Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi, my name is Brittney Kara and I am a wife
and a mother. I’m married to a fireman, his name is Kellen, he’s a fire fighter paramedic,
and we have three children, Kayla is 8, Kelsey is 4, and little Beau, our son is 5 months
old. I’m an author and speaker, entrepreneur, I run a home-based business through a company
called Isagenix and we specialize in nutrition and cleansing, detoxification. I’ve been a
natural health advocate for many, many years since I was probably about 16 years old. It
is my goal and my joy and my purpose to educate others about how to be healthy and to provide
that lifestyle for my family and my children everyday. Kayla, my oldest, she’s my rock, she takes
care of everything for me. If I need help with the other little ones, she helps me.
She does amazing in school. She’s in a high gifted ability program in a local school here
and she does very, very well in her academics. She’s an artist. She loves to draw. She’s
a dancer. She just got accepted into our local dance company. She’s going to be competing
in dance now, which she’s very excited about. Then Kelsey is my middle one, she’s my little
spitfire, she’s got just a lot of energy and a lot of creativity and a little bit of stubbornness,
but she gets that from me, so I like that fire in her. She loves to draw. She loves
fashion and shoes and taking care of her little brother, and just being a little four year
old. Then Beau is our youngest, he’s our son and
he’s kind of a miracle baby for me, because we weren’t going to try to have another one
and then we decided we wanted to. My husband really wanted a boy so badly and we just prayed
about it and we got him naturally, no sorts of intervention in that area. We just prayed
and God gave us a son. He’s wonderful. He’s a good sleeper and he’s so bright and smiley
and beautiful. It was interesting for me because I raised two girls and then to have a boy,
I wasn’t sure how that was going to be and I’m just madly, madly in love with him. He’s
so much fun. I do a lot of things to keep my family healthy.
It’s my number one goal and drive every single day, is to reduce my children’s toxic exposure.
All my friends tease me and I’ve always been that natural, geeky, organic, healthy mom,
but I think it’s really important. We look at everything that comes in to our home, whether
it’s what we clean the floors with and the detergents we use to wash their clothes, we
look at the ingredients of that, to what goes into their body. We do all organic, non-GMO products in our
home. We cleanse regularly. We do a lot of whole foods. We do supplements. We do oils.
We do homeopathic medicines. If they’re ever sick we use homeopathy. We go outside. We
go outside. We’re at the beach a lot. My kids get a lot of sun and the other thing that
I do, is I really try to teach my kids about why they should or shouldn’t eat certain foods.
They’ve never been to a drive through. They’ve never eaten fast food. They don’t even really
know what McDonald’s is. Then the last thing that we do that’s really important to me to
keep our kids healthy is we do not vaccinate. I stopped vaccinating because I started to
do some really in-depth research at the vaccine industry, and to be honest, I really didn’t
even ever want to start vaccinating because I was such a natural organic health advocate
already. At the time my focus was primarily in research of GMOs and food labeling laws
and what was happening in that. When I got pregnant it was just a natural progression
for me to look at what was also in vaccines, because I looked at ingredients in every other
facet of our life, why would I not choose to look at the ingredients that are being
injected into my baby? With our oldest, I was really apprehensive.
I knew I didn’t want the Hepatitis B vaccine, I thought that was just ridiculous. I wasn’t
really sure, and at the time my husband was still very much pro-vaccine, so it was an
argument for a couple of years, to be honest. He’s exposed to really sick people at work
and he’s been trained in the medical field. He’s a very, very bright person, so we would
just kind of go back and forth and what we decided was with our oldest we were going
to do a delayed schedule. We were going to try to not do any vaccines until the first
year of life and we were just going to do the DTaP to start. Then we got pressure by
our pediatrician to start a little earlier and so we did, and we started Kayla on her
first rounds of Dtap and she had instant reactions. I mean, I’m a mom so when people say, “Parents
don’t know better than their doctor,” that’s such a lie because we’re with our children
24/7. We know every freckle, every speck on their body, we know how they breathe at night,
we know what they … everything. We look at everything because we’re obsessed with
them, it’s our baby that we created. I saw an immediate change in her immune system and
she got her first and only ear infection, followed by her first and only round of antibiotics.
That was enough for me to stop and I told my husband, “We’re stopping. I don’t want
to do anymore.” At that point, you guys, I was really still scared. I was scared of disease.
