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Hello everybody. Dr. Bryan Dzvonick here.
In this video I am going to be talking about non pharmaceutical ways to reduce
the symptoms of estrogen dominance. Enjoy! The most common symptoms of estrogen
dominance in women include irregular menstrual periods, abnormal weight gain,
mood swings, fibrocystic breast lumps, and breast tenderness. Here’s a more
comprehensive list of other symptoms that are involved in estrogen dominance
in women. In men the symptoms of estrogen dominance are gynecomastia, also known as man boobs, erectile dysfunction, and infertility. [Causes] the symptoms of estrogen
dominance are due to having too much estrogen in your body. This includes estrogen that your body makes and environmental exposures to chemicals
that mimic estrogen known as xenoestrogens. Besides the sex organs such as the ovaries in women and the testes in men, other organs in the body
produce estrogen. The liver will produce some and another huge producer of
estrogen is fat cells. So the more fat you have on your body the more estrogen
you’re going to produce. Once your body produces the estrogen and it circulates
in the bloodstream and does what it needs to do for your body it eventually
goes to the liver to be cleared out of your body. And so individuals who have
problems with their liver could develop estrogen dominance simply because the
liver is not able to clear it out of the body as fast as others. Another
contributor to estrogen dominance is chronic constipation. Now, normally when
your body produces estrogen it goes through the liver and gets detoxified.
The chemical gets changed a little bit and goes into the digestive tract to be eliminated from your body. If you’re having chronic constipation
then the length of time that it takes to eliminate these things from your body
increases and that increases the probability
of certain species of bacteria getting a hold of it and converting the
metabolites of estrogen back into an active form and your body will reabsorb
it. And the last major cause of estrogen dominance as mentioned earlier is your
exposure to environmental chemicals that mimic estrogen known as xenoestrogens. [Treatment] The treatment of estrogen dominance is based on the causes that I just
mentioned so decreasing your body fat, improving your liver function, finding
the cause and treating your constipation, and eliminating your exposure –the best
you can– eliminating your exposure to
xenoestrogens. [Fat Loss] The best way to lower your body fat is in my opinion to do intermittent fasting and for that I recommend the 5 – 2 plan. I made another
video about this and I’ll put a link down in the description below for that.
The other way to lose fat of course you guessed it is exercise and
I recommend doing weight-bearing exercise. That’s weightlifting every
other day and then the days in between those you either do walking or
stretching routines. I put a link down in the description below for the home
workout program that I personally do and I always recommend my patients. [Liver Health] To optimize your liver function you want to eat as healthy a diet as possible and
stay away from foods that could inhibit liver function such as refined sugars
and alcohol. Now there’s a specific food group that you can eat to
improve your liver detoxification of estrogens and that is the cruciferous
vegetables. So vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale and cabbage are a good
choice. In addition, you could get a supplement which contains the active
constituent of those cruciferous vegetables which is Diindolylmethane
or DIM. There is also a key mineral that is needed for liver detoxification
and that is iron. This mineral is often deficient in women who are having heavy
menstrual bleeding just because they’re losing blood. Now it’s very important to
have your labs tested before you take an iron supplement. I highly recommend you
have your doctor test your labs and don’t take iron unless you know that you are deficient because having too much iron could be a problem. [Gut Health] If you are not having at least one large bowel movement per day then you are constipated and as
I mentioned earlier if you are having a slow transit time which is constipation
then there’s a higher probability of unfavorable bacteria converting the
metabolites of estrogen back into an active form and your body reabsorbing it.
So you want to determine the cause of your constipation. The best way to do
that is to do either an elimination diet or to get tested for food sensitivities.
I made another video on this one and I’ll put the link down below for that as
well. Once you determine the cause of your constipation then things will get
moving faster and there’ll be less likelihood that the bacteria will get a
hold and be able to convert those inactive estrogens back into active
forms. [Xenoestrogens] Here’s a list of the most common xenoestrogens. To limit your oral exposure you’ll want to make sure that you’re not storing or heating your foods
in plastic, especially if those foods are more oily.
So if you’re purchasing coconut oil or olive oil or any nut butters you want to
make sure that those are stored in glass containers as well because as long as
they’re sitting on the shelf in the grocery store or in your cabinet they’re
going to be leaching plastic back into the food and you consume it and those
are xenoestrogens those are going to exert an estrogenic effect. So storing food you want to go and try and get glass containers or
Pyrex containers and of course any pre-made things from the store that are
oil base you want to make sure that those are coming from a glass container.
Another exposure is things that you put on your skin so soaps and shampoos and
cosmetics you want to make sure that these are having as few of the
xenoestrogens in there as possible. So the list that I just put up, you might
want to rewind back and pause it and take a look at the list and make sure
that none of the products that you’re putting on your skin have these
xenoestrogens in them because any substance that you put on your skin will
be detectable in your bloodstream within about 4 minutes. So make sure that you’re
checking those out. Last but not least you want to limit your exposure to
pesticides so if you don’t do anything else
don’t spray pesticides inside of your house and as far as the food that you’re
eating you want to always make sure, if possible, if it’s available, and
affordable that you are purchasing and eating foods that are organic which
means that they are not sprayed by pesticides. And that’s it! By making these
simple daily changes you can reduce your symptoms of estrogen dominance. If you
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  1. What about meats and grass-fed vs feed lot fed meat sources? I believe grass-fed is probably better, but if one can't afford top quality, what are your thoughts on grain fed meats? If the cattle are consuming gmo corn/soy feed, how does that affect our health?

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