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Mark: Hi it’s Mark Bossert from Top Local
Lead Generation. We’re here with Dr. Nicholas Jensen of Divine Elements Naturopathic Clinic
in Vancouver. We’re talking about weight loss today. How’re you doing today Dr. Nicholas? Dr. Nicholas: Doing great Mark, thanks for
having me… how’re you doing? Mark: I’m good. So we’re going to talk
about something that a lot of people need to do, including myself, a little bit weight
loss would probably help everybody. What kind of information can you share with us today
about that? Dr. Nicholas: Yeah, well doing a quick search
on Google looking for some of the factors that contributing to weight loss, it’s obvious
that our diets play a huge role in. And some of the statistics that are emerging over the
years is that there’s a constant progression of increase in the numbers of people who are
dealing and suffering from obesity. So some of the numbers I looked at showed the US population
to be around 60% or greater of the population in the state of obesity and Canadians are
a little bit healthier in that 40-60% range. And looking at graphs between the countries,
you can actually see that the US is at the top, then it’s Mexico and fourth on the
list is actually Canada. These are industrialized nations that should be top of health care
and these are the results that we’ve got. So, obesity isn’t a problem in and of itself,
and what does it really mean looking at a body mass index scale which is the height
and weight ratio that’s anything greater than 30, and extreme obesity is greater than
40. So there’s quite a few people in the population, definitely even in our patient
population that are well about this 30 range. So again, obesity in and of itself isn’t
necessarily the issue, the cause of the factors that are making it happen are part of the
problem, which is diet and exercise for the most part, toxicity also plays another huge
role. But it’s the events that are showing up because of the obesity; so the increase
in the triglycerides and some of the bad cholesterols that are clogging up our arteries are contributing
to diseases like, cardiovascular disease, stroke, thromboembolism, diabetes; making
us more prone to auto immune disorders. Basically most of the age related illnesses are going
to be worsened in people who are obese and this is staggering especially because it’s
starting to show up in our children. So it’s not just about looking good and definitely
that’s the media experience that we’re all getting is to look fit and to look thin.
It’s really about preventing illness as we get older and this is a major priority
for many people especially when these disease processes are showing up down the road. So here in our clinic, we focus on a specific
program where we’re seeing some fantastic results with patients which is a food based
or nutrition based program involving some supplementation and some staggered visits
throughout a month period – we call them B12 Metabolic Boosters. So through this program
people are losing an average of 15-20 lbs. per month, which is fantastic. One of my latest
patients that have gone through a three month program with us. She’s in her early forties,
she went through three months and she in the first month alone, she lost about 15 pounds.
Interesting to note was that about 10-12 of those pounds were in fat and she actually
gained some muscle and after the three month period, she went to a more Mediterranean style
diet – we call it the Match by the Medicine and the Anti-inflammatory diet, which we’ve
talked about before. She’s maintaining the weight and she’s still improving her muscle
mass despite not being on this program. So really what it’s doing is changing an individual’s
metabolic profile. So looking at the bigger picture, what does
that mean? It means you can have more energy, you’re going to feel better in your skin,
you’re going to feel more confident, you’re going to be more likely to put the right kinds
of food and exercise into your body; and you’re going to make better decisions and in doing
so you’re going to feel a lot better about the process you went through; because you’re
sustaining this metabolic profile after going through a series of treatment. Mark: So what sort of weight loss did she
get after the three months, did she maintain the 15 lbs.? Dr. Nicholas: Yes she maintained the 15 lbs.,
she got up to 20 lbs. total after three months and a lot of what was going on was this shifting
in her muscle mass and continually decreasing her fat mass. What are the tools we use in
the clinic to assess is called Bioimpedance Analysis which is measuring the differences
between the muscle and fat mass. So for the average Joe out there, who’s doing a weight
loss program or whatever on their own and they’re just jumping on a scale they’re
just seeing a fraction of that really important information. So this tool helps us to more
accurately assess the transition and physiology of the cellular makeup that’s actually happening
in the body and along with that, we’re also measuring waist to hip ratio’s – which I
believe she lost 4 inches on her waist and 2 inches on her hip- which is pretty significant.
So for any woman especially wanting to fit into smaller jeans or smaller clothes, or
put back on the clothes that they’ve had stored in their closet, it’s a pretty big
victory to be able to open that box again and say wow I can use these again – this is
great. Mark: And they’re back in style. So muscle
weighs quite a bit more than fat isn’t that right? Dr. Nicholas: Absolutely. It’s funny because
many people, when they’re starting on a program, they’re jumping on that scale every
day and it’s self-sabotaging because we’re purely looking at this one perimeter for weight
loss or improving metabolism. So definitely yes, muscle does weigh more than fat and without
that objective assessment looking at But most people, whenever they’re doing a detox,
or they’re doing a weight loss program they can’t help but to jump on the scale and
see how things are going and for the most part. I encourage people to just – don’t
bother looking at it for the first month at least or until we see you again and we can
reassess in the clinic. Mark: I guess the other thing I’ve learned
over the years is more muscle means you burn more calories so it becomes a positive cycle
– is that right? Dr. Nicholas: That’s absolutely correct.
There’s something on the test, which we don’t need to talk about, but it’s a basically
measuring your bodies metabolic weight and it’s called your Body Cell Mass. So if you
were to take your weight and subtract all the fat and then what you’re left with is,
what’s burning or what’s creating metabolism and another part of fat free mass which isn’t
doing a whole lot. And so when you increase this component called your body cell mass,
you’re drastically driving the increase in metabolism, and then that relays over to
lean muscle and the lean muscle feeds the cycle and that’s what helps to support your
basal metabolic rate Mark: And you burn more fat… Dr. Nicholas: Exactly Mark: So, if you’re looking for a well-researched
and proven solution then give Divine Elements a call for more details. They’ve got a free
15 minute health strategy to help you get going. You can reach them at
or give them a call 604-568-3735. Thanks Dr. Nicholas. Dr. Nicholas: Thanks so much Mark. Have a
great day. Mark: Bye

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