I wasn’t sure if we were going to keep vaccinating or not, but I just knew I needed to learn
more. I really dug in deep and I started to research and research and research. Then my second daughter was born and again,
I didn’t want her to have any vaccines and we went in for our well-baby check-up at four
months, and the doctor and the pediatrician … The pediatrician and the nurse really
bullied me, and at the time I was dealing with a personal health crisis. My best friend
was dying from cancer, she was about two weeks away from the time that she actually passed.
I knew that she was dying and I was just not in a very strong mindset. My husband was at
work, he’d been gone for a couple of days and I took our little one in for her check-up,
and they basically pinned me in a corner and said, “You’re a bad mom because you’re not
giving your daughter her shots, and what’s the matter with you?” They gave me this horrific form to sign saying
that I was basically putting my daughter’s life at risk by not choosing to vaccinate
that day, and so I said, “Fine, just give me the DTaP.” We’ll just do one DTaP because
I just felt so bullied and so pressured and I remember sitting there holding back tears
and not wanting to do it. They came in with the needle and I still remember it going into
her leg, and I still remember the feeling in my gut and wishing that I hadn’t, I would
have stood my ground. We walked out of there and she screamed for, it felt like an entire
day, but she, from that point on developed a sleep disorder. She didn’t sleep for the
first 14 months of her life. It took me about a year after we started sleeping, for me to
figure out that it was really from the vaccine that she got. What was interesting was when we switched
pediatricians and I pulled her medical records, I had asked for the DTaP vaccine and written
in her charts was the Hib. They gave me a vaccine that I never had asked for. It was
a completely different vaccine and I know that that was the reason why she didn’t sleep
for the first 14 months of her life. I don’t need a doctor to confirm it. I don’t need
medical data. I’m her mom, I saw it happened. I saw her shift. She would be pain screaming
for hours and I can’t even imagine what would have happened to our precious little girl
had we continued to vaccinate. With our third child, absolutely not. We declined
the Vitamin K shot at birth, which I will tell you my girls got because I didn’t know
better. I even had my Natural Bradley Health Coach tell me that it’s just a vitamin and
they absolutely needed to have it. I didn’t question it. I just did the Vitamin K shot
at birth with both my girls, which I completely regret now, because I know so much more about
it. There’s Polysorbate 80, there’s aluminum, and a lot of the different brands, and it’s
completely unnecessary. With Beau, our youngest we declined that at
the hospital and an interesting story, we kind of got into an altercation with one of
the pediatricians about it. He basically told me that I was a bad parent again, and that
my baby was going to die of a brain hemorrhage and don’t come crying to him when that happen.
I actually told him to get out of my hospital room, because one, he wasn’t our doctor, he
was just a random doctor that came to check on us. Over the course of all these experiences,
during that time when I was still trying to figure it out for myself, I just devoured
vaccine research. I would spend hours and hours and hours and I still do, to this day
you will find me on a weekend reading medical journals, reading vaccine injury stories,
connecting with parents about vaccine injuries. I’m 100% okay with not vaccinating for multitude
of reasons. The first reason being that a healthy immune system doesn’t come from vaccines.
I’ll explain that in a minute, but number two, historically looking, when I started
to dig into the research of the history of vaccines, I was floored because we’ve all
been told the same thing, “Vaccines are safe and effective. They made diseases decline.
They save millions of lives.” When I really looked into it, I found not only was that
not true, but it was the complete opposite because vaccines harm and damage, maim and
kill way more people than they’ve ever, ever helped, if any at all. I truly believe that every single person that’s
ever been vaccinated is in fact vaccine injured on some level, because their immune system
has been disrupted, and we do know that vaccines alter DNA. We’ve started this whole process
of altering our genetic make-up by injecting these foreign chemicals and additives and
preservatives, all these things into our bodies. I’m okay with not vaccinating because immunity
comes from natural immunity. If my children get chicken pox or they get measles, they’re
going to have life-long immunity. Do I want my children to have those diseases
and be sick? No, nobody wants to spread disease and nobody wants to see someone that they
love be sick, but if they get those things we’re going to treat them naturally. We’re
going to do the things necessary to keep their bodies balanced during that time, but it’s
just like a fever. People freak out when their kids have a fever. A fever is a body’s natural
response of fighting infections. Our bodies are intuitive, they’re amazing, they’re divine,
and for us to think that we can create something pharmaceutically based that’s going to be
more protective than what nature has already delivered for us is completely ridiculous. When I started to dig in to the history, and
I mean going back to the small pox vaccine, learning about the true causes of polio. You
guys, polio, what we’ve been sold as polio is not really polio, and polio in the United
States was actually caused from government corruption and spraying DDT and arsenic and
putting arsenic in our food and all that stuff. The only known cases of polio in the world
now are vaccine induced polio from the oral polio virus. It’s really important to know
that all the answers are there, we just need to look for it. We don’t need to be scared.
