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Metformin I see patients on this on a daily basis but in today’s episode we’re going to talk about how to start taking metformin to reduce its possible side effects now let me know how you’re getting on by leaving a comment at the end of the video first a bit of background about metformin it’s prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome which we call PCOS metformin lowers your sugar levels by reducing the amount of sugar that your liver releases into your blood and also improving your body’s response to insulin now it’s usually prescribed in type 2 diabetes when diet and exercise alone hasn’t been enough to reduce your blood sugar levels for women with PCOS metformin stimulates ovulation even if you don’t have diabetes and it does this by lowering blood sugar levels and lowering insulin background done! I’ve always found metformin to be a very interesting drug because not only does it help with PCOS and lower blood sugar levels but studies have actually shown it to reduce your risk of cancer and help you lose weight unfortunately metformin can cause side effects in some patients like nausea, wind and diarrhoea but the chances of developing these can be reduced by taking it after food and also when you first started on them building up your dose slowly to the prescribed dose now you’ve just been started on immediate release metformin and hopefully your prescriber will explain to you how to slowly build up your dose to the prescribed dose and this is to help reduce the chances of you developing side effects and in the world of pharmacy this building up we call it dose of titrating now in case they haven’t or you’ve just forgotten here’s a general guide on how to build up your dose of immediate-release metformin to the prescribed dose now please remember this is a general guide and your dose may be different so I definitely advise everyone to speak their doctor or speak to your pharmacist about this so in this example let’s say the final dose of immediate release metformin for type 2 diabetes was three times a day with main meals so we have breakfast, lunch and dinner which you’ll be taking it with but we don’t want to jump straight into three times a day as you’re much more likely to have side effects which mentioned earlier so build up your dose
weekly to the final prescribed dose so for my example to begin with take 500mg of immediate-release metformin daily with your biggest meal which is dinner for most people after a week or two if you’re getting on fine with no significant side effects increase to 500mg twice a day with main meals so for most people that will be breakfast and dinner and after another week or two if you’re getting on fine with no significant side effects increase to 500mg three times a day with main meals so breakfast,lunch and dinner please remember this is a general guide and your dose may be different so always speak to your pharmacist or a doctor about this before you do it so what we’re basically doing is building up the dose of immediate release metformin by 500mg every one to two weeks until we reach
the final dose prescribed by your doctor and if after a dose increase you start getting side effects which don’t go after a week or two then reduce the dose back down to what you were getting on well with then speak to your doctor definitely don’t stop taking your medicines until you speak to your doctor now let’s say after slowly building up your dose of immediate release metformin you’re still having side effects and it’s getting too much well now it’s time to speak to your doctor about it they might change your medicine completely or they might change the type of metformin and give you the slow-release tablet which usually has less side effects but remember this that the dose of the slow release tablet is different to the immediate release tablet so always double check it with your pharmacist or doctor and that’s it you now know how to start taking immediate release metformin properly if you have any tips which work for you which others might find helpful then please leave a comment below I’d love to read about it and if you found this video helpful then please hit that like button now lastly don’t forget to always read the information leaflet that comes with your medicines and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like, follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos

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  1. early squad. wonderful video. I had many patients asking me about more information about metformin and i will use this video in my patient counselling sessions.

  2. Please do more and more videos, you r super, I’m a pharmacist and you r doing a big favor for me by doing these awesome videos👌👍🙏

  3. How to stop taking it ? What could be the side effects if we stop ?? Are we prone to diabetes if we discontinue metformin??

  4. Thanks! Neither my MD nor my pharmacist offered any counselling about taking MF. When my MD prescribed metformin I had: diarrhea, nausea, weakness, muscle and joint pain, upper resp infection…and NO SUBSTANTIAL REDUCTION in my glucose levels. I'll try your method. Back in a few weeks…

  5. So just wondering . I’m on this for type 2 . You said I will ovulate more ? So I’m going to be more fertile than I usually am ?

  6. I was diagnosed recently. My doctor told me to do it like this:

    First week – 500mg once a day at breakfast = 500mg Total
    Second week – 500mg twice a day at breakfast then at dinner = 1000mg Total
    Third week – 1000mg once at breakfast then 500mg at dinner = 1500mg Total
    Fourth week – 1000mg twice a day at breakfast and at dinner = 2000 mg Total

    This way allows your body to get used to the meds allowing 1 week for each adjustment period. Also make sure to always take it with a meal which will reduce the side affects which can suck. Stomach pains and nausea and for some people diarrhea which luckily I didn’t get well not yet at least.

  7. I am taking metformin. The doctor prescribed 2 times daily but i take it once every day along with Januvia. I've been off balance since September 2017.. Could it be from the metformin? I've had all kinds of tests but the results are all negative. A response from you would be appreciated

  8. For anyone who is having diarrhea issues: Try taking an iron supplement (with food) 1 hr before your metformin. Since iron is notorious for causing constipation it may slow down some of the diarrhea.

