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Gout! It affects 1 in 40 people in the UK and it can be extremely painful if you haven’t heard of gout, well not to worry it’s basically a type of arthritis which causes little crystals to form inside and outside the joints which can cause severe attacks of pain and swelling the joints affected are usually the foot, knee, hand and wrist And especially the big toe, men are more commonly affected than women and if you get it, it needs treatment with medication so this week’s video came to me after a patient asked me what they can do to reduce their likelihood of getting another gout attack in the future so as always please help spread this video like, share and tag a friend who will find this information useful now let’s begin tip number one! reduce the amount of food that you eat which are rich in purines and if that makes no sense then here’s some information to help purines are a type of protein and our bodies break these down into something called uric acid which is basically a waste product and if your uric acid levels are high for prolonged periods needle like structures can begin to form inside and around joints which can eventually lead to gout attacks in fact diets rich in purines cause a five-fold increase in further gout attacks so to see which foods are high and low in purines and as well as eating healthy at the same time there’s a great little guide on it which I’ve put the link in the description below so definitely, definitely check it out at the end of this video tip number two! sugar sweetened soft drinks high in fructose can cause a build up of uric acid so try your best to avoid them in fact a recent study showed that having two sugar sweetened soft drinks a day increased the risk of gout by massive 85% that’s a pretty amazing stat but the good news for all the soft drink lovers out there is that drink labeled diet or containing artificial sweeteners were not found to increase the risk of gout tip number three! vitamin C supplements there’s conflicting evidence on taking this and it protecting you from gout some studies show that it reduces the risk and some studies show that it has no effect but I do see patients who swear by it, so if you do want to take some I’d recommend you speak to your pharmacist, nurse practitioner or GP about it as you might be getting enough in your diet tip number four! Get to a healthy weight approximately 50% of gout sufferers are overweight and a healthy weight can reduce uric acid levels and gout attacks but avoid any type of crash dieting as this can actually increase levels of uric acid and gout attacks instead go for a combination of physical activity and healthy eating tip number five! drinking alcohol raises uric acid levels which can cause gout so try to cut down your alcohol consumption and if you can try and have two alcohol-free days per week to help prevent an attack remember men and women are advised to drink no
more than 14 units of alcohol per week and I’ve also left a link in the description below which gives you more information about alcohol and measuring units and lastly tip number six! make sure to drink plenty of water about two litres a day which is about 8-10 glasses I also made a video all about water and hydration so if you’ve got time feel free to check it out the link is in the description below and that’s it for this week’s video as always please help spread the word like, share and tag friends who will find this information useful hey guys thanks for watching if you haven’t already hit that follow or subscribe button now to get more videos

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  1. Just a few notices:
    1) Decrease the volume of the music a bit
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    3) Use visual aid

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  6. unsweetened cherry juice is really good for relieving gout. thanks for your enthusiastic and informative videos and bloopers. laugher is a great medicine!

  7. Potassium. I've been taking it since my last gout attack in my hand. It was swollen and painful. The Potassium seems to reduce swelling. Potassium reduces acidity. Most people are potassium deficient.

    "Many gout sufferers claim to have cured or regulated their gout with potassium supplements, as well as potassium bicarbonate ( a colorless, odorless and salty substance) dissolved in juice or sprinkled in food is also a safe and effective way to help with your gout…"

  8. Informative Video. The ancient science of Ayurveda treats high uric acid with herbs. Planet Ayurveda offers Navkarshik Churna for lowering down uric acid levels naturally.

  9. Curcumin 95, people. Saved my life. Turmeric Curcuminoids are the deathblow of uric acid crystals in the joints. I suffered from bi-weekly to weekly gout attacks for years until my Cardiologist suggested Curcumin 95 to me. That was 5 years ago and I havent had a single gout attack since.

  10. Thank you for this – really good video and an interesting point about weight loss – I hadn't heard that one. I had bad gout in my knees last year as I was losing weight – towards the end of a cycle where I lost 10kg but I thought it had been caused by beer (although I am a very light drinker – most 2 nights a week and rarely more than 2 drinks). I just started dieting again and it is back but this time in my feet. I thought it was down to the 2 pints I had on one night but now I think, it's more likely to be weight loss.

  11. I'm sick of these tips saying everything is bad for gout so eat and drink nothing. This is not a solution. There is no cure to gout or anything to reduce uric acid.

  12. I had gastric bypass on december 10th. This caused a ton of flareups for me. Since I could not longer take a prescription anti-inflammatory, I started taking allopurinol. After taking it for almost three months, i was still getting flareups. So I started taking Turmeric Curcumin (twice a day). I was still getting flareups. I then started taking Potassium Citrate (three times a day). I have been free of grout for a solid month, while taking all three of them. I am still on my rapid weight loss phase of my surgery (I average about 3 to 4 pounds a week). Just an FYI in case it helps anyone else. 🙂

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  15. Yeah, this must be what I have! Watched a few videos and it appears I have gout! Came outta nowhere, only affects my big toe (just the left one) I didn't bang or stub my toe (I'd know if I did) and it REALLY hurts like hell. I never touch soda. I rarely drink alcohol. I eat very little red meat and I'm not overweight! At least I made it to the ripe age of 59 before my first bout w'da gout, but I'm still a little pissed! This sucks! I can barely walk!! I woke up with it yesterday. It got worse as the day went on and It actually made it hard to fall asleep last night, it hurt so much! WTHell?? I gotta do SOMETHING if this doesn't clear up. I can't live like this. I always felt so bad for others who got this, and now it looks like I GOT IT?? yyeww! Just the name: "GOUT"!! It sounds disgusting!

  16. I couldn't put my shoes on my feet as I had Gout on my right foot. I used to wear sandals or slippers to the office, I know it is an embarrassing act. It used to happen time & again. One day I decided to curb it. I went straight to Planet Ayurveda they gave me Gout Care Pack and some dietary tips that I followed precisely, which made the Gout vanish within a few days, since then it has never recurred.

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  18. Does spirulina helps in reduce gout as a daily suplement? Which is better, powder or tablet? My brother have gout on his toe, heel and knee (swollen). Had consult with doc, doc said the built-in uric acid caused by poor filtration of kidney (weak) and overweight. By the way, Thanks for the information and feedback

  19. you talk to fast i can't understand., plus the music background is too loud.

    nexttime please talk slow and decrease the volume of your music.. thank you

  20. I am eating Sprouted seeds for weightloss from 6 months onwards,I also had severe knee pain,is it good for me?(Sprouted seeds)

  21. Can gout cause swelling in the entire foot and not just one area? I have no clear lumps on my foot as most pictures show. My doctor said I may have gout, however it is on the outside of my foot closer to my small toe. I have had this pain for 6 ish weeks, and I am slightly overweight.

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