percent of the toxicity. You give a tiny dose of chemotherapy
at the therapeutic moment when the blood sugar reaches 40. And you give the IV chemotherapy.
Ty Bollinger: And so that’s more of a selectively toxic treatment towards the cancer cells than
just blasting the whole body with chemo. Dr. Susser: Very—exactly, that’s exactly
the way to put it.

16 thoughts on “How to Kill Cancer Cells with 90% Less Toxicity than Chemo – Dr. Murray Susser, MD

  1. Do they mean all sugar, like the kind found in many fruits and vegetables, or do they mean processed sugar found in sodas, sweets, and processed sweet foods?

  2. IPT is temporary and does not deal with the cause of cancer.    IPT is a dangerous deception that works for a few days but allows some cancer cells to build resistance and this is the danger of long term IPT.

  3. What confuses me is the Gerson therapy is loaded with sugar from fruits and some carbs. Carrot juice has a ton of sugar, yet it is one of the more widely known cancer cures.

  4. Administering insulin to an individual who does not have a blood sugar imbalance is flirting with danger. Besides, they are still giving you chemotherapy, which is poison – so this treatment sounds all bad to me. There is a simple treatment that is not poisonous that people are having great success with killing cancer that isn't poisonous, and believe it or not, it is baking soda. Here's why it works: Cancer exists in an acidic internal environment, and consuming baking soda makes your internal environment alkaline. Cancer can't exist in an alkaline internal environment, so it dies! You can find many testimonials from average people on YouTube who were diagnosed with Stage 4 cancers who did the baking soda treatments with successful results in killing the cancer – and these people have no vested interest because they're not selling anything – they're just sharing their experience and knowledge about what worked for them. Just do searches about this effective and very inexpensive protocol and you can learn about it for yourself. Some people advocate mixing molasses with the baking soda and some just take the baking soda. Make sure you buy baking SODA, not baking powder – cause the powder will not work. One last thought on chemotherapy: I figure anything that makes your hair fall out can't be good for you.

  5. Killing cancer cells without removing carcinogenic toxins is POINTLESS. Cancer cells will come back if body have carcinogenic toxins. Cancer cells "help" us to metabolise carcinogenic toxic waste that other "pathogenic" microbes can't process. Go on 20-30 days water fasting, that will remove all that carcinogenic toxins from your body, and cancer cells will die. As result your body will EAT cancer cells during fasting 😉

  6. Dear Dr. Murray, dear Mr. Bollinger,
    Please explore this phenomenon:
    ~ Killing cancer cells is NOT a solution!
    ~ ANY method which kills cancer cells, can not cure cancer, even theoretically!
    There are thousands of methods that kill cancer cells! (Laetrile,or Vitamin B17, or…) If you type on YouTube only two (2) "magic" words "cancer cure" – you will find thousands of "methods" to treat cancer, all of which promise a lot but give NOTHING!
    Because (with two words) they all are focused on this: – To kill cancer cells!
    Q.: So WHY they can not cure cancer, even theoretically?
    A.: This 4 min 30 sec short VIDEO I made, explains it briefly:
    ~ WHY with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (and ANY method that kills cancer cells) cancer can not be cured, even theoretically?
    ~ And WHY the methodology of Shevchenko WINS?
    So, as long as you work on a cellular level and kill cancer cells – you will achieve NOTHING! If you really want to cure cancer, then you must go deeper – to the genetic level! Precisely:
    ~ If any scientist seriously wants to find a new method to cure cancer – he must focus on this:
    1) NOT to kill cancer cells – which is necrosis and can not cure cancer (no one type) – even theoretically it is impossible!
    2) but – to focus on this to restore the apoptosis – which is a common defect for each type of cancer (at the genetic level).
    Exactly this way works the Method of Shevchenko (included in my Wellness Strategy) and cures totally and definitively any type of cancer! >>>

  7. He says a blood sugar level of 40 is not dangerous wtf when my levels drop below 70 I can hardly function … shaking trembling can't think straight weakness and terrible tachycardia fast heartbeats and nervousness and my blood pressure goes up because of the fast heart rate
    If I went to 40 I would be passed out already or dead much less be able to take a chemo drug
    Hypoglycemia is way way more than just being "uncomfortable"
    This man has probably never experienced a hypoglycemia event in his life if he says you can drop your blood sugar to 40 and it's just gonna feel "uncomfortable" BS

  8. Thanks for this truth…And people wonder why the put sugar in everything…knowing how and what it's doing to our health.

  9. Every one is off track.

    Get focused on the cause and go for PREVENTION OF CANCER.

    This will surly break the corruption of our medical system.

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