  9. This video came right in the nick of time, my two neighbors both had heart attacks. They have been suffering from nausea and diarrhea

  10. There is no need to take Metformin even when you are a type 2 diabetic. Just avoid bread, pasta, potatoes, white or brown rice, corn, ice cream, soft drinks, fruits, fruit juices, chips and sweets. Eat eggs, beef, fish, chicken, pork, butter, bacon, cheese and lots of vegetable salad instead. Take omega 3 capsules. Don't eat anything from 5pm until 7am. Verify my advice using a glucose device one hour after meal. Metformin is not a cure for insulin resistance. It is just a waste of money.

  11. Metform will destroy you’re stomach ! Do not take it if you have a function, meeting or event to go too. Make sure there is always a bathroom in you’re general area.

  12. my doctor prescribed this bcause i have pcos but i stop it with out him knowing…now am kinda want to start again for real….

  13. hi so I take Metformin does this cause memory loss cuz I cant remember something what did the professor was taking about even she say it everyday and iam on 750 mg dose and taking with lunch

  14. Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows of a medication for type 2 Diabetes that my mom could take that isn’t metiformin because even with eating and correct dosage she has painful diarrhea after taking the medication so maybe there is a better medication for her to try

  15. Mono content Metformin always has a side-effects like Constipation, digestive problems etc..etc…Metformin works good with Glimepride i.e dual content viz Metformin+Glimepride…

  16. thanks for your 59 male and been takeing 500 mg for 1 month. im now starting on 1000 2 times a still makeing ajustments to my eating habits but loss 11 lbs as ive elinated cokes and a few other sweets .my dr now has info me on not to wat white foods like bread potates.and white for water i drink 80 or more oz everyday.i feel much better just after the 500 series.more energy level and personallty has great inproved and commucation with other at work and public.lot more levels when i starte was 388 now im averageing 125 to 190 .im excited about the 1000 mg .my first day is today. ive lost a lot of fat on my leggs and waist. my butt is FATTER THAN EVER. and all i can say is i don t know if that is part of the metformin.i eat just 3 meals a day breakfasyt lunch.and a supper. my dr has now instructed smaller meals and add snack here and their..before ifound out that i had type 2 i was as high as 226 lbs ive stoped at 200 or so ive added a lot of body fat sience takeing metformin.and loss some mustle here and their.i plan to watch more of your videos .also im just wondering how metformin will affect my toetestorne level and my memory as i have some memory laspe here and has got better sience ive started my combat with the metformin. thanks and i will add you to teh subribe list. .any one with advice from takeing metformin in my age area .feal free to write me.

  17. i think, your given information was not right,, did you know what are side effects of metformin, what will happen on continuing metformin tablets,, one day your kidney will stop workinh, it directly harm to kidney and lever,
    i reserach on tablets of diabetes,
    its a trap, once you started, you cant stop it, bcoz natruall insulin made by pancreas stop making insullin naturally,
    and and at that time you cant stop your dosage,

    everyone who is reading my comments,
    best option for diabetes
    is exercise dailly,
    morning walk upto 2 km gradually increase it
    ,, start taking guava leaf juice daily,
    stop taking complex carbohydrates and start simple carbohydrate,

    all cereals like wheat and many other have complex carb,
    stop taking sugar

  18. I was prescribed Metformin. Starting with 500mg in the morning. But my bowel is really struggling through the day. It's so unpleasant. So I'm going to switch to even meal. That makes so much more sense. Thanks

  19. Hmm, my doctor did not mention this. Will be calling my pharmacy Monday. I just received the metformin today. Thanks for the warning. ❤

  20. Hello I've been taking metformin for PCOS from 9 days now …. haven't had any side effects as of now with 500mg twice a day dose ….but are there chances that I might gain weight of I suddenly stopped it….??? I've been taking vitamin B along with it as well twice daily

  21. Hi. .I got a ?..when taking metformin for pcos ,do u take it the way you'll take any birthcontrol pill. .eg..28-30 days and off the pill for a week and then repeat again

  22. reading through these comments it's great to see these videos offering support to people that they can really use in their life, good to see youtube being used as a platform for education.

  23. My mom who is a nurse gave me metformine for my trype 1 diabeties but she told me to only drink it in the middle of meals and wait for 6hrs before I can consume it with meals again.

  24. The content is great, but the many camera movements and the view from below and top is very annoying and un comfortable

  25. My husband has lost so much weight and now is going on metformin I am afraid he will lose even more weight as he is just too thin

  26. I know one step that's even better. To get off of type 2 diabetes medication, health professionals should be informing patients of intermittent fasting. Dr. Jason Fung is a Canadian kidney specialist who has helped to get many of his patients off of medication entirely which of course, is the absolute best possible outcome.

