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The next part of rubbing the right foot, is
to actually pull the foot up and out. And just go ahead and lay it down on your foot
rest. You may actually need to pull your foot rest forward, a little. Go a little more lotion.
And this time, you’re actually going to lift up the foot. Hold it up and rub the Achilles
tendon, in the back of the foot. Make sure you get in there good. If you have nails,
you may need to use your knuckle of your other hand. Rather not, you’re using this other
hand mainly for support. Just go all the way at the top and the bottom. You want to go
where it attaches out on both sides. Then just rub the ball of the foot, real good.
Then just, as you rub it just gently pull down. And then just go ahead and sit it back
on the foot rest. If their leg seems too heavy, you can always put it on the foot rest. Then
just rub with your fingers. Like this, on both sides. But try to hold it up in the air.
That way, you can get a slight tug going in the same time. And that is how you rub the
Achilles tendon of the right foot.

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