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how to make hair grow in bald spots what do Bruce Willis Vin Diesel LL Cool J Dwayne the rock Johnson Patrick Stewart John Malkovich and Charles Barkley have in common that’s right a bald head you may also be delighted to notice that this state of hairlessness has not made them look any less masculine or attractive than others of the male population with a full head of hair but what if the follicular issue comes in patches creating those embarrassing hairless spots on your head in this case you can either go for a full shave like the above mentioned celebrities did or you can follow these tips on how to make hair grow in bald spots 1 a natural alternative would be to use natural ingredients to stimulate hair growth you can mix a tablespoon of castor oil pure unfiltered flaxseed oil pure almond oil 2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil extra virgin olive oil and up to 10 drops of peppermint oil eat this concoction in a pan making sure that the flame is on low don’t heat it until the oil is smoking aim to warm the oil just enough not to burn your fingers when you touch it to dip your fingers into the mixture and apply it all over your scalp you can also use a medicine dropper or hair color mixer brush to apply the mix oil x’ if either of these makes the process easier for you 3 massage the oil into your scalp for about 5 to 10 minutes to ensure absorption store the excess oil in a clean dry place or in the chiller then leave the oils on your scalp for at least 3 hours to about 2 days the latter is feasible if you won’t be leaving the house for the next few days you can also leave it on overnight just see to it that you cover your head with a hair cap or drape a towel on your pillow to avoid getting the oil all over your pillows also frequent massages on your scalp helped to boost circulation and promote hair growth for helping your body function efficiently is another way to encourage growth in bald spots as such eating nutritious and well-balanced diet sleep at least seven hours per day minimize or avoid smoking and drinking and exercise to aid your body and functioning optimally which encourages efficient hair growth as well you can take supplements for this purpose to biotin keratin supplements iron vitamin b-complex vitamin D and vitamin C all help encourage hair growth five applying minoxidil Rogaine or some other hair growing product may help your bald patch disappear before application your hair and scalp should be clean and thoroughly dry to ensure optimal absorption but only the prescribed amount as advised by your doctor or per the instructions that came with a product never shampoo your hair until at least four hours after application however you should wash your hands right after applying this medication let the solution dry on your scalp for two to four hours six anthro land is another hair-growing alternative this medicine has a tar-like appearance and is applied on the scalp and left there for 20 minutes to an hour the solution is then rinsed off to keep dermal layers from getting irritated seven steroid injections can also jump start the production of hair in your bald spots you will need to see your dermatologist for this procedure eight if you’re not against more radical methods a hair transplant may help you eliminate the bald patches and make those areas grow hair aside from these tips on how to grow here in bald spots you can also consider using tinted hair sprays to disguise the patches while you’re still growing out new hair in those spots

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