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Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, nutritionist and founder
of Today, I’m going to be talking to you about how to overcome Vitamin D deficiency.
Listen, the chances that you are Vitamin D deficient are very, very high. In this video I’m going to talk about how
to overcome Vitamin D deficiency with diet, lifestyle, along with some lifestyle things
that you really want to make sure that you’re not doing. And so we’ll get all that into
this video in just a short amount of time, and I’ll make it through how to overcome Vitamin
D deficiency. So for starters, let’s talk about the importance
of Vitamin D and how Vitamin D benefits your body. First off, Vitamin D is a prohormone. So it’s
essential for balancing the hormones in your body. Also, it’s a fat soluble vitamin so
it’s important for supporting the brain as well as your bones and neurological tissue. We know some warning signs that you’re Vitamin
D deficient or if you struggle with any type of mood disorder, like depression, anxiety,
or bipolar disorder. Those are all warning signs that you’re Vitamin D deficient. If you struggle with any type of autoimmune
disease, like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Grave’s disease, lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue,
arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome. Those are all warning signs that you are Vitamin
D deficient. If you struggle with any sort of weak bones
or weak muscles, osteoporosis is a big warning sign that you are Vitamin D deficient. And
poor immune function, if you tend to get sick more easily than others or you feel like you’re
getting sick all the time, that’s another big warning sign that you have a Vitamin D
deficiency. And so, again, obviously you can tell there’s
a lot of things that have been linked to Vitamin D issues. Even cancer, heart disease, and
diabetes have been linked to a Vitamin D deficiency. So in order to overcome a Vitamin D deficiency,
let’s talk about why you’re deficient in the first place, and really the biggest starter
is you’re inside too much and you’re not getting enough sunlight. Now, especially when we move into times of
year where you’re not getting much sun, maybe you live up north, or you are indoors all
the time. That’s a big warning sign. We should all be getting about 20-30 minutes of direct
sunlight a day, and when you’re getting that sun, actually, just 20 minutes of sunlight
is the equivalent of getting 20,000 IUs of Vitamin D. And the average person should be getting about
5,000 IUs of Vitamin D a day, 5,000 IUs a day, and most of us even in the summer months
aren’t getting enough Vitamin D because we’re indoors all the time, we’re wearing a lot
of clothing. We’re wearing sunscreen which actually blocks
you from actually absorbing Vitamin D. So really the first step in overcoming a Vitamin
D deficiency is getting outside more. Even in the winter months if you can get a little
sunlight on your face, a little bit on your arms, even getting outside 20 minutes a day
in the winter is great. And then especially in the spring, fall, and
summer when you can be wearing a sleeveless shirt, getting outside, going on a walk 20
minutes a day will make a massive difference. Just that along will get you your daily Vitamin
D. Now the next step in increasing your Vitamin
D is getting it through the foods you eat, and your highest food sources of Vitamin D
are wild caught fish, like salmon. Number two is raw fermented dairy products,
like raw cheeses, kefir, and yogurt. After that it’s going to be egg yolks and then mushrooms.
And so you can see from those food sources, none of those are vegan or vegetarian except
for mushrooms. And so if you are a vegan or vegetarian you
definitely want to make sure you’re getting sunlight, but again those are some great food
sources of Vitamin D, and wild caught salmon, raw fermented dairy, mushrooms, and egg yolks
are great sources. And last but not least, taking a quality Vitamin
D-3 supplement. Now Vitamin D-2 two is the synthetic form. You want to stay away from
these cheap Vitamin D supplements and take a high quality Vitamin D supplement in Vitamin
D-3. And so for most of my patients, I’ve recommended
5,000 IUs daily, and if you have a severe deficiency 5,000 IUs, two-times daily. Now for somebody that’s younger, younger in
age typically children, they recommend 400 IUs daily. For teenagers around 2,000 IUs
daily when it comes to supplemental doses, but again you want to consult with your physician
on that. But make sure you’re getting plenty of Vitamin D. It is probably the number one
deficiency that people have today is a Vitamin D deficiency. And you can actually get testing done to see
if you’re Vitamin D deficient. Just simply go online and search Vitamin D test kit, and
you’ll see it’s around $50. You can actually test to see where your Vitamin D levels are,
and they should be above 50 IUs or 50 when they test your levels to see exactly where
you are at in terms of your Vitamin D levels. And so, again, if you want to overcome a Vitamin
D deficiency and boost your immune system, boost your bone health, improve your energy,
help your cells start functioning better, number one get 20 minutes of direct sunlight
a day. Number two, add in some of those Vitamin D
foods. Number three, take a quality Vitamin D supplement those days that you’re not in
the sunlight, 5,000 IUs a day. If you do that, it’s going to help you greatly overcome a
Vitamin D deficiency. Hey, if you want to learn more about Vitamin
D, check out my website, That’s I’ve got an article on there on
how to naturally overcome Vitamin D deficiency along with a test kit and other information
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best. Hey guys, this has been Dr. Axe talking about
how to overcome a Vitamin D deficiency.

