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How to Recognize the Symptoms of Liver Disease. Liver disease is a broad term for conditions,
diseases, or infections that can make the liver function improperly or stop liver function
altogether. Use this guide to help recognize the symptoms. You will need Jaundice Loss of appetite Nausea
Changes in weight Vomiting Diarrhea Light-colored stool Dark urine Itchiness Pain Behaviorial
changes Hyperglycemia Liver function test Doctor and family history (optional). Step 1. Learn what causes liver disease, including
viruses, bacteria, and chemical or physical changes. Liver disease isn’t always accompanied by
obvious symptoms. Check your family history. Liver disease can be hereditary. Step 2. Look for yellowing of the eyes or the skin,
also known as jaundice, which is a clear indicator of liver disease. Step 3. Pay attention to changes in your relationship
with food and eating, including a loss of appetite, nausea, changes in your weight,
and vomiting. Step 4. Check your urine and stool. Liver disease symptoms include diarrhea, light-colored
stool, and dark urine. Step 5. Feel the itch — liver disease can give you
an itchy sensation that cannot be relieved. Step 6. Know what type of abdominal pain occurs with
liver disease. Pain is typically in the upper right part
of the stomach. Pay attention to muscle aches and pains as
well, as these can also be a symptom. Step 7. Look for changes in behavior, including depression,
a loss of sex drive, fatigue, and a vague feeling of illness known as malaise. Step 8. See your doctor and get a liver function test. If you have liver disease, your test will
come back as abnormal. Talk with your doctor about the steps you
need to take for treatment. Did you know The liver is the largest organ
inside the human body.

43 thoughts on “How to Recognize the Symptoms of Liver Disease

  1. yellowing of skin and eyes are also the symptoms of yellow fever. I also got a test for me being sick, and it was tested 2 years ago. I never got the results back.

  2. @potato9490 not all Asians are yellow lol (India, Jew, Iranian,Malay,Thai)……. and its abnormal yellow skin.

  3. I recently found out I have fatty liver and my doctors told me, I could fix the issue with diet and exercise but it's quite difficult to exercise when your stomach hurts and you have diarreah.

  4. @yunnin The skin is made up of three layers. The epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous layer. The second two are underneath the epidermis (our visible layer) and help to attach it to the muscle

  5. True but I also found out I had a stomach ulcer that was taken out and then recently my doctor has figured that the Metformin meds I was on were making me sick and since I've off of them, I feel so much better.

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  7. i scared i have a yellow eyes as in not so dark but light yellow eyes half white on the top and half light on the bottom…and in the middle of my chest my bone is like come out as in my chest surppost to come out but this is opposite my middle put of my chesr bone come out what that could lead to ? pls help me i want to cure and leave in a happy life not painfull and scared :'(

  8. I've had a liver disease, and it was hepatitis a. I lost a few pounds to that. And my appetite and thirst. I did forget drinking then eating

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