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Welcome to the VitaLife show. I’m doctor
Janine Bowring naturopathic doctor and thanks for
joining us today. Today we’ll be presenting a natural face mask a home
remedy a beauty face mask using natural ingredients which you may
already have in your kitchen avocados some other secret ingredients to
help with moisturizing the skin minimizing wrinkle decreasing pore size
helps with acne helping to detoxify the skin as well I’m so happy to have my daughter Alayah here with me today to help us out we always prefer to use natural
ingredients at home and we’re doing our beauty routines I think it’s important to educate our
younger ones like my daughter Alayah especially you know as their aging as well
to use more and more natural ingredients for their beauty because we
don’t want to be exposed to all those toxins and those chemicals which are
in probably ninety-eight percent of the product that we find out there so
doing this naturally is the best way to do it so let’s say hi to
Alayah so it’s great that she’s here today and so
today we’re going to do our beauty face mask so we get started Okay! so what were using in
our recipe is a half a ripe avocado as well as a
tablespoon of honey and I actually prefer an organic honey is best if you
can it has natural antibacterial effects and we’re also using are two special
secret ingredients our secret ingredients are our Hair Skin and Nails Formula from VitaTree as well as our spirulina these are great
ingredients because we can use them not only internally which we should be doing but
also externally to help with their collagen and our elastin fibers. How many capsules do we need? Well great question we use two
capsules of each so two capsules of the Hair Skin and Nails and two capsules of the spirulina so what are the
benefits of doing these beauty mask? Well number one it helps with moisturizing the
skin it contains natural antioxidant from the avocado vitamin A, Vitamin D and
natural vitamin E which is so fantastic it helps to minimize pore size helps as a
natural antibacterial because the honey can actually can help with
killing bacteria on the skin helping as well with acne so this is
really important especially you know for teenage girls if there developing these
problems as you’re going through the teen years it’s also great for helping to build the
collagen elastin because we’ve added a natural ingredients the Hair Skin and Nails Formula as well as the spiralina what’s fantastic about the spirulina is that it also helps to detoxify the skin so any of the
toxins that are just beneath the skin surface spirulina helps to get those toxins out which is helpful for acne as well if you have a eczema or psoriasis so
really don’t need just use this on the face you can use it on the other parts of the
body as well. So are you ready to get started should we mix this up. Yup! what okay so what we’re going to do
first is we’re going to take our avocado and were
gonna take a glass bowl so that we can show you
exactly what we’re doing and we’re gonna scoop this out, Alayah into our glass bowl Perfect you just scoop it out around the edge great, I’ll also help you out
so I’m going to add a tablespoon of our honey into the mix and you’re
gonna start to mash it that up with are fork I’ll also add our secret ingredients so our Hair Skin
and Nails Formula as well as our spirulina which will be
in our new formula for VitaTree in our Iron Formula
so that will be coming soon perfect and we’ll start to mash that up. Do you want to mash that up for us? perfect there we go. Just like that? Yeah perfect! Get it nice and soft so
you want to get it into a nice smooth consistent batch
you’re gonna have to stir and mash stir and mash and that’s exactly the way to do it okay that is looking
fantastic! If we take a look at that isn’t that
looking great I mean look how green that is thats so
fantastic and that’s the beautiful spirulina and that’s going to help with detoxifying our skin. So you ready
to get started. Yes. Can I do you first? Perfect! Go ahead my dear. I wonder what I’m gonna look like after
this, it’s gonna be fun So you going to want to put it
nice and evenly all over the skin. Okay, how do I look? You look like a Ninja Turtle. We love Ninja Turtles, right? Especially our little guys at home love Ninja Turtles. Okay, you ready it’s your turn I can’t wait. Ok. It’s your turn, here we go. So what you gonna do is he going to
paint this on Just like Alayah did so beautifully
on me avoiding the eye area and you’ll leave it on for about 20
minutes you can do it you know certainly longer if you like you’re going to cover the entire face
and.. What I do suggest when you are
resting as this is drying on your face is to use a towel on your pillow or wherever we may be lying down so
that you’re not getting this green mask Scream mask all over your furniture and then you’re
going to rinse it off with some warm water after
your 20 min Alright there you go, that was beautiful Alayah I bet you can’t wait to see yourself
You gonna look just like me just like a Ninja Turtle so lets right at the camera is that awesome I know your younger brother Mika will love this video Thanks for joining us today I hope that
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especially for not using natural beauty products which I hope that you will be after watching this video so thanks very
much thank you miss Alayah Lets say BYE!

13 thoughts on “How to Make an Avocado Beauty Face Mask : Home Remedy Face Mask – Beauty Buzz – Episode 157

  1. Never thought of adding the honey, I usually just use avocado, banana, olive oil, and then squeeze some fresh orange juice in. Honey sounds like it would be good for my dry skin, I'll try it out ! Thanks for the great tips 🙂

  2. your daughter is adorable!  videos are great but one thing that needs improvement is the background music…it seems to be all over the place.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your videos and the great information you provide. You're very inspiring. Love the mother/daughter segments. She's a beauty and so polite. You can tell that she is a loved child. I didn't understand the comment about the music. It's so subtle and did not detract from the video's message in any way. It proves that you can't please everyone. Many blessings to you and your family.

  4. Going to try this mask and share my thoughts later. Maybe I missed it, but how often? and looking forward to learning more about your product.

  5. Can I just say how beautiful your daughter is!! I love videos with her in them… They help me a lot! Thx for the tips 🙂

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