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I’m going to explain in this video how to
set up for Shirodhara, as well as how to do the pour for Shirodhara. It’s important to have a plastic strip. Voila. I will place this under the head of my client. Relax. I will place a rolled towel underneath her
neck. Lift your head. Thank you. The plastic will go into the receptacle of
the oil, which we’re using a copper pot and copper set up from I’m going to place a cold, wet wash cloth
that’s folded over the eyes of my client. I want to do it actually in a way that really
leaves full access to the forehead. And then I’m going to place two rolled towels
on an angle underneath the plastic to support the head directional flow of the oil to go
on the forehead and through the hair. The Shirodhara pot goes over the center of
the forehead. And the point is that the energy in the center
of the head, or the third eye, is penetrated from the stream of oil that represents ever-flowing

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  1. I'm sorry but this is very incorrect. The Shirodhara pot is too high and should have a wick and the purpose of Shirodhara is not to do something to the "3rd eye" .

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