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100 thoughts on “How to Reduce a Fever Naturally

  1. I hate having a fever. today's the super bowl and I can't go to my friends party soo sad. Last night I was hallucinating it was total hell

  2. A remote study  (December 2000 Pharmacotherapy) compared the duration of illness in those who received anti-fever medication to those who did not take any drugs to lower temperature.  The flu sufferers who took one of the anti-fever medications were sick an average of 3.5 days longer than whose who took nothing to lower fever

  3. To stop a virus replicating the body raises it's temperate.
    Remember your body has had millions of years of evolution to develop the right response to infection it is unlikely to have got it wrong as getting it wrong would lead to the extinction of bodies that did the wrong thing.

  4. It's the rise in body temperature that halts viral replication by inhibiting the DNA strand telomeres from capturing the free amino acids needed to replicate.
    Any attempt to reduce fever during a viral influenza attack may accelerate the virus's rapid replication and produce viral pneumonia or worse. Leave the fever alone to stop the viral replication process is Marshall Smith's message.

  5. don't drink lots of fluids, just drink as you normally would, lowering the body temperature helps the virus replicate.
    Remember mother nature is not an idiot your doctor probably is.

  6. The common cold virus can reproduce itself more efficiently in the cooler temperature found inside the nose than at core body temperature, according to a new Yale-led study

  7. Once I put the cool cloth it makes my temperature low but after I remove it the heat starts to come back?

  8. I had a fever yesterday night and it still doesn't go off…World's longest fever? From 4:00 in the night to almost 19:50…that's a record,well I might try to sleep to see f it worked,then comment back.

  9. Wouldn't reducing fever help the virus get stronger since the high temperature is used to fight the virus?

  10. The thing i hate the most about a fever is when, you suddenly cant talk fast, its like you are in a slow motion movie but, it wont go away

  11. I did something less complicated to cure my fever. My body temperature was 40°C to 41°C. I covered myself with 3-4 blankets and left my body sweat. After that happend i woke up whipped myself because i was really sweaty, I changed my clothes, I did this two to three times than i got a warm shower. Now im perfectly fine😀.

  12. Very interesting video i like to know more via your chanel 🙂 Thank you

  13. Im not a home, and have a fever, its worse bcoz people dont care and my headache gets worse, i hope i was with my parengs.,

  14. anyone here watching this because its friday and they have something to do so youre watching this because you wanna take it so fast

  15. I was 99.9 degrees 10-15 minutes ago I checked my temperature again I was still warm when I touched my forehead but I had gone down to 98.8😊 Any ideas why???

  16. I'm not the only one who thought it looked like the guy was smoking the wacky tobaccy in the thumbnail, right?

  17. My parents MUST need me to eat medicine 😓 to cure the fever, actually medicine is not the only way to cure a fever. Damn it, when I say we don't really need to eat medicine to cure a fever, they don't listen 😫😵

  18. I have the flu and I’m literally dying. I feel so weak, have a headache. A little cough, stuffy nose, a fever. Feeling dizzy. Out of breath. Halp I’m dying. Keel meh

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