We don’t need to be scared of disease. The entire pharmaceutical industry is built
on a house of cards and the underground of that is fear. If they project fear out on
to the entire population, people get scared and they’re like, “Ohh, we need to go get
this vaccine right now to protect ourselves.” No, trusting your body, trusting nature, and
trusting God if you’re a spiritual person, trust in how we were created to fight disease,
to fight infection, to fight disease and illness. Think about this, when you cut your finger,
I cut my finger the other day and I had a little cut. Now I didn’t really put anything
on it except for coconut oil, but my body healed it. My body knew what to do, I didn’t
have to create something different. My cells and everything knew what to do. How we stop disease and how we prevent disease
in our homes is we boost natural immunity. We do that by putting good organic nutrients
into our system every single day, water, sunshine, air, rest, sleep, all of these things, and
that will fortify the immune system. That’s what will protect us against disease and illness,
not a fake injection. The other thing is this, is vaccines have proven over and over again
to cause more harm that good. We know that this is happening, as the vaccine schedule
has increased it’s tripled over the last 15 years. We have the biggest epidemic of children
that are sick, ever in our history. We have kids with allergies, asthma, auto-immune issues,
neurological issues, seizure disorders. If I could tell you how many parents reach
out to me on a weekly and monthly basis … Sorry, I’m going to get emotional. The stories that
I have heard of vaccine injury, you can’t even wrap your mind around what these human
beings have been through because of vaccines. It is not normal for a child to have a seizure.
Parents have just been handed that, that it’s normal and they call their pediatricians asking
for help and their pediatrician say, “Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s normal for a child
to have seizures.” It is not normal for a child to have seizures, and seizures are caused
by vaccination. If you don’t believe me read the inserts because it’s on each and every
insert, it will say that the vaccine causes seizures. We have this epidemic of doctors that think
they know better than the parents and they’re also being lied to from the pharmaceutical
industries, and we have this epidemic of children that are the poor innocent victims in all
of these and they’re being mutilated, you guys, mutilated. If I’m just one person, I’m
just one person, I’m just one mom in the world on social media talking about this and I have
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds parents coming to me, to tell me their stories, that
should make everyone look around and go, “What is going on?” If you’re a parent and you’re watching this
video, I really want you to go inside and go into your intuition and ask yourself what
does your gut tell you, because I think so often we’re programmed by big pharma to not
listen to our gut of what the right decision is for our health, whether it’s for our own
bodies or for the bodies of our children. I really encourage you to do your research.
Please, please, please do your research. There is a plethora of research out there. To start, go to
Larry Cook has put together a multitude of resources on there, there’s articles. I’ve
written an article on there and there’s other amazing people that have written articles
on there. There’s so much research, you guys, that we are in an age of information and being
ignorant about this, it’s not an option for us anymore. We need to understand what’s happening
in the pharmaceutical industry. We need to understand what’s happening in our bodies
and we need to understand what the best course of action is for our children to keep them
healthy, because the bottom line is this, is big industry doesn’t care about you. They
don’t care about your family, they don’t care about your health, all they care about is
profit. If you don’t want your child, your family,
yourself to become a statistics in that industry then I would encourage you with everything
in my heart to opt out of that system, opt out of the agenda. Get educated, just like
you would research a car seat or a school or whatever it is for your child, research
vaccines like your child’s life depends on it, because it really, truly does. In closing, I just want to say this, that
we are bright, we are amazing, and we are powerful human beings and the longer we let
the pharmaceutical industry and our government control that aspect in our lives, to make
decisions for us, to think that we’re too stupid to understand the body or what the
body needs, I really want to encourage you to know that you have the resources to do
that. You are bright. You are smart. You can do the research and the bottom line is this,
you probably are going to do more research than your doctor has ever done regarding this
issue. Be the best advocate for your health and for
your children every single day, whether that’s eating organic food, whether that’s cleansing
your body, whether that’s saying no to vaccines, and just know that you’re not alone. Sometimes
it can feel like you’re alone when you start this journey, but there are millions of us
that are starting to wake up, starting to speak out, and we’re starting to go against
the agenda of just listening to whatever we’ve been told or fed, because most of that has
been a lie.

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