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Hello friends, The National Library of Ayurveda Medicine is pleased to present a new episode on Ayurveda. The present release is part of a video lecture series prepared for the education of Ayurveda literature in accordance with the academic curriculum of Ayurveda studies in India. My name is Dr Sumit Kesarkar and I will be your host throughout this video, which gives a brief explanation of DHATU SARA or Dhatu predominance or the purity of Dhatu in a particular Individual The word Sara means purity, highest quality and hence Dhatu Saratva implies purity of Dhatu in an individual. Maharishi Charak in the 8th chapter of Viman sthana has briefly described the attributes of each Dhatu with respect to its purity. These attributes are set of physical charecters which help distinguish an individual. Maharisi Charak also mentions the lifestyle traits of each Dhatu with respect to Wealth, Progeny and Intellectual success. The categorisation is very much similar to Prakriti or body constitution but it gives a deeper understanding of an individual. Maharishi Charak has described a total of eight Saras which include 7 Dhatus or tissues of Rasa, Rakta, Mansa, Meda, Asthi, Majja and Shukra. The eight Sara is attributed to the Mind. We have already learnt through previous video on Cosmology that the Mind consist of three universal qualities of Satva Raja and Tama of which Satva is considered the purest. Hence the eight sara is known as Satva Sara It is to be noted here that Sara is very independent and exclusive from the signs and symptoms of dysfunctional Dhatus as learnt from videos on Dhatu pathology. Sara denotes the purest form of a Dhatu in an individual and reflects its essence on physical and mental level. Let us have a look at each Sara in brief Maharishi charak has denoted the first Sara as Twak Sara or the essence of pure skin. It is to be noted that Rasa Dhatu is a sign of health and un-health is mainly determined through skin as learnt from previous videos. An optimum pure Rasa Dhatu is reflected through skin and hence Maharishi uses the term Twak Sara in place of Rasa Sara. The physical attributes of Twak Sara are described as Individuals with Twak sara have soft, smooth attractive skin with very less but strong hair. They have a pleasing disposition. Maharishi Charak denotes the following lifestyle attributes of Twaka Sara people Twak sara individuals enjoy a good fortune in terms of wealth, intellect, knowledge, health and a happy life Mahrishi Charak describes the physical traits of Rakta sara as Individuals with Rakta Sara have oily or smooth disposition of Ears, eyes face, tongue, nose, lips, palms of hands, soles of feet, nails, forehead and genitals. These attributes are copper colored due to good flow of blood exhbiting lots of vitality Maharishi Charak describes the following lifestyle attributes of Rakta Sara people Rakta Sara individuals have a sharp intellect, magnanimity, tenderness, moderate strength, lack of endurance, they get angry or provoked easily and have intolerance to heat. Maharishi Charak describes the physical trait of Mansa Sara as Individuals with predominance of Mansa dhatu have stocky or muscular disposition of face, forehead, cheeks, jaw, neck, shoulders, abdomen, limbs and joints. Due to strong and healthy disposition of muscle tissue, the entire framework of the individual is solid Maharishi Charak describes the following lifestyle attributes of Mansa Sara Mansa sara people have good vitality. They enjoy fair share of happiness. Their attitude is of forgiving others for their mistakes which makes them popular. They gain good knowledge and fame. Maharishi Charak describes the physical trait of Meda Sara as Individuals with predominance of Meda dhatu have strong voice, big eyes, smooth hair & nails, glossy teeth, full lips with an oily disposition. These people have tendency to pass more urine which has atypically oily odor. The stools are smooth and well formed. Maharishi Charak describes the following lifestyle attributes of Meda Sara people Meda dhatu people are generally very rich in terms of material comforts. However they have a tendency to fall ill at an early age due to metabolic disorders. Maharishi Charak describes the physical trait of Asthi Sara as Individuals with predominance of Asthi dhatu have prominent bones. Hip joints, knee joints, elbow joints , skull area and all other joints are prominently felt. These people do not gain fat easily They are generally tall. The teeth and nail are well developed. Maharishi Charak describes the following lifestyle attributes of Asthi Sara Asthi Dhatu people are generally very hard working. They do not get exposed to material comforts easily. These people have high endurance levels Maharishi Charak describes the physical trait of Majja Sara as Individuals with predominance of Majja Dhatu have a soft body but they are very strong. Charak gives example of an Ant while describing Majja Dhatu. The ant has a frail body but it carries weight 10-times its own in form of sugar Same is with Majja Dhatu people. Majja dhatu people have a soft skin, smooth voice tone which is STRONG in nature. Majja people bone joints are big and they have a well developed forehead. Maharishi Charak describes the following lifestyle attributes of Majja Sara Majja people have a good vitality and are not generally exposed to ailments. They are strong and intelligent. They comprehend knowledge from all quarters and are deep thinkers and apply things to the maximum benifit. These people are honored in the society. They are blessed with healthy offsprings. Maharishi Charak describes the physical traits of Shukra Sara as Shukra Sara individuals are very attractive. Their attractiveness may not be complemented with good looks most of the times but they have a magnetic aura about them. Their voice , mannerism, choice of words make them very likeable. Maharishi Charak describes the following lifestyle attributes of Shukra Sara Shukra Sara people generally have multiple partners. They get into relationships quickly. They attract the opposite sex with their charm, mannerism and vocal abilities. They have strong endurance levels. Shukra sara people enjoy the best of material comforts. Their vitality is also excellent and they have very good reproductive life Satva sara indicates pure essence of mind. Vedic and Yogic lineages emphasize on controlling the mind to obtain eternal happiness. hence people born with Satva sara are very few & generally go on to become spiritual masters and saints . All the great spiritual masters of the past & present who have shown the path of cosmic oneoness through their works belong to this category Maharishi Charak describes Satva Sara people as Satva Sara people are highly intellectual with good grasping power. Their heart is filled with compassion and love for all creations of cosmos. They are completly immersed in love and devotion of their lord. Their actions are pure devoid of lust, greed and selfishness. Their aim is to educate the society to spiritual oneness through different mediums. Dhatu Sara like Prakriti is determined at birth. It cannot be acquired or influenced. Unlike Prakriti where its is rare to come across people with predominance of one Dosha, Dhatu Saratva is dominant on individual levels. In brief we can easily categorise people on a particuular Dhatu essence which gives a deeper understanding of that person. So one can see that by combining Prakruti examination and Dhatu Sara examination the Ayurveda physician can get a deeper understanding of the individual and provide optimum health care solution to treat him or her on physical and mental levels I hope this video was informative and made the subject clear Comments and feedback are highly appreciated and you can leave them by visiting the NLAM website at or likewise by writing to me at Thank you for watching. [SUBTITLES CREDIT:NLAM]

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