  27. explain difference between pharmacist and compounder that "s our openion please make a video about this

  28. Are you a diabetic and if not how would you know how to take it… and I'm not being sarcastic just would like to know thank you🙏🙏🙏🌷

  29. So far it seems to be working better than how my Doctor told me to take them…as a matter of fact i had stop taking them because they were making me sick and i told my doctor and he stated take half still didn't work so i speak with him again to reduce my dosage or give me another type nothing… so just in the few days that I've been trying your way…so far so good…plus ive always ate healthy worked out a lot because I'm a athlete I played a lot of sports when I was younger I am 57 years of age now and I still workout not as much as I used to 10 15 minutes a day if that but I try to get something in… will keep you updated… Tysm again🙏💖⭐💯🌷

  30. I guess it does help you lose weight when it has side effects that acts like a laxative. I had very painful cramping and then diarrhea after meals with taking Metformin. I'm off of it now.

  31. I started to feel weak after taking it. It meant that I couldn´t do some sports. What´s the best way to avoid that?

  32. i was taking 1000 x 2 ,it made my vision Blurry dont know what to do? Prescribed pioglitazone 15 mg and just stoped taking both of them, my numbers we're 280 i changed my diet and it dropped to 160 max and minimum of 135 fasting still high but trying all natural to lower numbers thanks .

  33. I was put on 500mg 1x day. I couldn't handle it. So I stopped. My am blood sugar is 173 average. He didn't prescribe me a gluclose machine, I had to get one on Amazon. My a1c was 6.9, at the time of diagnosis I was 185 now its 7 a1c and I'm 200lbs 43 female, I'm trying all kinds of over the counter supplements that naturally help lower the sugar, but nothing works. Should I start with half a tablet? How is 1x a day going to help me? I need help. I made a dr appt but it's not for another month. I'm gaining wt like crazy. I don't walk like I should. I do get very busy, mom, wife of a disabled vet, so I'm always driving and then I'm in school full time undergrad. I have pain under both rib cages, especially left. I've been itchy for almost a yr since last August. I guess it's the high levels. Please any advice will help. Thank you in advance. Do I take b4 my breakfast or with the start of a meal? Do you reccomend intermittent fasting 16:8? Blessings..

  34. This was a helpful video. But what I loved was how it looked a bit like a rap video. With the changing backgrounds!

  35. A friend told me these pills gave her dry mouth…Is it because the dosage is to high or will it go away after a while.

  36. My age 24 i can eat dimet 500mg metformin tablets my have a baby her aage is 18 months he do my breastfeeding pls tell me answer

  37. You’ve persuaded me to go on metformin! My doctor has been advising me to take it, but I thought I could control my diabetes with diet and exercise alone. So after 5 years , I shall take my doctors advise. Just one point, if you could answer please, eventually, will I have to take insulin injections? Thank you in anticipation. I’ve also just subbed!👍🏻

  38. My dr suggested me to take metformin post breakfast everyday for a month.. Canni change pattern as u told? Its for weightloss she suggested me

  39. i had side effects with both metformin and jenumet………….diarhea/heartburn/rash/headaches? and wierd heartbeats?…….the doctor had me on 500 twice a day then when told them about the side effects they put me on jenumet at 1000 once a day .still had problems …… was about 30-40 days into the prescription i would have the worst problems……as soon as i stop taking it about 24-48 hours later i have no bad side effects except for the wierd heart beats……..i must be the 1 out of a 100 that cant take it…..

  40. now medicaid wont cover the insulin pen needle/ caps for my injector pens………. so now i cant take my treseba

  41. It would be nice to film your vids just in one area and the camera eye level. It makes one dizzy watching it that way you so it. But neverteless, nice vid

  42. Am I the only person who hasn’t had side effects? I started on 500mg three days ago. Will move to 1000mg in a week

  43. My doctor subscribed me this. I'm scared to take this medication. Im overweight. My doctor said I have to eat healthy with this medication its gonna be hard cause I love sweet things.

  44. Well Metformin help to reduce with urination…because I literally pee 20 to 30 times a day and I cant sleep good at night 😴😥 anyone has any advice!? Please help.

  45. dear
    in order to maintain my weight . i am using this tab 750 time release every 12 hours and using 1000 mg or 500 mg for every heavy meal if there is . what do you think ?

  46. i LOVE your vlogs, I have pcos, but I had a tah/bso due to uterine cancer, I am prediabetic and I think it would be helpful. I have had this before and it helped I don't know why I am not taking it anymore. I will ask again Thanks for the explanation of how to take because it would make me sick .

  47. Tsk my obgy made me take it 3 times a day, just a starter and now i have diarrhea everytime i eat even a little i go to the lab😐 i can't more even my brain wanted more but my stomach can't take much food, if i try to push my self i feel naseous

  48. What will be it's dose for weight reduction? I am not a diabetic or PCOD patient… i just want to loose my weight….is it helpful in it?

  49. I take these for pcos … I’m gradually starting to loose weight and iv noticed the body hair has slowed down 🙂 … always take with food as they will cause nausea

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