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oh let’s feel it taste good hey
beautiful people welcome to my cooking just joking today we’re gonna do
something really really cool I’m not gonna cook for you guys but I got a lot
of ingredients here what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna be banishing dark circles
the thing about dark circles is it’s one of the biggest areas of concerns I get
so many questions about it’s actually insane I feel like a candy dark circles
I never know what to talk about cuz people always complain about both of
them now there’s three reasons why dark
circles actually happen first it’s poor circulation the skin in this area is so
insanely thin and the blood in this area sometimes just doesn’t move and it gets
dark and so what’s really important is that you do massage that area you do the
drainage you get to those lymphatic nodes and you you kind of help those
areas drain another reason why people can have dark circles as well can be
from hyperpigmentation the area around your eyes sometimes just will have extra
color even around your chin you see that in different areas especially if your
skin is a little bit dry the third reason is our lifestyle so if you’re
smoking alive you’re drinking you’re partying like crazy that’s okay you can
do all those things but you may want to then prepare yourself afterwards to take
really good care of yourself to make sure that you’re not doing that and
honestly a healthy lifestyle your skin is always gonna look better
we got a few different techniques a lot of them I’ve used over the years so
let’s begin oh for the first ingredient we got sweet
almond oil actually is my favorite thing in the entire world for dark circles
this is one that I have used for years I swear by it it’s super easy there’s so
many reasons why sweet almond oil works so well for dark circles and it’s like
one of the easiest things to do in the world yes you can put it in all these
amazing ingredients I’m gonna show you guys a little bit or you can just use it
all by itself a little bit around your eyes before you go to sleep actually
feel like it gives you really pretty lashes a really nice browse to and you
want to make sure it’s sweet almond oil not almond oil the vitamins inside of
this we almond oil are so amazing as so many things they’re anti-inflammatories
that actually help reduce all that swelling the puffiness that you have
when you wake up in the morning they help get rid of that they also have some
ingredients in there that actually brighten the area around your eyes too
and just the normal motion of massaging this area right here is that it’s gonna
help drain the area here so you’re gonna help with those dark circles so the
first thing I’m gonna do while I’m applying this
I’m going to take two cotton balls you can use your fingers if you want to but
I would start with a cotton ball so this way you get a kind of a neater
application so we’re gonna take we have a little bowl of sweet almond oil here
and if you guys can see it no it doesn’t really have color in it we’re gonna soak
the cotton pads in here so we’ve got a really nice to my hair and I’m just kind
of like hitting them so this way I’m not gonna have all over my face so I’m
getting that cotton to swallow up all that oil and now what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna start from to the inner corner here and I’m gonna massage it down I’m
putting a little bit of pressure and I’m massaging it all the way to the very
temple you can do the same thing on top so you kind of want a massage and again
go to those notes so strain it this is I think it’s so easy like I need to move
on but I really don’t want to so as you’re getting ready for bed you
really want to make sure that you kind of clean off the area there and you
really want to make sure that you only leave the oil in this area right here
and so what I would do is I would then apply my moisturizer my toner everything
to the other areas right here and I would leave the sweet almond oil on my
eyes if you’re doing in the morning you might want to make sure that you clean
it off a little bit better I would just take a cold compress and just oh no
bills blood the cold compress is so good it really deep up so I’m just gonna take
a minute next we have tomato tomatoes are amazing for your skin vitamin K
vitamin C lycopene antioxidants I mean tomatoes are as good as it gets for your
skin we have a bowl of crushed tomatoes basically just chop them and crush them
and I think they’re a little much which is good that’s what you want you don’t
want like you don’t to be gritty you really want to be kind of soft and what
you want to do after you chop it is you want to drain it so this doesn’t really
have too much like what it’s a little more pasty you should be lying down I’m
gonna go ahead and just smack it on my I’m not gonna be able to see oh oh
refrigerate your tomato beforehand so you can get a little deep puffing as
well cuz this is cold actually feels really good to guys this should be fun
you should enjoy this process I’m gana wearing an apron don’t open your eyes
and so we did a couple of single ingredients now we’re gonna go into like
things that are still really really simple we’re gonna add two things
together first so we’re gonna start with a potato potatoes are amazing for this
gift my elbows my knees used to always get a little bit darker because the skin
would just get a little there so now I hydrate as much as
possible but before as it kid I used to put potatoes and lemons on my elbows to
try to make it as even as possible it is packed with starch packed with enzymes
packing vitamin A vitamin C a lot of really great ingredients I feel like
people underestimate potatoes totally if you don’t have time to mix anything you
could take this is actually I used to do this all the time just take some slices
cut them in half make sure it’s very thin so it sticks to the skin and you
can literally put them on here like homemade little brightening mask they’re
literally amazing this is super super easy I like to chill it too beforehand
so I get a little bit that deep puffing just always do that with any of your
under eye masks in general and vegetables and all that stuff that
you’re gonna use on your face you can lay down you can do one on top when I
bought them whatever you like now if you want to get fancy and we’re gonna get
fancy we’re gonna add a little honey in there honey is amazing it’s super
