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Welcome! I’m Dan Labriola. I’m a Naturopathic
Doctor with the Swedish Cancer Institute and this is Swedish News You Can Use. Today we’re
going to talk about foods that reduce cancer risk. So here we are at Saint Patty’s Day,
emphasis on green fresh foods is very important. If you’re going to concentrate on green
foods this time of year, think about broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, celery, and there’s
a whole bunch more of very good green fresh fruits and vegetables. With the vegetables,
and even with the fruit, if you can eat them raw or lightly cooked you’re going to have
more benefit than if you overcook them. So here are some tips for reducing your cancer
risk. First of all, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, at least three or four
servings. Secondly, make certain that your digestive
system is working really well from the beginning to the end — that you’re not having a lot
of gas or indigestion. If you are, take care of those things.
Thirdly, avoid fatty foods in your diet as much as you can. The best foods in terms of
getting the good fats are fish and some vegetables, but a lot of red meat and a lot of very heavy
fatty foods, especially those that are constipating are probably going to create more risk than
benefit. Artificial colors do not count. In fact, if
anything I would suggest you avoid the artificial colors and the artificial preservatives where
ever you can. Fresh, brightly colored fruits and vegetables are the best bet, period. Thank
you for listening. This has been News You Can Use from Swedish. I’m Dan Labriola. I’m
a Naturopathic Doctor at the Swedish Cancer Institute wishing you good health!

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