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Eric Bakker, Naturopath. Thanks for coming back. How do you restore your gut function, especially
your colonic function, after you’ve had a colonoscopy? Many patients I’ve seen over the years have
had a colonoscopy performed and what is some good advice you can give to someone who’s
had a colonoscopy and who wants to get their gut into good shape after they’ve had that
procedure done? Colonoscopies have come a long way. They’re nothing like there were when I was
a young guy back in the ’70s and ’80s. They’ve become a lot less invasive, much smaller
equipment they tend to be using, a lot more sort of electronic and technologically advanced
compared to how it was in the old days. But still I recommend that you take it nice
and easy after a colonoscopy. Try not to have a lot of food. Have smaller portions, don’t have high fiber
kind of vegetables that could really irritate the gut. I just had a look at and a couple of medical
sites and what they recommended after colonoscopy and these guys are recommending fruit juices
and Jell-O and junk like that, so it probably got lots of artificial sugars and crap in
it. Stuff that you certainly shouldn’t be having
after a colonoscopy. So, I would go for steamed vegetables. I’d go for light soups, like chicken broth
for example is quite a good one after that. So definitely no alcohol or red meat or heavy
fatty foods or takeaway foods or greasy foods or if you get my point, processed foods. So for a week after a colonoscopy, if you
ease yourself in with very gentle soft kind of foods, you’ll have a much easier recovery
than if you go straight into a hard finish and have a couple of rum and Cokes and pack
of Kentucky Fried Chicken the day after you come out of hospital. You don’t want to do that kind of stuff. You want to eat good food. So, remember fish is good especially if you’ve
got nice soft white fish fillets. I find steaming to be quite acceptable, particularly
like convalescence for the gut, like steaming chicken and steaming fish. It makes it quite soft and tender and easier
to chew and easier to eat. Fruits are okay, but again, not too many and
you don’t want the high sweet fruits. So you want to try and keep sugar to a minimal. And if you’re going to eat rice, they say
don’t eat brown rice after a colonoscopy. Well, I would tend to disagree. I think if you cook the rice and make it very,
very soft, it’s a perfectly good food for when you come out of a procedure like that. A bit of sour Greek yogurt. You’ll be wanting to take probiotics for some
time, maybe some kefir, particularly after four or five days after the procedure, a bit
of kefir might be good. But a bit of yogurt daily would be a very
clever move as well. You want to rest up and take it nice and easy. But the key thing is don’t drink alcohol for
at least two weeks after the procedure. You’ll recover a lot faster. If you really want to know what shape the
gut is in, wait a month after your colonoscopy and get a stool test done to see where the
bacteria are and if they’ve come back into their right place and you’ve got good counts. So, there you have it. That’s a bit about colonoscopies. Thanks for tuning in. Click on the link below if you want my free
report. Thank you.

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