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– Did you think there
wasn’t anything you could do to increase your chances of conceiving after you have made use
of your fertile window? Well, think again, because now it’s time to help that baby implant. (upbeat music) Hello, lovelies, and welcome
to another one of my videos in which we’ll be talking about what you can do to support implantation when you’re already in your two-week wait. If you’ve been trying
to conceive naturally and you’ve been charting
and you knew exactly when your fertile window
opened and you made good use of the time
and you spent some time with hubby in the bedroom, then I’m sure that you want to be able
to do everything you can to increase your chances of conceiving and supporting the implantation
of a possibly fertilized egg after it has traveled
down the fallopian tube. So let me give you six
suggestions to increase the chances of successful implantation and to also keep you busy
in this two-week wait. The first thing you can do
is super simple and that is take the remedy Calc Fluor twice a day, so you take it in the potency 6X and it is a homeopathic
remedy but in the 6X potency, it can also be called a
tissue salt or a cell salt. This is also part of the
pregnancy tissue salt program which I have a post on my
website and I will link it in the description but Calc
Fluor in itself will support the development of the embryo
so it will help the embryo to implant because the
development is better, but it also directly
supports implantation. Calc Fluor isn’t just great
for implantation though. It’s also fantastic for
skin, hair, nails and teeth and I use it to support
the healing of cavities. So worst-case scenario, you are just being busy cosmetically. The second thing you can do is make sure that you keep warm and
I’m saying warm, not hot. Don’t take hot baths, don’t
put a hot-water bottle on your abdomen, but make
sure that you keep warm because being warm means
that your blood isn’t sticky and gooey, but that it’s nice and fluid, so it supports circulation. Circulation is super
important for the uterus and for implantation because that means that there are plenty of
nutrients, plenty of oxygen and that the egg can
implant nicely in there. So instead of a hot-water
bottle or a hot bath, what you can do is make sure
that your feet are warm. Didn’t your grandmother ever
say, feet warm, body warm? Well, that’s exactly the case,
so keep nice warm socks on or bundle up when you’re
sitting on the couch. And another thing that I
love to do is wear a haramaki and you wear this around
your back and abdomen and you can purchase this
online and from many stores but it is to keep your kidneys warm, so it’s nice for people
that have kidney infections or if you have bladder infections,
that is really soothing, but it’s fantastic if
you’re trying to conceive for that two-week wait because it keeps everything nice and cozy and makes sure that circulation keeps on going there. Number three is gentle exercise. Now that we’re on the
topic of circulation, we don’t just look at
keeping yourself warm, but you should be moving around! Don’t just hang on the couch
and watch Netflix being bundled up, thinking you’re
doing everything you can! A great thing you can
do is just go for walks, super simple, go outside, enjoy nature. Get some fresh air unless
you’re in the city, then that’s not fresh air, but at
least you’re moving, right? Go look for a park! And another thing you can do is stretching, gentle stretches, anything really that feels good. The point is that you don’t do any vigorous exercise at this
time and if you’re thinking, ah, circulation, maybe I
should do fertility massage? No, no, this is not the
time to be doing that. That is fine for after your
period and until ovulation, but don’t start digging around that area if you think that you might be pregnant. The impact of number
four is, in my opinion, highly underestimated. And that is rest. In the olden days, resting when you were pregnant was
quite normal but these days, it seems like we think we
just need to keep on going. And if you’re trying to
conceive, you should be acting as if you’re pregnant already
because then you’re doing the things that are best for your body. So I really recommend
in your two-week wait to support implantation that you rest and the reason for this
is that in the second half of your cycle, progesterone is dominant, and progesterone is what keeps
you from having your flow. So we want progesterone
to be at the right levels. However, if you’re stressed
out, if you’re not resting, if you’re tired, you’re
producing stress hormones and your body will always
prioritize stress hormones over sex hormones. So if
you want your luteal phase to be long enough, if
you want progesterone to be high enough, make
sure that you relax and that you rest and get your sleep. Onto point number five: because there are plenty of supplements you can take to support implantation. Because the whole thing with implantation is not just that the
egg needs to be strong and that it can develop well
so that it knows what to do and how the implant, but you also need the receiving environment, your uterus, your little baby box, to be receptive. So the endometrial
lining needs to be a-okay and it needs to be nice
and thick and squishy and nutritious. So if
you’ve already been taking the supplements I’m about
to mention, fantastic! Because it’s best to start
even before you start trying to conceive to make
sure you have good-quality eggs because if your egg is good quality, then your embryo will
also be a good quality and that will support implantation, but I’ll be doing another video soon about how to prepare your
body for implantation. Right now, we just wanna know what to do when you’re ready your
two-week wait, right? So if you haven’t
started with supplements, now is the moment to start. The first supplement you
can take is Vitamin C because that supports
progesterone production and we just talked about that. We want progesterone to be nice and high to give your egg the time to implant. The second vitamin you can take and that is especially
important if you’re living in the northern hemisphere and especially if you have darker skin
and that is Vitamin D. Vitamin D we can make under
the influence of sunshine, but if we’re never outside or covering up or slathering on sunscreen,
then we might not be producing enough vitamin D and the funny
thing is although we call it a vitamin, Vitamin D is a hormone. And Vitamin D is important for cell growth and cell function
and since a little embryo is basically a bunch of
cells, you wanna make sure that those cells do the
best they can, right, and they grow properly, so
partially, the Vitamin D is for the embryo to
have it nice and strong so it can implant, but on the other hand, your endometrial lining where the egg is supposed to land and implant is also built up of cells, so to make sure that those cells grow
and function properly, you need Vitamin D as well. What comes afte r C and D? E, of course! So the third supplement that I recommend is Vitamin E. You might know Vitamin E because it’s good for your skin, right, makes it nice and stretchy. Well, that’s the same
for your uterine lining. If you want it to be nice and thick, you need to have topped up on Vitamin E. And last but not least is the fatty acids and a great way to take
that is through fish oil, but there are also vegetarian
alternatives like krill oil or flaxseed oil, just make
sure you do some research. Fatty acids are super
important for the development of the brain of your baby but in general, it’s important for cells
because if you have a cell and you don’t have enough
of the fatty acids, the membrane of the cell becomes rigid so it’s very difficult
for toxins to come out and for nutrients to
come in, so if you want that membrane to be nice and squishy, you need to make sure you
have enough fatty acids. Thirdly, fatty acids are
important to reduce inflammation in your body and if there’s
inflammation going on in your uterus, there’s always
the risk that your uterus will reject the embryo because
it’s just in an alert state and it’s trying to attack
everything that seems foreign, including an embryo, so if you
are topped up on fatty acids, inflammation will go down, your uterus is nice and calm and
ready to receive baby. And fourthly, what fatty acids do fits in right with the circulation
that I’ve already been talking about and that is that fatty acids help the blood flow towards the uterus. Now that you know what to
do to support implantation, even though you’re already
in your two-week wait, you know exactly what to
do to give your pregnancy the best start possible and I sure hope that this is your month
and that within two weeks, you’ll be able to get that big
fat positive pregnancy test. If you want to learn more about fertility and how you can boost it
naturally, make sure to click on the playlist on your screen right now. Also make sure to subscribe
and hit the notification bell for new videos every
Thursday so you can learn to become more vital and
fertile and in the meantime, see you in the next video, bye!

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