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Hi guys you request a lot for hair fall remedies So today;s remedy is just for hair Fall problem . You just have to massage this mixture before shower and apply it on hair Within one week if there is extreme hair fall that will stop as well. This is my Guarantee. Just use two to three times a week and say bye bye to hair fall. First of all we will add aloe vera gel It conditions hair and makes them smooth and healthy, If you use aloe Vera Gel regularly you wont need any conditioner. Then we need sesame Oil. sesame oil has everything which is required to make our scalp healthy. not only our scalp it makes our hair a lot of healthy as well. and it promotes hair growth. specially when you mix it with aloe vera gel. make the mixture and apply it on scalp and leave it for 2 hours. Then wash your hair with warm water. Use a Mild Shampoo. you have to use this mixture two to three times and just after one week you will notice that your hair fall is stopped completely . Please do like my video and subscribe to my channel .

100 thoughts on “How to stop hair fall in Just 7 Days- Hair Fall Solution & Hair Fall treatment

  1. Best Video on Hair fall must watch endless treatments to do at home shared in the video

  2. Maine ye video 3 days pehle dekhi aur aaj first time ise use Kiya aur iska asar bohot accha h first wash se hi mere baal 50% km tute
    Highly recommended ❤️

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  6. I used sesame oil to cook. The smell is so strong. I afraid ppl asked if I marinate my hair when they smell sesame oil. Seriously Really need to be sesame oil?!?!

  7. Its really great result i just use this for one week and extreme hair fall totaly gone. Thanks for this video

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  9. Mam garm pani se dhona zaruri h thnde pani se nhi dho skte haiii or aloe vera gel shop se la kr use kr skte h ya jo ghr m lga h whi wala krna haiii plzzz ans zarur dijiyega mam

  10. Mild shompo kon sa hota hai .. Or es se hair growth bharti hai ?? Mere hair bhot week hai or bhot zada hair fall hai

  11. Hello ma’am! This was really helpful and useful !!! My hair fall was so intense and with this remedie helped me a lot!!! My hair full hasn’t completely stopped but it has been decreased!!! Thank You So Much

  12. Mere bal zada sirf 20 din me band ho gaye, Maine Amazon se charvi hair solution use mangwaya tha, use do bar lagati hu, ab tin mahine ho gaye, bal ghane bhi lag rahe hai, ap bhi mangwalo

  13. If you are beneficial with this thing You can use it but if not then I can suggest u a shampoo, conditioner and some messaging gels.
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