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hey this is JR product manager for the
eastwood company did you know rust cost american
consumers twenty three point four billion dollars a year and maintenance
and repair cost rust occurs when oxygen combines with
moisture to attack the iron particles found in the house at least we have three methods to attack
this problem prevention treatment and elimination
let’s take a look how we can do that the first method is elimination there’s two types of elimination of rust
mechanical and chemical mechanical is your abrasive blast or soda blaster
glass cabinets and if you don’t have any of those we offer these rust brushes these are
really cool to go right into your drill and the strip the surface rust right off
next method we offer is a web stripping disk he’s coming four and a half inch
for your grindr up to seven th for your buffers we strip out rust paint take it down to bare metal real fast
real nice real easy to use next there are chemical options we have
are rusted solvers this is only been for about an hour so
stressed right off and for your large parts that don’t fit in a bucket we
offer our Jail rest his armor this is great for decades trunks roofs any big
flat surface or vertical surface of the gel can adhere to next we have our fast at your fastest
removes the rust and leaves a fun sport coated this coating is great for
adhesion for painting and powder coating and if you need to store your parts this
will last up to three weeks the next method we offer is rust
treatment we have a converter in the capsule later
what the converter does it converts the metal to a paintable surface simply
applied to the metal wait paint it you’re good to go the next
treatment option we offer is our rust encapsulator this is a great product
goes right over the rest UV resistant available black silver red and unlike a
lot of other products you don’t have to cop code yeah and the final method we offer is
prevention we offer a rubberized undercoating which has been around for
40 or 50 years this is a great product if you spray it
right over bare metal if you spray it over rust it’s going to
trap the moisture and the rest is going to spread and you’re never going to see
it well we came up with a solution for that
we took rust encapsulator technology combined with flex agents to come up
with rubberized rust encapsulator this goes right over rust remains flexible
super durable great product another preventive product that we
offers are heavy duty and I rest this is a paraffin wax that really never
hardens it stays flexible is ideal for channels rocker panels getting inside
areas or water can accumulate and the next unique product we offers internal
frame coating this is a great product that protects your frame from the inside
out it’s 425 of Zeke it goes right over
existing rust and prevent future rust and the two foot extension hose makes it
real easy to get in the hard-to-reach places so whether you want to eliminate rust
tree trust to prevent rust Eastwood has all the products you need to do the job
right yeah

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  1. If you'd like additional information on which product fits your needs, please visit where you'll be able to contact a Tech Specialist either by Live chat or phone and they can make sure you use the best product for your project.

  2. will rust encapsulator work on ROT, as well as it does on minor rust? how much of a permanent fix is this product for rot?

  3. On heavy, scaly rust, we recommend using Rust Converter and then follow up with a topcoat of Rust Encapsulator. The best way to deal with rust is to remove it. When it is not an possible or feasible, converting and encapsulating will keep the rust from getting worse. One thing to remember when dealing with rust is that what you see is generally only the tip of the iceberg. Many times, panels will rust from the inside out, so you need to make sure you treat both sides or the rust will spread.

  4. Hi, I have a Hyundai elantra that has begun to develop rust bubbles. What product should I use and how should I use it on my car?

  5. would the rust encapsulator be a good product for my door bottoms, rocker panels and cab corners? I live in upstate NY they seem to salt more than they plow. I have a small amount of rust started and I would like to stop it from spreading thanks

  6. so does the converter, and Encapsulator get rid of the rust or just covers it? for my frame rust would i want to use the gel first, encapsulator second, then undercoating?

  7. The Converter converts rust to an inert surface that can be painted. It should only be used on heavier rust. Rust Encapsulator stops the rust from spreading by sealing off the rust from moisture (it doesn’t remove the rust, but it stops the rust from getting worse).
    I would start off by degreasing the frame and then wire wheel/brush away any loose rust. Once that is done, clean with PRE or Acetone. You could now go to Rust Encapsulator or use the gel dissolver to remove the rust.

  8. i have a f150 and the only rust i have on it is my rear axel. do i need to mask off the brake lines or can you apply the rubberized rust encapsulator without it affecting the rubber and metal on brake lines?

  9. I want to do under all my wheel arch wells. Full of dirt at the minute but when i power wash it all clean, I was going to just spray primer and a matt black coat but what method would you recommend with your stuff? some type of rust prevention and the rubber undercoat then painted with the matte black over the top?

