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today we are going to see how juice is extracted from winter melon to get a beverage which has immense health benefits we call it petha in india. among its other names are ash gourd, white gourd and white pumpkin usually it is a large vegetable & fruit. the one we have here is small, about 2.5 kilos in weight to make juice always buy immature petha we have washed the petha well & then wiped it dry cut the petha into two almost equal halves. one we will use to make juice & the other half we will use to make halwa ( sweet dish) later the halves will weigh about 1.250 kilos each keep aside one half petha to make juice first peel away the green skin slice into pieces then remove the seeds & the net like pulp the seeds are embedded in chop the pulp into small pieces extract juice in a juicer or grind all the pieces in a grinder. do not add any water. you can also grate the pulp manually & extract the juice you can also grate the pulp manually & extract the juice if you do not have a grinder at hand the petha is ground. transfer to a muslin cloth in batches & squeeze to extract the juice discard the pulp here we have the extracted petha juice. we got about 600 ml of juice from about 1.25 kilos of petha drink this juice on empty stomach early morning everyday, about 200-250 ml, and do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours thereafter for maximum health benefit drink the juice in sips. it may take a while but this is the best way to drink it. remember not to mix anything to the juice within days you will start feeling much better do try it & share your feedback if you like the recipe please share the video & subscribe to our channel. thanks for watching

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  1. I get cold very fast n often , I get cold if I don’t dry my hair n fell sick, mom day ash Gaurd is very cold item I should not eat it , wht I suggest me

  2. Hello Sir how many days should i consume at a stretch for weightloss? Can i Add lemon juice to this ? Or do u suggest to have it as it is

  3. Sir kya isko weight gain wale nahi pee sakte h iske dusre faydo ke liye. Aur bina chane pee sakte h kya.Pls suggest me

  4. Sir kya hm isme nimbu ar kala namak mila sakte h ?
    Usse koi prblm to nhi hogi kya tab bhi ye juice faeda karega?

  5. very informatory, Safed Petha or Ash gourd widely used in Ayurveda to make a person healthy and cure 100 diseases as discussed here: Safed Petha Cures Acidity

    If you have acidity problem prepare juice of ash gourd and consume it empty stomach after adding a small amount of asafetida (Hindi: Heeng) to get relief from acidity. You can consume such Ash gourd drink in the evening also means twice a day to alkaline your body properly. To cont… click –

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