anti-inflammatory it’s so amazing also at healing the skin did you guys ever
see my Big Fat Greek Wedding and they put Windex on everything I put honey on
everything my lips are chapped I put honey on it I got like a little like
scar anywhere I put honey on honey it’s amazing so we got a shredded potato the
shredded potato makes it super juicy you get like it’s a little like it’s a
little liquidy but that’s what you want you want that juiciness in there and so
we’re gonna add a little honey and this is gonna be a little messy a little
sticky so bear with me I’m gonna stir this up together there’s never a wrong
way to do this you want to make sure that the end result is a little pasty I
do think go easy with the honey because if you go too liquidy it might be a
little hard to control and the potatoes already really juicy so now we got like
a really nice consistency here you can see it looks almost like a hash brown I
really like hash browns I went out taste I’m gonna go ahead and put this on my
eye as well again you should be laying down I know I’m gonna slap it on
everything I’m ridiculous if I have to let’s really use the oh it taste good
you want to be really careful when you’re doing DIY a lot of times I always
have towels around me and you can see just putting on one eye
you’re gonna literally feel all that puffiness like being sucked out of your
face I’ve been blogging for nine years there’s a couple of posts I post on the
blog and this is one that I got so much feedback from that people told me the
potato skin literally cured their pigmentation we bout to get real fancy
with the last one we’re gonna be using some very special ingredients so we’re
using three things this time you guys know I can’t do this
we got three things we’re using turmeric we’re using avocado and then we’re gonna
use lactic acid lactic acid is such a huge
huge skincare beauty secret Cindy Crawford one of her beauty secrets about
how she stayed young yes she uses her amazing line that she has access to
crazy dermatologists but she also used to use a combo with that milk and he
used to give her this really soft exfoliation that made her skin not aged
we got avocado it’s been chilled it’s been mashed I’m really hungry everything
makes me wanna eat it right now we’re gonna go ahead I really want to
eat everything avocados are packed full of vitamins it has vitamin K vitamin C
vitamin E super nourishing and it also has omega 3 fatty acids avocado is
really gonna help with that hyperpigmentation the area where it’s
dry and this is why the skin sometimes becomes a little darker you’re gonna
want to put this on that it’s gonna be so nourishing for your skin there and
we’re gonna take a little bit turmeric now turmeric is an amazing super spice
this is one of those like secrets that like God just put on earth and it’s
incredible this is super anti-inflammatory we’re gonna put a
little bit in here you don’t want to put too much it will stain your skin so we
got the two here together what we’re gonna add now is we’re gonna add a
little bit of milk we’re gonna add a couple spoonfuls of milk and I’m not
measuring things and by the way when I cook I also to measure things I’m one of
those people we just like can feel it out and now we’re gonna add a little
baking soda now there’s been like a lot of questions to whether or not baking
soda is good or not good for the skin personally I’ve used it a lot for
exfoliation and I’ve liked it we are not using it for those reasons and this
concoction we’re using it just to make sure that this becomes a bit of a paste
okay so we got this nice pace going that baking soda really helped you need that
in here especially since you’re gonna add the milk we’re gonna go ahead and
put it on a cotton pad here we’re gonna spread it nice and thin because it is
like still a little fluid and we’re gonna use this to control that area and
we’re gonna put it on the eye and now I’m gonna do it with the other eye too
I’m doing another thin layer on the other eye and I’m just gonna stick that
on the other and it’s literally just sticking there and it feels so good
because it’s really cold I can feel all the ingredients in there and literally I
could just like leave this I can lay down I can listen a podcast you can
listen to your favorite book and I’m just gonna go ahead and take these off
it feels so good by the way is it on my I still have a got a party
really messy so you’re gonna want to make sure that you definitely you have
like an apron on or something or a really old t-shirt that you don’t care
about anymore into everybody hassles for like you know those those situations
you’re gonna want to use that when you’re doing that I can literally see a
difference just like we just spent 20 minutes messing around with these DIYs
and I can literally see a difference my under eyes look brighter and I didn’t
put one on I didn’t putting them on for as long as they’re supposed to so these
are the most potent ingredients for dark circles we want to give you guys the
right information and the right DIYs to make sure that you could really you know
bust those dark circles if you guys want details on how long to leave these masks
on on any just any extra information we’re gonna put it down in the
description box below and if you have your own secrets on how to get rid of
dark circles let us know down below in the comment section I want to know and I
don’t know if you guys know how much I love DIYs if you’ve been following her
blog for the last nine years you know we’ve been so into it even before is a
trend that was like my beauty fix when I was broke so uh so let me know down
below in the comment section and we’ll see you guys next time bye guys

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  10. The solve is : white milk with Vanilla.

    To Make it :
    Quantities depend on you:
    For example if you want for eyes only .
    🌸One big spoon white milk and
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    How you use it :
    Put it littel bit by your fingers on your eyes or any place black in your body to wipe off any black in you .
    Other benefits :
    It make your eyelashes are longer .
    You can use it one time in one day if you put it for your Black circles put in your eyelashes . To leave it 10 muins soo anough .
    You must sleep in night to help you change good and grow .
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