  10. Hi, first you video is really good, my question is I got Suzuki alto and the car got rust by rear wheel trims and drum area, the surface actually coming out like dead skin , i am worried this will cause huge damage or accident. Please help to stop this and how.. thanks

  11. Does the encapsulator prevent it from spreading? i have very minor rust in my trunk nothing major but its not something i wanna sand prime paint coat and everthing else

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  13. I'm really tempted to give your products a try. Just bought a 79 Bronco with quite a bit of rust. 

    I want to coat the whole frame and underbody but I'm not sure if I should take the body off. I'm doing this in my driveway so it's really not feasible to do. Will spraying the rubberized rust encapsulator and internal frame spray be sufficient with the body still on? 

    This stuff is a hell of alot cheaper than POR15 lol

  14. will this work on the inside of my rocker panels? I have a 2001 ford ranger that I had painted last year and the paint started pimpeling after about 6 months, prior to that it showed no signs of rust, I ground down the area and it did have some corrosion about the size of a quarter the went through the rocker panel. I washed out the rocker panel on both sides to remove all the sand and rocks that accumulated over the years and I plan to fill in the hole with bondo and paint it. can I use this to coat the inside of the rocker panels, there is ample space for me to insert the hose but I want to make sure it will work.

  15. Well I live in New England and own a 04 dodge cummins. Rust has already taken it's toll, but once i get my new parts in definitely going to give these products a try!!

  16. 1) can I use fast etch t removerust and then rust encapsulator and then Chasis back in sequence?
    2) thinking of other option is is that: fast etch and then chessis black.
    please advise.

  17. Still don't trust that rubberized coating, so many people saying it cracks then the moisture ends up eating from the inside out.

  18. can you rust encapsulate a driveshaft? my driveshaft on my 4WD has a lot of surface rust on it.  it hasn't affected the integrity.

  19. i have nice after market rims on my car, but the inner metal part that holds the tire is all rusty, how can i remove that rust with out using a sanding gun. i don't want to breath rust or get it all over the place.

  20. I have small spots of rust forming on the hood of the car. Which products should I get and how do I use them?

  21. First question i have is that these sprays actually work on rust like that? Its that easy??? Second question i have a 2000 dodge ram 2500 that needs to be taken care of are you guys located Anywhere in CT or the east coast?

  22. I have rust in the back channels, when I open the tailgate the sides where the tailgate struts mount. I treated it once before with convert rust but I notice it's come back after 2 years. I can't get to the back or inside. I can only spray into to small rust holes and treat the surface. what would you suggest I did this time around.

  23. When cars are being built why can't they adequately make them more rust resistant? Body panels seem to be the fastest rust growing steel I can find.

  24. I've used your products and others. First of all. The little examples are not real world. How about showing how it works on chunk of A frame or another part that is rusted and has layers of rust like fine pastry. You can convert but the rust will not stop no matter what Eastwood says. You can slow it down by getting after it aggressively with a power wire wheel or pad. You have to decide how far to take it down, but have to get rid of all the loose flaky stuff by chipping, hammering, scraping whatever. Then buy LOCTITE rust converter which actually works then put a heavy coat of brush applied paint that really fills it in and build it up and your done. Eastwood is trying to sell you a whole line of products when you only need 2 and hard work.

  25. What would you recommend for rust on rotors honda 05 accord. Its hard to access, would the rust encapsulator be a good choice? and then use prevention?

  26. Great video. I have a 69' 912 that has some minor rust in a few small areas. In a perfect world I'd strip everything down, soda blast, seal and paint, but I don't have the time or money for that. What would you recommend as something to stop the rust and maybe seal it until I get the time/money?

  27. What you recommend to get rid of the rust on my truck frame? I've got a lifted F250 and want to put wheel well lighting on but don't want it to be spot lighting the rust.

  28. could you let me know what I should buy if I'd like to make the wheel wells (suspension included (all steel)) of my 07 sedan rust free again like it was from the factory. it's spent all of its life on earth coast PA highways

  29. I'll be calling you tomorrow. I just spent $2100 to get my van freshened up including some rust on an otherwise solid rocker. Within three months (summer not winter), the rust is back.

    Not happy. Hoping you guys can help.

