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Namastey ! I am Acharya Pratishtha I Welcome you at Sunday Special Episode of Yoga with Acharya Pratishtha Many women wants to know Please tell some yogic practices through which breast size can be decreased First of all I want to say Learn to be proud of you if we believe we are best We ARE best inspite of what others say But if we believe we are not looking good We WILL NEVER look good Even if others appreciate us I shared a two minute meditation to increase your confidence you must follow and practice that This is true that we have several such complexes which makes us feel inferior in that case you need to be regular with your yoga practices as thats the solution to all your problems Also I shared a video to reduce weight of over all body You practice that as well. We also shared a video on how to increase the size of your breast Enjoy this video And so subscribe if you havent yet Skandh Chakra Gati Sit in vajrasana It can also be done while standing or sitting on a chair Second finger should touch your shoulder and give a circular moment to your shoulders 10 times clockwise 10 times anti clockwise Concentrate of the effect at your breast Sit on Vajrasana or on chair or practice while standing spine should be straight Give a complete circular moment with normal breathing 10 times clock wise 10 times anti clockwise repeat same with left hand Concentrate on the effect at your breast relax your hands Sit on Vajrasana or on chair or practice while standing Practice with normal breathing Concentrate of its effect at breast area 10 times both sides and then relax interlock your fingers and place palms at the back of your head Try to join elbows from front and from back which is not possible but the effect while doing it is important feel the effect Sit in Padmasana / Ardha padmasana Keep your spine straight While inhaling join your hands from the back Hold your elbows if you cant hold elbows then hold your wrist While inhaling bend forward to left side Try to touch your forehead to left knee While exhaling return back While inhaling bend forward to right side Try to touch your forehead to right knee While exhaling return back While inhaling bend forward to the centre Try to touch your forehead to floor be comfortable while bending forward and dont stress yourself Normal breathing final position While exhaling return back This is one round 3 rounds can be practiced Slowly bring your hands back and relax. lie down on your stomach Fold both legs Hold with your hands While inhaling push your legs up and face and chest up Feel the stretch at your chest Hold as long as comfortable Exhale and slowly return back Relax your body Practice 3 rounds

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  1. To get video of your problem Please search "Bharat Yoga Your problem" to get your video . For eg : 'Bharat Yoga knee pain" , 'Bharat Yoga double chin" "Bharat Yoga irregular periods" and get solution to your problem.

    यूट्यूब में सर्च करें "भारत योग अपनी समस्या " जैसे 'भारतयोग मासिक धर्म" , "भारत योग मोटापा" इत्यादि और पाएं अपनी समस्या की वीडियो

  2. Mam….i want to increase my breast size….even after my marriage it has not increased much…just 32 size is there…m very disappointed…why some people are blessed with perfect assets…

  3. Mere umar km hae aur weight bhi km hae pr breast bahpot bada hae aur increase ho bhi raha kya karu

  4. Acharya ji mera ek stan naturally bada hai aur ek chota to ek ka size reduce kar skti hu, pls tell me how to do

  5. mere ye sb aasan krte hue …grdn pr bl pdta h or fir thoda drd bhi hota h …mujje aise me kya krna chahiye

  6. Hy apki vedio first time dakhi h bht achi vedio lgi h ap guid b bht politely krti ha honestly sister mein buhat paryshn hun accident huwa tha road per fecture huwa tha ab arms hip or belly healthy huti ja rhi reduce krna cahti hun or breast 34 se 36 krna cahti hun pleaz ap btae gi i am from pakistan insaniat k naty mjhy btae koi hindu h koi muslim h as a humanity mjhy guid kren gi urdu my

  7. mam my arms are very weak i can't perform arm exercise properly also m suffering from cervical please guide for the same🙏🏻

  8. क्या जिनका बच्चेदानी निकलने का ओपरेशन हुआ है वो भी ये आसान कर सकते है?

  9. please galo ko boht fule huye or mote krne ke liye koi tips .yoga or kuch acchi baate btaye please me boht paresan hu

  10. App ko dekh ke man bohot sant and mind freshning ho jate hai maam. Ap ki bate bhoht relaxation dete hai lot of thanks mam….

  11. hlo mam plz breat bdhane ke liye Kush btao. plz plz plz mam . mam meri breast ka size boht kmm hai hor tummy bahr nikl ayea hai .oski vja se mujhe boht problem hoti a

  12. Mam plz tell some yoga as well as some medicine for puffiness under eyes….I really feel complex due to this….Waiting for your answer

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