Taking Charge of Your Health

You know how this should be positioned. The base of the neti pot should move up like this Right.. notice .. like this.. It shouldn’t happen that you are moving the base upwards but the tip of the pot isn’t going down So generally it happens that the entire hand moves up .. only the base should move upwards ya.. correct now how to keep your head One Two Got it ? One Two.. at an angle One Two .. Now you see from the other side I’ll do it from my right nostril .. see from this side So this is what we need to do .. one Two .. mouth should be open and insert the tip in your nostril water will start flowing from the other nostril .. see ok notice .. water is flowing from the other nostril correct .. ya .. it will flow from the other side now from the other side if the nasal passage is clear will flow Which ever way possible Sometime water can flow from your mouth as well .. ok

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