83 thoughts on “How to Naturally Overcome Vitamin D Deficiency

  1. very useful video,infact I am suffering from vitamin D deficiency,was worried about sun tan,now decided to get exposed to sun early in the morning without sunscreen.

  2. I just got my test results back and my doctor said I should take vitamin D 25 hydroxy, what is the difference? I was trying to get my hormones tested but they said they are normal. Trying to figure our why I am always tired and sleepy, I try to do my daily work, but I if I could I would sleep all day. Its a constant drowsy, sleepy feeling. Any suggestions?

  3. I think that sunlight is your best bet for getting your vitamin D and testosterone if you need it. Vitamin D is a hormone that your body benefits from.

    However people should be careful with the D3 supplement. It can often have some nasty side effects like dry mouth and headache! If you are severely deficient on it then it may be ok to supplement yourself with it but I would recommend getting it from sunlight if you can.

    I discussed this before in a video and I'll do a followup on this so people can know this and treat these systems if they are having a bad reaction to Vitamin D (D3) supplements. They need to monitor their levels properly.

  4. You MUST take Vitamin K2 with a Vitamin D3 supplement!! It is very dangerous and irresponsible of you to recommend vitamin D3 without vitamin K2! You must also add Magnesium along with a Vitamin D3 supplement. Another doctor giving poor advice!

  5. Just like anything else you should only supplement in small moderations. Your not going to die from taking D2 or D3 as long as you don't put so much in your body to toxify. I've taken D3 for years at 2000 IUs about three times a week and feel way better than I did before I was a little deficient . I also take Carlson fish oil with Omega about the same three times a week and I swear by it. I live in the North east and cannot stand fish products to eat so I supplement that's just me. About 6 months out of the year there is not nearly enough sunlight that can affect us over here to give us our vitamin D we need. I did start off taken 5000 Iu at first when my levels climbed to normal that's when i went down to 2000. Maybe in future will go down to 1000 iu's because it really makes me feel great. Don't listen to any of these people saying that it's going to kill you it's impossible unless you're taking a large amount at least 5 days a week I would say for a long time. If anybody has a question I can try to answer set the mind at ease because. I've been on them for a while. On a side note if you are in an area in the south or out west where you got tons of sunlight there really is no reason to supplement unless you have that much deficiency. Cheers.

  6. I live in the north east of England and we very rarely get warm weather or much sunlight especially during winter and fall.

  7. None of those are vegen or vegetarian exept mushroom?? Hello eggs is vegetarian I've been a vegetarian for my whole entire 24 years of life and had eggs for as long as I can remember.

