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100 thoughts on “How to Relieve Constipation Naturally

  1. And then when it comes out you’re like
    “The 2 hours of pain, tears, and screams were worth it”

  2. I haven't pooped in 4 days. Then when I tried to poo, I got constipation. And I got a event that involves a lot of food. How am I going to enjoy it now? 😭

  3. I thought constipation was when you’re trying to poop and half of the turd falls off and the other half stays on

  4. I've been like this for about 4 years, The sad thing is..I've been drinking plenty of water, fruits and still constipated. Now I'm in the bathroom crying in tears, I was thinking about going on a Family trip that I was so happy about. And sadly I'm constipated, pain, and won't be able to go.
    Now I'm just in the bathroom,crying wishing to die.😕

  5. If you are constipated and didnt poop for a week here is advice i have

    When you are sitting on a toilet try squirting some mile warm water with syringe up your anus bcs it might help you disolve poop at least the first part and other part should go like BOOM

    Also if you cant push or its to hard try using a lube or baby oil to help yourself a bit

    Thats how i cured my almost a month constipation

  6. Im constipated again, but last time I asked my mum, and she made a plate of apple and pear (I hate pear). Pear worked better for me, even though I didn't like eating it, and after a few hours of pain, I had to run to the bathroom because I couldn't hold it anymore. Everything just slid out, and I was so relieved. Im gonna go try that again now :')

  7. When you're hydrated and you eat enough fiber, your stomach begins to rumble, you quickly run to the bathroom in anticipation ! Here it comes: a long drawn out fart….like a good built up joke leading to a bad punchline that ends in silence.

    That's constipation

  8. Y’all thank you so much I was just reading y’all comment and I had the urge to go . I feel like we all are family. I’m crying my heart out right now . If you are constipated and you are reading this listen once you have the urge to go … GRUNT AS HARD AS YOU CAN .Im telling you it may hurt but you will feel better in the after hand . You got this . Also just saw that this was made 10 years ago but y’all are like family too me 😖😖. I feel so much better . DRINKS LOTS OF WATER IT WORKS .Alright bye guys I am never eating cheese again and I’m lactose intolerant.

    Edit (sorry for the grammar I was in the minute of giving birth to a brown rock )

  9. I'd rather not have ads, I need this information ASAP man, like i don't have fucken ruburb next to the toilet paper

    Edit: I know why now, I didn't eat any garlic today, damn

  10. I love all these comments.
    I'm hella frustrated but these comments man, they're hilarious!
    Constipation is my worst enemy.

  11. Hey guys I came to tell you I have the solution ! Boil a cinnamon stick and a piece of ginger in water ( like a tea ) then drink it ! You'll notice it's spicy but it's doing the work . After 1h you'll have the urge to poop ! Good luck

  12. 4:00 AM and I’m sitting on the toilet crying and drooling (any body else start drooling when they’re in stomach and digestive pain) The poop wouldn’t come out so I wiped myself and put a pad on even though my period isn’t on it’ll be gone by the morning but I still wish I could’ve pushed it
    Out. Also if you take a shower it numbs the bowel pain some!

  13. Who has their Phone in The bathroom,laughing at The comment section while being in this situation..

    And when you laugh you push it out it hurts like last breath of your life..

  14. It took two days but I finally went on the second night I took a laxative and I sat on the toilet and kept pushing and calling on God to help me the laxative wasn’t making me poop loads but I think it helped me to push it out because after 10 minutes I pushed it out with all my mighr I felt like I was dying while pushing my eyes literally bulged out of my head but I kept pushing and it came out I knew it had to happen and I’d rather deal with the pain now rather than having to limp and waddle due to my bowel

  15. None of these work there only 1 and it’s the step stool sit on the toilet with the step stool and push and it will
    Come out

  16. My cousin brother was suffering from chronic constipation
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  17. Very good information in the video, and the comments show that we that are constipated are comfortable here…I've never laughed so hard the comments are so the funny.

  18. You know that feeling when you’ve just done a huge dunk, but you can feel there’s more in there 🙁
    Also, I’m supposed to study for a maths test but this is making it really hard

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