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Welcome to the vital life show I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and in this episode we’re talking about h pylori h pylori if you know causes stomach ulcers and the way that this was actually discovered is a very interesting story, so an Australian internist, Dr. Barry Marshall was convinced that there was a link between this corkscrew looking bug organism and developing stomach ulcers, so in mainstream medical science nobody believed him and this was very unfortunate for Dr. Marshall so in order to convince everybody what he did was he actually took a concoction of this bug and basically drank this broth and of course he developed the symptoms of a stomach ulcer he had bad stomach gastritis and vomiting and bad breath and was sick and exhausted and you know went on to win the nobel prize in 2005 for his discovery along with Robin Warren so you know that’s the story behind h pylori it’s now conventionally treated with antibiotics for people suffering with stomach ulcers however there’s a lot of side effects a lot of people you know can’t tolerate those conventional antibiotics for that treatment so is there an alternative absolutely so when another way to kill this negative organism is to use something called a parasite cleanse now parasite cleanses you know they all come in different forms and different formulations but we’ve actually developed here at vitatree the vitatree parasite cleanse which helps to kill that h pylori and just one of the ingredients in this formulation actually inhibits three key enzymes of that organism h.pylori which is good to know standard dosage of this is just two capsules twice a day and you’re going to do this for two weeks then you’re going to take a two-week break if you want more information about the products please do check out our website but know that there is a natural way to treat these h pylori infection. Thank you for joining me today. I hope that you enjoyed this video if you have questions and comments which I’m sure that you do please leave them below and be sure to follow us on on facebook and twitter and instagram and pinterest as well. Check out our other videos that we feature here on the vitalife show because you may find other topics of interest for you. Also if you want to check out our products to check out our website and be sure to subscribe but you always get our newest and greatest uploads here on the vitalife show.

30 thoughts on “How to Kill H.Pylori Naturally : H pylori Natural home Remedies – VitaLife Show Episode 221

  1. Dont listen to this hogshit! 10 pills a day from doctor for 14 days. Antibiotics are a must along with the other three pills. Then breath test after at docs office. This might help after u are cured.

  2. White lie. Only thing to get rid of pylori is antibiotics and since it's become some resistant most ppl need quad therapy

  3. Make an appointment with your doctor they're going to draw blood and they're going to find the problem they're going to give you the right pills so you can get your the doctor can you're the plumber

  4. confusing…she is directing people to her website…timewaster…she needs to b injected with …HELICOPTER..NOT HALIBACTER.

  5. On antibiotic, the issue is not whether some people hate it but it doesn't work for all people. I only hope that in the future we can cure h pylori like giardia. I think right now the chance of curing h pylori with antibiotics is only about 70%, probably less.

  6. Why didn’t you say how to treat this bacteria, your video’s topic say it so!! Are you sure you are a Doctor?

  7. I'm sorry, but there's no natural remedies described in this content and you just wasted my time, thanks for not helping me with the issue I'm dealing with.

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