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– What up guys, Jason Julius here. And in this video, I wanna teach you a really
simple breathing technique that could help you
last longer during sex. Now, if you’re like I was, and how 70-80% of guys out there are, you might be doing this wrong. So, check this out. (industrial music) Alright, so let’s talk
about a breathing technique, that’s going to help you gain
a little bit more control while you’re having sex. Now, before we talk about that, I want to preface this by saying that it’s a lot of things happening in synergy together that help you have full control in the bedroom, right? And so, from a physiology standpoint, not only is it going to
be about your breathing, but it’s also going to
be about your PC muscle. Which I covered in a previous video, and I’ll link to below. You have to strengthen your PC muscle. And as you feel yourself
escalating towards ejaculation, and getting towards that level where you’re gonna go over the edge, you have to start to relax your PC muscle. But, in order to do that, you have to a strong enough PC muscle. So I covered that in another video. So, check that out if you haven’t. Another big part of it is being able to relax your muscles. We don’t really realize
it, but unconsciously, the muscles in our butt,
in our back, in our legs, will tense up, and we’ll squeeze them, and they have to be able to tense up in order to ejaculate. When you actually keep
your body fully relaxed you’ll find that it actually
prevents you from ejaculating. So that’s another key part of it. But another part is also
your breathing as well. So, we’re gonna talk about
what that looks like. Okay, so, what do you
think breathing looks like, for most guys, when they’re having sex? Typically it’s usually fast paced, very like (huffing). I like to say it’s kind
of like a panting dog, you know very shallow,
very like (huffing). And we don’t realize it
because we’re in the moment. We’re really not used to tuning into our physiology other than how awesome the
sex is and all that stuff. But when we really take
the time to do that, do the PC muscle relaxation and
strengthening ahead of time, look into how our muscles
are reacting as we escalate, but also tune into our breathing, we really realize that all of
those things are connected. So, in terms of breathing, I’ll show you a really cool technique that will really help relax your body, your physiology, and help you tune in. But first, in order to do that, let’s talk about how you
breathe in the first place. Because if you’re like me, I was terrible from the beginning. And that, until I actually realized
what I was doing wrong, I couldn’t really gain full control. So, what I want you to do, is I want you to sit up completely, and I want you to put your
right hand on your chest and your left hand on your stomach. Now, indulge me for a
minute, and really try this. And, what I want you to do is, as you’re sitting up, I want you to take a big deep breath in through either your nose or your mouth, whatever is however you
would typically breathe, and I want you to just
make note what moves first, the hand on your chest, or the hand on your stomach? Now take a moment, and do that. And really pay attention, and see what happens for you. If you’re like me, and
70-80% of people out there, the hand that raises first
is typically your chest. Which means that you are a chest breather. But if you were to take a newborn baby and do that same test you would see that all babies actually breathe from their diaphragm,
from their stomach. Because we are naturally
born as belly breathers. Which means we can really
take a deep breath, deep into our diaphragm, which is what we naturally
should be able to do. But, with modern lifestyle, we sit around a lot, and we have lived a lot
more sedentary lifestyle. Myself I know I sit probably entirely more than I probably should. And I knew right away
after doing that test like oh wow, I completely
just shallowly breathe, right here in the top of my chest, without actually pulling all of the air all the way down into my diaphragm. And because we’re usually sat forward or crunched all the time, it becomes an unconscious action, to just get that little bit of air, just enough to survive, but not enough to really thrive, right? So, what we want to be able to do, is really pull air all
the way into our stomach. And the reason I even mention that is oftentimes we need to tune
in to how we’re breathing. Like Tontra teachers will
teach belly breathing as form of lasting longer. But the reality dictates that the reason that that works is that it actually helps us
open up our entire physiology. It relaxes the muscles of the body. It brings in more oxygen. If we’re just breathing with
the upper half of our lungs we’re not getting as much oxygen, we’re not able to relax. And if we’re not able to relax we’re not going to have
the control that we need. So the first thing is to recognize where do you default with your breathing? Do you breathe from your
diaphragm, or your chest? If you already breath from your
diaphragm, congratulations. And if you do not, that is something that you should practice while you’re having sex, is tuning into your physiology, and taking deeper breaths
from your diaphragm and relaxing your physiology
at the exact same time. Now that we tuned in to how we breathe, now let’s talk about a
really easy to do exercise that you can do, a really
easy technique I should say, to do while you’re having sex. Now this technique has
been called breath walking, I heard about it from Tony Robbins, and what do you know, it actually really works to actually really relax your physiology. It really makes your mind tune in to how your physiology is working. And you can do it without making it seem like you are doing anything strange. So, while you’re having sex, and you feel yourself escalating, and your own sensations
escalating towards ejaculation, like I said before tune in, relax your PC muscle, relax
the muscles in your body. But then, also, add this
breathing technique. Which is four breathes in, and four breathes out. Very simple. I like to do four breaths
in through my nose, so it would be like (inhaling), and then (exhaling). So that’s maybe a little bit exaggerated. I think that all of us
can probably do that without making it so
obvious that we’re doing it. Your partner’s not gonna
notice that you’re doing it. But when you’re there
in the moment with her you can tune in and do that
breath walking in and out. So it’s (inhaling) (exhaling) And the first few times that you do it maybe just sitting there, you might even feel a
little bit light headed because you’re getting so much oxygen deep into the deep part of your lungs. You want to make sure that you’re opening up your diaphragm fully and pulling that air into, you know, using your belly to breathe deeply. And what that’s gonna do is again relax your body, and
give you more control. And, just practice it a
few times on your own. But again, implement that,
while you’re having sex. And that’s gonna help you tune in, relax, not exaggerate the excitement
to your own physiology, but also not exaggerate
it to your own mind. Because that’s another part is, your state that you go into has such an influence on whether or not you’re just losing control right away or if you’re able to get to
that calm state of arousal, and enjoy it, and kinda hover
in a high state of arousal, without actually going over the edge. So, I hope that helps. And, I hope that you
also take a look at that, from the bigger picture standpoint of, it’s all the things working together, with your physiology, your state, but also, not going over
the ejaculation edge, and staggering your own arousal which I call threshold control. And I made a really cool video that shows you exactly how to do it. Virtually every guy who’s good at lasting a long time during sex does it. And you can get that video over on my blog at It’s really great, it’s a technique you can
start using immediately, and tonight. So, I hope you loved this video. Go ahead and hit the subscribe button for more content coming up. And leave me a comment, and let me know what you think. And I will see you on the next video.

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