Taking Charge of Your Health

I remember when I was pregnant it was so hard
to keep anything down in the first trimester let alone supplements. Occasionally, as soon
as I took them I would gag and throw up! It was then that I knew something had to change…
keep watching and I’ll share more. For many pregnant women, they know they need
to be supplementing their diet with the right multivitamins daily but when morning sickness
comes around… stomaching anything can be tricky. That’s why I designed the yummy
berry flavoured Prenatal Trimester One chewable. This prenatal multi is specially formulated
to reduce morning sickness with 75mg of vitamin B6, shown in clinical trials to reduce nausea
and vomiting in pregnancy and no iron which can aggravate the symptoms of morning sickness
in some women. It also contains several key nutrients such as 500mcg of folate as the
high quality, Quatrefolic, iodine and activated B vitamins. My pregnant clients
reported they loved the flavour and it really helped reduce their morning sickness but I
would love to hear from you too. If it worked well for you and please share this video and
save another preggy girl from the misery of morning sickness.
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