Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi. This is Mark Gray from the website What I’m going to talk to you about today is how to separate yourself from the competition. I’m going to give you a way we do it and how you can perhaps learn it. So a lot of boot camps or the studios, they think that giving a client a nutrition plan or one nutrition consultation is enough and that’s going to get them the results.Now, I’m going to let you in to what we do at our centers. we give our clients a one-to-one half an hour, a 30 minute one-to-one nutrition appointment every week, every single week, for eight weeks. And then they will have one every two weeks from then onwards. they get weighed and measured in this appointment and they’re also given habits that are going to enable them to form lifelong transformations. We also have group nutrition. That’s where anyone can come and join the group nutrition session every weekend for 45 minutes. So that’s added on top of their one-to-one every week. We also send them the video of that group nutrition seminar in the afternoon on Saturday. So they’re getting a whole load of extra value. What you want to think is am I doing anywhere near this? Can I do more? Can I give my client better results? This is what we’ve worked up towards in our centers, and obviously, we have fulltime staff that can deliver this, but if it was just you, you can still do it. it may take time, but it’s going to produce lifelong clients and it’s going to get them even better results and give you more referrals. So if you want to have a free bit of automation, simply put your details in the box at the end of this video. We’re going to send you our Systems Solution product. It’s totally free. It was $197 and now we’re giving it to you for free because we want to help as many fitness professionals as we can. I’ll speak to you soon. Bye-bye.

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