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How to remove pimple marks – Home Remedies for Black Spots on Face – Tamil Beauty Tips Hi Friends. You are watching Tamil Beauty TV and My hearty welcome those who are watching our channel. Problem faced by most of the people is pimple and we lose our self confidence due to this. We have already uploaded a video on how to cure pimples. But people are asking about ways to remove the pimple mark. In this video we are going to see how to hide pimple mark with home remedies. We are going to perform this in two steps and First step is Massaging with ice cube. Essentials for this are 1 Potato, 1 Tomato and lemon juice. Peel off the skin of potato and cut it into small pieces. Cut the tomato also into small pieces. Grind potato and tomato in a mixie adding lemon juice with it. Pour this mixture in a ice tray and keep it in the freezer for 5- 6 hours. The ice cube is ready and we can massage our face with it. Massage your face for 5 minutes like this. After five minutes wipe your face with a clean towel. Second step is face pack. Essentials for this are grind fenugreek seed into a fine powder. Then cinnamon powder, turmeric powder and lemon juice. In a clean bowl add 1 tbsp fenugreek powder and 1 tbsp cinnamon powder. Add 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder, lemon juice and prepare a thick paste. We have mixed it well and Apply this paste wherever you have black marks on your face. Fenugreek is rich in vitamins and minerals which helps remove dead cells and hide pimple marks as well as some other scars. Cinnamon powder improves the blood circulation in the skin and hide black mark. Apply this paste on your face before going to bed and leave it overnight. Next day morning wash it off with normal water. We saw how to remove black marks by following simple home remedies. Try this tip on alternative days. As we have added kasthuri turmeric powder gents can also use it and no need to fear.

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