  30. Yes, that's what I've been told is happening. I just can't believe there's nothing that can be done.

    I'll call today

  31. There is no reason vehicles should be made with simple steels. Major portions should be factory made with stainless and.or stainless coated. We lost millions of pounds of steel a year cause they dont take that 1 lousy step. I'm sick fo going to work and seeing rust on 2016 vehicles on major parts. Stainless Steel is cheap if you get it thrift stores from Utensils. Plus closing food stores with their stainless pans etc. Out of all the Lawsuits out there. Also the green movement. I am shocked that this hasnt been brought up as a civil issue. Plus with government subsidizing the offset. It would be a very viable change for both modern and classic car restorers. If I was doing a classic. I would plate almost every major part in a tank. Only makes complete sense. "Why prevent what can be stopped?"

  32. i like how gm ford and all car manfactures make frame rails and subframes only a couple millimetres thick so that it can turn into a tin can in a few years! you could make them a bit thicker and use strainless steel but no dont do that we love giving you 30 000 dollars for a new car every 5 years! love the salt on the road to! hopefully it can rot out are cars sooner then 5 years so we can get into an accident! very happy with the way the world works cheers 🙂

  33. So how can I prevent It from spreading? I have two spots I believe that are only about 2-3 centimeters big. And of course I want to stop It now.

  34. I am a new subscriber, your channel is amazing. I didn't know it was there. Can I buy any of this stuff locally? Thank you for a great video.

  35. So any of the products that you say "Goes right over rust" like the internal frame coating or rust encapsulator, neutralize the rust first, then coats it, correct? It won't do like the 'rubberized coating' and trap the moisture and continue to rust where you can't see it, correct?

    I have rust problems on my Avalanche. They're probably too late to stop now, but when I get a new vehicle I'm likely going a brand new jeep. Day 1 I'm going to do the internal frame coating, but I'm sure there will inevitably be SOME rust somewhere, so I'd like to know that it will be neutralized first. I want my Jeep to be a 15 year vehicle.

  36. What's the difference between Fast Etch and Rust Converter? They look like they basically do the same thing? Is the Rust Converter essentially just Fast Etch in a spray can?

  37. How does the converter hold up to heat? Looks like it'd be perfect for my rusty brake calipers as long as nothing weird happens when they heat up.

  38. i have a 2005 ford escape. these trucks are infamous for rust at the bottoms of the doors and rear hatch and the rear quarter panels over the wheels.

    i have found a car that has none of this yet and i want to stop it.

    what eastwood products should i use and where?

    thank you.

  39. Can any grinding, brushing or rust converters be said to – eliminate – rust, equal to a sand blasting ?

  40. How does a rubberized spray "trap moisture" if applied to metal with some surface rust. I don't know anyone who sprays a surface that isn't completely dry.

  41. i have a couple panels on my car rusting out so if i grind it down use the etch and rubber sealer, i use primer and then paint over it? how long will it last?

  42. I am planning on buying a new car soon and live in Pennsylvania. What would you recommend I use on the bear metal to prevent rust on the underside parts such as brake lines and calipers, suspension parts and cross members, nuts and bolts, etc.? Also, how long would it last and does it need to be reapplied?

  43. Quick usage question (I have used both convertor and encapsulator on a restore). I have some fender panels I need to strip down but they have spot surface rust. If I use rust convertor on those spots, can I bodywork and primer over it ? I ask because of course, there will always be pitting and I will need to use body putty on the panels. Thanks in advance…LOVE the products…I am an Eastwood guy

  44. Why not offer this product directly to car manufacturers? It's better to have them prep their vehicles frames with these anti-rust products before it rolls out the factory and out of the dealership. These anti- rust products should be applied before body panels had been put on the frames which is easier when it is still in the manufacturing stage. Just saying.

  45. If they would zinc dip then epoxy paint them they would last but I want to sell you another truck. Hahaha. Look at Toyota for a real frame issue. They learned their lesson real fast!

  46. They should do this at the factory, if you are buying a new car I would totally do this, protect your investment cos you just lost 10 grand driving it out of the showroom.

  47. After carwash LIGHTLY spray rust/old bearings with liquid Wrench and allow dry at least once every 6 months!

  48. I have w124 mercedes with 400 000 salty miles on it.Hope that rubber coat will make my car as new to sell it.

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