  8. So I live in Washington state a exept in June- August we don’t really get direct sun light so how do you over come vitamin D deficiency without a supplement I don’t like popping any pills or anything in pill from I don’t get enough from what I eat and I eat all the things you talked about except salmon because I don’t like fish

  9. I’m really confused and not sure what to do
    There is no sun and so can’t sit in it and now there is all this info about cholechepherol being poison and killing rats and it’s in all the supplements
    So what are we supposed to do ?
    Can you help sort this confusion please Dr Ax?

  10. I live in Perth Australia, and I had a friend in high school who said he was prescribed vitamin d supplements. I just laughed to myself and said FUCKING GO OUTSIDE!!!

  11. hi doctor iam from africa and all year in sun light but recently found that my vitamine d level is 27 what can cause that

  12. Hello, Dr. Axe! I just recently started watching some of your videos because I want to lose weight and I'm mainly concerned about being healthy and eating healthy.
    I was vitamin D deficient three years ago so my doctor told me to take vitamin D3 pills ( supplements ). I have recently started taking vitamin D two times a day ( in the morning 3 pills of 2000 IU and at night one pill of 5000 IU ). I have also been eating and drinking ( most of the time ) mushrooms, salmon, fortified orange juice. One reason I'm concerned about it is I want to life weights to gain more muscle mass and lose weight. I'm worried that I won't grow muscles properly unless I have enough vitamin d in my body. Also, can one overdose ( take too much vitamin d ) on vitamin d where it will hurt a person ( a man )?
    I have worked out in the past and had good results for the most part, but I'm wondering if I could have gained more muscle had I been consuming more vitamin d and getting more sun? I don't think I was deficient in vitamin d years ago, though.

    Thanks for your videos. I plan on watching many more.

  13. Thanks for your information I have severe VIT D3 and doctor recommend pills and I take it 50000 every week since 3 years but my condition is not better I am 43 years old can u please tell me what time is best or sun light I am in usa houston thanks please I am waiting for ur reply

  14. I did a blood test for Vitamin D and it is less than 8.1 ng/ml. I have all symptoms that you mentioned. Should I take medication or daily exposure to sunlight is enough? Thank you Dr Axe for the very informative video.

  15. vitamin d supplements are very dangerous to your health check out John McDougall. Also How exactly can vitamin d survive cooking?

  16. Great im always outside… The reason why Japanese live long is they are outside digging in their vegetable plots til way over 100 years old and eat the fresh vegetables and make veggie pickles too… I love being in my vegetable garden here in Japan… I seldom use sun screen too…

  17. i m 39 years old lady.also a lupas patient.i hv vit d deficiency.i cant tolerate sunlight.because of severe headache.i hv osteoporosis.i m worried.shanta.

  18. well I live in Dubai and I get a lot of sun but still, my Vitamine D value was 22.6 ng/mL I also eat a lot of eggs daily

  19. I have stomach problems (like cramps), and all my ulcer, polyps, precancerous reports were negative, the only thing was very low VitD3, idk if this deficiency and my stomach pain are interrelated…any suggestions?

  20. Vitamin D-3, cholecalciferol, is not a vitamin, but a statin drug. It is the only active ingredient in rat and mouse poison (0.0075% Cholecalciferol). It liberates calcium from the bones (and elsewhere) causing organ failure. In humans it causes bone loss. Doctors know heart disease is caused by calcium "shards" damaging the artery wall which attracts calcium buildup leading to artery blockage. I say the calcium shards are cause by the D-3 induced bone loses leading to micro chunks of bone floating free. Doctors claim these shards are already in the milk you drink caused by homogenizing process. If that were true, then they would never make it into the blood stream, but remain with the solid matter and be expelled in the feces. An ideal substitute for D-3 is K-2 which you can get from fermented vegetable dishes common to the Orient and sauerkraut, a German dish. K-2 is selective where it liberates; D-3 is not. Some docterors recommend K-2 with D-3. but the more powerful D-3 destroys the K-2 and continues on damaging bones, heart and brain. My father was on heavy dose K-3 and broke his foot just by standing on tip-toe to reach something on a top shelf. (Didn't loose balance or twist his foot). This can only be an indication of bone loss.

