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Anyone who’s ever had a toothache in their
life knows that it’s one of the most irritating types of pain that human beings can experience. It’s also one of the most common types, and
it generally takes us by surprise. Contrary to what most think, it’s not always
caused by a bad tooth. Tooth aches can occur due to various reasons,
but they normally occur in response to an inflammation in the dental pulp, commonly
known as the canal or nerve. So it’s very hard to know how to treat toothaches. Ideally you should go to a dentist so that
he can tell you what is causing the pain and how to treat it correctly. But what about when you’re in pain and can’t
go to the dentist immediately? What do you do then? In today’s video we’re going to teach you
a very simple trick that can help you relieve toothaches at home. All you need is a tea bag and a little water. Choose a type of tea that is rich in tannic
acid. Green tea and black tea are great choices. This is due to the fact that the tannins present
in these teas are great at reducing swelling and increasing our blood’s ability to clot,
aiding in the healing process. Here’s what to do: Put the teabag on a flat plate. Add just enough water to cover the teabag. Heat up the plate for 15 to 30 seconds in
the microwave. Once the time is up, remove the teabag and
wring it out. Place the warm tea bag in your mouth, covering
your aching tooth and gum. Bite down on it and hold it in place with
your lips in order to keep the heat inside your mouth. If you can’t do that, hold it in place with
your hand and try to keep your mouth as closed as possible. As soon as the tea bag cools off you may remove
it from your mouth. You can repeat this process anytime you feel
the need to. Another important thing is that some toothaches
get worse with heat, and others with cold. If you feel like your toothache has gotten
worse after this treatment then that means it’s sensitive to heat and you need to put
the tea bag in your mouth after it’s cooled off.

17 thoughts on “How to Relieve a Toothache Fast Using Tea Bags (Toothache Home Remedies)

  1. On your "tumbnail" picture in the email, I wanted to thank you for that BIG green arrow "childlike" drawing pointing at the lady's mouth. Otherwise, I would have never known that a TOOTHACHE might ever be located in the… mouth !!! Also the two strings coming out of her mouth are from TEABAGS ? Looks like she has two tampons in her mouth. Other than that, you're fine…

  2. Tea tree oil stops toothaches immediately and kills the bacteria,after frequent uses it may heal the bad tooth if it’s reparable,it also heals residing gums after consistently application,great for mouth ulcers too.

  3. Castor oil or a combination of castor oil and CBD oil rubbed on the inside of the jaw and tooth kills infection while you sleep….
    Warm Sage tea (swish and spit several times)
    or pack ground sage around the tooth and go to bed.
    gets you through the night and then some! GBY

  4. A couple of years ago i had unbearable tootache and nothing worked, i tried tee tree oil, strong painkillers and no relief. I have never known pain like it. Actualy one thing took away the pain temporarily and that was a glass of water in my mouth, not swallowing it but letting it cover the tooth, i had to keep spitting it oit and doing it again to get relief. It turned out that the tooth had split in 2 and it had happened in the hidden part opf the tooth under the gum, it was absolute agony. I had it removed at the dentist thankfuly. It was my bottom right tooth 2nd from the end

  5. Whole cloves or clove essential oil~ that tiny bottle of toothache medicine at stores is actually clove oil! peppermint extract in baking isle or peppermint essential oil!

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