Taking Charge of Your Health

Hello everybody. Dr. Bryan Dzvonick here. In this video I’m going to show you a simple technique that you can do at
home to help you stop worrying about your health. Enjoy! when you are struggling with a health condition, that alone can be bad enough. If you constantly worry about this health condition it can make it worse. In fact
whenever you worry you can invoke a stress response in your body which could
actually give you physical signs of anxiety. Notice how I said “allow yourself
to worry,” because you can take back control of your thoughts. Excessive
worrying is a habit which is great news because habits can be changed. It just
takes practice and dedication. If you are experiencing some new or even old
medical symptoms it’s okay to do a little bit of research online to get a
good understanding of what’s going on with you but if you are constantly
thinking about your medical problems or you’re constantly researching stuff
online then you have a problem. The first thing you should do is go see your
doctor. Let them figure it out so that you can get peace of mind to know what
condition you’re dealing with. Once you know that then you can start to practice
learning not to worry. To break the worry habit the skill you need to practice is
keeping your mind focused on what’s happening now because this moment is all
that is, was, and ever will be. Human beings have such powerful minds that we
could actually run vivid simulations of things in the future that haven’t
happened yet or we can rerun past events over and
over again. The problem is that these delusions actually can cause a physical
response in our bodies, making us feel worse. So the goal is to catch yourself
thinking about past and future events. And the more times you catch yourself in
the act… the better you become at catching
yourself, the less you will worry. With practice you can come to enjoy the peace
of being present. You’ll want to set aside three, ten-minute slots per day
that you can do this practice. So set a reminder in your phone so that you don’t
forget. During those 10 minute time slots you will want to focus on something
that’s happening at the present moment. So for example you could observe your
children playing or you can be sitting there quietly focusing on your breath.
Inevitably during that time you will notice that your mind will drift
multiple times, especially if you’re first getting started. Your mind will
start to run the simulations and before you know it you’re off thinking about
something else instead of focusing on the present moment. So every time that
you catch yourself doing that is a plus for you. You will get better and better at
catching yourself. So during these 10-minute time slots keep a written
tally of every time you’re able to catch yourself and be proud of yourself for
catching yourself in the act. Just like working out at the gym, the more time you
practice –just like lifting weights, your muscles become stronger– the more times
you practice this technique the area of your brain that’s associated with
running these simulations will become better at keeping your mind in the
present moment. Most people experience a market reduction in the amount of times
that they worry after practicing this technique for about a month. So the
sooner you get started the better. And that’s it! With practice you, can stop
worrying about your health and start enjoying the present moment. If you like
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