  21. Jst found out im deficient in vitamin D.
    I eat 2 cooked eggs per day
    Paprika spring onions handful of tomotos for the past 6 to 7 mouths. and here in uk theres been very hot summer with is not normal for the uk. Im always sitting in the sun But im deficient makes no sense

  22. This body doesn't like mushroom, perhaps if I were sufficiently in touch with the inner dimension I could appreciate the mushrooms

  23. this guy isn't a doctor, and nutritionist isn't a legally protected term. Dietician is. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. Take this man with a grain of salt.

  24. Hello Dr, thanks for you videos. Am taking 50, 000 IU once a week named Hi Dee for vitamin D Deficiency is good enough

  25. Hello Dr, thanks for the video about vitamin D Deficiency. Few days ago I checked by blood and found I am short of vitamin D. I am given 50,000 IU once a week. Is it a good medicine?

  26. I've been taking a high quality vitamin D3 supplement. I have a long history of staying indoors…

    I feel way better and it makes me horny lol

  27. Just a suggestion I heard it, not sure it is true or not, If u r body is not observing d efficiently, just rub u r body with coconut oil and stand in sun for 5-10 mins. One more method(very old method) take mushrooms dry it in sunlight for 4-5 days and eat them during winter after soaking in water. U can avoid tablets.

  28. Sunshine? Dr Axe not everyone lives in San Diego. Between work and cold, rainy, overcast NH weather I'm lucky if I get 1 hr outdoors a week in the winter. I take d3/k2 combo 5000IU daily during November-April.

  29. Is it true that the D3 we are supplementing with is the same ingredient as is used in mouse poison? Cholecalciferol

  30. Hi dr Josh i have a deficiency of 35 nmol ( should be 50 according the lab). I wake up everymorning like a trainwreck, i feel tired many times during the day and after diner i often fall in extreme sleep and waking up somewhat later feeling weird. I have this warm sensation around my head and warm hands fingers. are these all normal symptoms? I take a 75mcg capsule d3 a day. hope you can give me some advice

  31. hello doctor, i would like to ask if i put on sunscreen will it effect the absorption of uvb, if yes will it cause significant effect

  32. The more vitamin D you get from the sun the quicker you will die.
    Sun accelerates aging. Cold temperatures slow down aging.
    Harmful UV radiation from the sun is the major cause of premature ageing, sunburn, eye damage, and skin damage leading to skin cancer. Countries get the most sun on their skin live the shortest.
    In general countries get the most vitamin D from the sun they have the shortest lifespan, most corrupt, most poverty, most at war, most uneducated, most diseases, most famine, poorest hygiene, most dirty streets, most dirty water, most dirty air, most colonized.
    For example: Haiti, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Congo, Somalia, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Mozambique, Cameroon, Kenya, Zambia, Mauritania, Myanmar, Chad, India, Niger, Uganda, Sudan, Togo, Guinea, Maldives, Lesotho, Angola, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Liberia, Rwanda, Yemen, Tanzania, Central African Republic, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Namibia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, East Timor Madagascar, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Angola, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea Gabon Zambia Malawi Mauritius Mayotte Mozambique Reunion Rwanda Seychelles Tanzania Uganda, Solomon Islands, Djibouti,Guinea- Bissau , Eritrea, Gambia, Kiribati, Loipemi, Lesotho Rwanda, São Tomé and Príncipe, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Zambia, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Indonesia, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil
    Nauru, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Federated States of Micronesia, Swaziland

  33. I just found out my vitamin D-3 is insufficient, and I think it is from donating plasma. Last time, my Vitamin D-3 levels were checked was 2 years ago, before I started donating plasma and my levels were normal.

  34. This was really good! As of late, I have been using liposomal vitamin D. It is a liquid form and works super well.

  35. To get vitamin D from the sun, does a person need to be in direct sunlight? Or would being in a somewhat shaded area work?

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